Tuesday, 15 April 2014

WWE Wrestlemania XXX Review

The Showcase of the Immortals, Wrestlemania XXX, took place last Sunday at the Merecdes-Benz Superdome. The last few Wrestlemanias have been ok at best. Will number 30 be better than them? Let's take a look

The Pre-Show match was a fatal 4-way elimination match for the Tag Team Championship as The Usos  deal with the challenge of The Real Americans, Curtis Axel and Ryback and Los Matadores. Los Matadores are the first to be eliminated after about five minutes as Swagger makes Fernando submit to the Patriot Lock. A few minutes later, Cesaro threw Ryback up in the air and hit an European uppercut. He then followed that with an Neutraliser to eliminate Axel and Ryback. Despite the Real Maericans doing all the eliminatiosn, it was not enough as The Usos did a double superkick then a double top rope splash on Cesaro to win the match and retain the titles. Swagger did not take the loss well and put Cesaro in the Patriot Lock. Despite Zeb Coulter's attempts to calm things down, Cesaro responded by doing a giant swing on Swagger.

Whilst I wish that it was on th emain card, it was a really enjoyable match. I'm slightly disappointed that the Real Americans have now broken up but I feel that Cesaro has outgrown them and needs to move on. Only time will tell if Paul Heyman is the right man to help Cesaro get to the next level.
Winners: The Usos
Predictions: 1 for 1

The event officially starts with the host Hulk Hogan coming down to the ring. He is soon followed by Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock. Whilst it was nice to see all three of them in the ring, I wasn't a fan of this segment. Hogan got Superdome confused with Silverdome (the site of Wrestlemania III) and I just felt it was too long like The Rock's segment at the start of Wrestlemania XXVII. However, the fans in the stadium seemed to like it so who am I to argue?

The first match is between Triple H and Daniel Bryan and the winner will go on to compete in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match. This turned out, surprisingly, to be a very technical match by both competitors. We all know that Bryan has those skills but I forgot that Triple H also has those skills as he has rarely shown them over the last couple of years. There were some really good spots: the tornado DDT from the apron by Bryan; Triple H almost tearing Bryan's arm off by slamming it against the announce table; Triple H using submission moves to put pressure on the injured arm; and Bryan hitting 2 German suplex pin followed by Triple H hitting a brutal tiger suplex. Despite Triple H almost beheading Bryan with a clothesline and hitting a pedigree; Bryan hits a running knee to the face to get the win. Afterwards, Stephanie McMahon slaps Bryan, giving Triple H the chance to destroy Bryan's shoulder with a steel chair. This was a really good match. Whether it is on the same level as the Bret/Owen match at Wrestlemania X, which is generally regarded to be the best opening matchin Wrestlemania history; it's hard to say. Regardless of that, it was a brilliant way to open the Pay-Per-View.
Winner: Daniel Bryan
Predictions: 2 for 2

Next was the team of The New Age Outlaws and Corporate Kane taking on The Shield. The Shield interrupt The Outlaws entrance (thank you, by the way) and this match lasts a lot less longer than I expected it to be. The Shield completely dominate this match. Ambrose and Rollins do a suicide dive to the Outlaws and Reigns spears Kane then spears the Outlaws at the same time. The Shield then do a double powerbomb on the Outlaws to get the win. I do feel sorry for The Shield and Kane getting less than 5 minutes on the biggest show of the year. However, this was the kind of match it needed to be. The Shield are a group of young guys who are awesome and should destroy a team of 40-50 year olds without breaking a sweat. Guess what, that's what happened although I'm still getting used to The Shield being good guys.
Winners: The Shield
Predictions: 3 for 3

The Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal was up next and the participants are Alberto Del Rio, Big E, Big Show, Brad Maddox(?), Brodus Clay, Cesaro, Christian, Cody Rhodes, Damien Sandow, Darren Young, David Otunga, Dolph Ziggler, Fandango, Drew McIntyre, Goldust, The Great Khali, Heath Slater, Jinder Mahal, Justin Gabriel, Kofi Kingston, Mark Henry, The Miz, Rey Mysterio, Sheamus, R-Truth, Santino Marella, Sin Cara Version 2, Titus O'Neill, Xavier Woods, Yoshi Tatsu and Zack Ryder. The highlights of this match are Mark Henry clotheslining both Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre then Gorilla pressing Heath Slater on top of them; Fandango celebrating eliminating Big E by dancing on the apron only to get punched in the chest to death by Sheamus; and Mysterio getting eliminated by an Euopean uppercut by Cesaro. There was a nice bit where Cesaro threw Kingston over the turnbuckle and he lands on the floor but his feet lands on the steel steps, saving him from elimination. Cesaro later on counters a trouble in paradise by Kingston into a giant swing. After Kingston is eliminated by Sheamus, we are left with Dolph Ziggler, Sheamus, Cesaro, Alberto Del Rio and the Big Show. Del Rio eliminates Ziggler with a kick to the head then Sheamus and Del Rio eliminate each other. Cesaro then picks up Big Show like he is a baby and simply puts him over the top rope to win the match. It was a really enjoyable match and I was going to predict Cesaro but he wasn't at the time one of the participants and I thought it was a nice touch to have Big Show win it. Alas it was not to be but what a way to end the battle royal.
Winner: Cesaro
Predictions: 3 for 4

