Sunday, 14 August 2011

Summerslam Predictions

Summerslam is this evening and it’s shaping up to be a good show. I was 3 for 6 at Money in the Bank. Will I do better this time? Let’s take a look at the matches.

Sheamus vs Mark Henry will be a very physical contest. Mark Henry has been destroying wrestlers (and WWE technicians) over the last few months very impressively. However, I think that Sheamus will win this match and complete his face turn.

Beth Phoenix vs Kelly Kelly for the Divas Championship should be interesting with the recent heel turns by Beth and Natalya. If Beth Phoenix doesn’t win this, I’ll be very surprised.

Daniel Bryan vs Wade Barrett should be a good match and thoroughly entertaining. I’m going to go for Daniel Bryan to win this and start a feud between the two over the autumn.

Randy Orton vs Christian V in a no holds barred match for the World Heavyweight Championship should be a good contest. While their matches have been good, I think that this will be the last match between the two for the foreseeable future. For that to happen, I believe that Christian will retain the title.

CM Punk vs John Cena to determine the undisputed WWE Champion will be the biggest Summerslam main event in years. There’re rumours going round of a potential CM Punk/HHH match at Survivor Series and with the Game being the referee, my shenanigans sense is tingling. However, I think that CM Punk will become the undisputed WWE Champion.

I know that Cee-Lo Green is playing, but unless he’s performing a concert, I don’t get why there are only 5 matches are on the card for the second biggest event of the year and the Awesome One is not taking part (Boo!). Therefore, expect one or two bonus matches in this event. Unfortunately, due to work, I won’t get to watch all of it for a few days, so you won’t get the review until during the week. I’ll find out the results and publish them first before I write my review. Hope you enjoy the show.

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