John Cena versus Bray Wyatt is a match that I was quite looking forward to seeing as I thought could be interesting to see. I thought the Wyatt's entrance was absolutely amazing, incorporating the culture of the city. I love Bray as a character, preaching to the audience and his offence is quite unique. You get to see Cena get angry and brutally beat Wyatt after a little while and the Wyatt Family are encouraging to let out all his rage. There was an awesome move when Cena goes for the five knuckle shuffle and gets scared shitless by Wyatt suddenly raising himself up from his back like he was about to do a reverse crab walk. Wyatt gets a great near fall when he reverses a top rope fame asser into a powerbomb and later on, he DDTs Cena onto the ring apron.There was another cool bit when Cena does a cross body on Harper and Rowan on the outside and almost gets the win with an attitude adjustment. Wyatt hits a Sister Abigail for 2; and in an interesting bit, he grabs a chair, gives it to Cena and demands that Cena hits him with it. Cena hits Rowan with it instead and hits the atttitude adjustment to get the win. This was a pretty good match and it was an interesting story that they told. Whilst I did predict Cena to win, I would have preferred it if Wyatt had won the match.
Winner: John Cena
Predictions: 4 for 5

After we see the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2014, which was Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Mr T, Paul Bearer, Carlos Colon, Lita, Razor Ramon and The Ultimate Warrior. I think that was a really good match, although I was surprised that Warrior and Razor were included. However, they have created significant moments of wrestling history. As for Warrior, he unfortunately passed away a couple of days after Wrestlemania and he will be sorely missed by the WWE Universe.

We now get Brock Lesnar being the latest one to try to break the streak of The Undertaker. Undertaker's entrance was quite interesting with coffins of all of his streak opponents including Brock's. When Taker comes out he points to Brock's coffin which opens then bursts into flames. I full expected this to be a match with a very strong MMA style. As is now the norm with Undertaker matches, there is a lot of brawling and fighting in the corners. Undertaker goes for the chokeslam but Lesnar gets out of it and goes for the F-5 but is unsuccessful. Lesnar keeps Taker down by focusing on his legs. Undertaker starts to make a comeback and hits a chokeslam for 2. Lesnar then hits an F-5 for 2. Undertaker then suddenly applies the hell's gate but Lesnar powerbombs himself out of it. Undertaker tries it again but once again, Lesnar hits a powerbomb to get out of it. Lesnar then applies the kimura but it's reversed into a kimura by Undertaker and Lesnar eventually gets to the ropes. Undertaker goes for old school but Lesnar pulls him off the top rope into an F-5 for 2. Undertaker hits a powerbomb then hits the tombstone for 2, shocking him and Paul Heyman. Undertaker goes for another tombstone but Lesnar reverses into a F-5 to get the win?? Yes, you read that right. Brock Lesnar beat the Undertaker, shocking everyone including Paul Heyman. Afterwards, the crowd applauds the Undertaker as he leaves.

I'm torn about this match. The story going into this was terrible with Heyman being the saving grace. The match was not as great as Undertaker's last few Streak matches, which considering its significance is a disappointment. Undertaker looked really sluggish during the match, which was not helped by him suffering a concussion during the match and it was also weird seeing the graphic of 21-1 being displayed. As for Lesnar being the one to end the streak, I don't really think it was the right call only because he is a part-time wrestler (although saying that, so is the Undertaker) and I don't really think he needs. However, when I look back on this in a year when I will be doing the podcast about it, I could think about it differently. If Lesnar does nothing of significance over the next year, then it would have been a waste.
Winner: Brock Lesnar
Predictions: 4 for 6

The penultimate match is the 14-Divas single-fall match for the Divas Championship. AJ Lee was defending her Championship against Askana, Alicia Fox, Brie Bella, Cameron, Emma, Eva Marie, Layla, Naomi, Natalya, Nikki Bella, Rosa Mednes, Summer Rae and Tamina Snuka. All the Divas attack Tamina and AJ before they all split off and fight each other. There was one bit where there were 6 pins at the same time and another when the Bellas do suicide dives on most of the Divas. AJ eventually applies the black widow on Cameron to make her submit and she retains her Championship. This match was not as bad of a clusterfuck as I thought it would be. It's a shame it was after the Undertaker's match where the crowd were still recovering from what happened there.
Winner: AJ Lee
Predictions: 4 for 7

After a segment featuring Mean Gene Okerlund and all the participants from the main event of Wrestlemania I: Hulk Hogan, Mr T, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Mr Wonderful Paul Orndoff and referee Pat Patterson; we get the main event. It is for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship as Randy Orton defends his Championship against Batista and Daniel Bryan. Orton and Batista go after Bryan's injured shoulder during the match and Bryan doesn't feature that much in the early going. Bryan does get back into it with a spot where he has both guys in opposite corners and he is hitting hem with missile dropkicks. Bryan does apply the LeBell Yes No Lock on Orton. However, Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and referee Scott Armstrong come down and Triple H pulls match referee Mike Choida out. Batista takes advantage and hits a spine buster then a Batista bomb for Bryan. Scott Armstrong comes in and makes the count but Bryan kicks out at 2. Bryan kicks Armstrong in the head then does a suicide dive on Triple H, Stephanie and Armstrong. Triple H then gets a sledgehammer but he receives a kick then gets hit with the sledgehammer. Bryan then rolls up Batista and Chioda slides in to make the count but Orton breaks up the count. Orton and Batista then team up on Bryan for a little while, culminating in a powerbomb/reverse RKO combo that sends Bryan through the Spanish announce table. Doctors and paramedics come out to attend to Bryan. Batista then attacks Orton before Orton focuses his attack on Bryan. Batista goes to spear Orton but hits Bryan instead. Orton then hits the RKO on Batista for 2. Batista hits the Batista bomb on Orton but he then gets hit with a running knee by Bryan followed by the LeBell Yes No Lock to get the win and become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Afterwards. Bryan celebrates with his family. I really enjoyed this match and I thought it told a really good story, especially with Triple H and Stephanie interfering.
Winner: Daniel Bryan
Predictions: 5 for 8

I really enjoyed this Wrestlemania. Most of the matches were fun to watch and told good stories, especially the two Daniel Bryan matches. If I had one slight gripe, it might be better to have another match inbetween the Undertaker match and the main event. The crowd were really struggling to get back into it after they saw the end of The Streak. Despite that, it was a good event and I'm looking forward to seeing Daniel Bryan as Champion.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Lo-Down Wrestling Podcast: The Streak Playlist

As you're aware, I've spent the last few weeks doing a podcast series about the Undertaker's Streak. Due to the fact that I have not published all of them on this website, I've decided to do a playlist with links to them.

Sawyer Paul from International Object joined me as we discussed Undertaker vs Superfly Jimmy Snuka at Wrestlemania VII as well as his debut at the 1990 Survivor Series.

Scott T Holland was the guest as we discussed Undertaker vs Jake “The Snake” Roberts at Wrestlemania VIII.

Scott T Holland became the first return guest as we talked about Undertaker's match with Giant Gonzales at Wrestlemania IX.

Trey Irby, who contributes to The Wrestling Blog, was with me as we discussed Undertaker vs King Kong Bundy at Wrestlemania XI.

Don Owens from the podcast Am I On The Air? joined me as we discussed Undertaker's match with Diesel at Wrestlemania XII

Rich Thomas, who co-hosts the International Object podcast with Sawyer Paul, was the guest and we talked about Undertaker challenging Sycho Sid for the WWF Championship at Wrestlemania 13.

Joe Drilling from the podcast What a Maneveur and I discussed Undertaker's match against Kane at Wrestlemania 14.

Trey Ibry returned to the podcast and we discussed the Hell in a Cell match involving Undertaker and The Big Boss Man at Wrestlemania XV.

Tom Holzerman from the Wrestling Blog was the guest as we talked about Undertaker's first match against Triple H at Wrestlemania X-7.

Sawyer Paul returned to the podcast and we discussed Undertaker vs Ric Flair at Wrestlemania XVIII.

Nick Gator joined me and we talked Undertaker taking on Big Show and A-Train, with a little (illegal) help from Nathan Jones, at Wrestlemania XIX.

Corey Santiago was the guest and we discussed Undertaker against Kane at Wrestlemania XX, in which we saw the return of the dead man gimmick.

Kevin Mahon, co-host of the Attitude Era Podcast, joined me as Undertaker faced Randy Orton at Wrestlemania 21.

Bill Bicknell was the guest as we talked the casket match between Undertaker and Mark Henry at Wrestlemania 22.

Bill Bicknell returned to the podcast and we discussed Undertaker challenging Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania 23

Sawyer Paul was back on the podcast and we talked about the World Heavyweight Championship match between Undertaker and Edge at Wrestlemania XXIV

Part 17
Corey Santiago returned to the podcast as we talked about Undertaker facing Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 25.

Part 18
Joe Drilling returned and we talked about the Wrestlemania XXVI match between Undertaker and Shawn Michaels

Part 19
Kevin Mahon was back on the podcast as we discussed Undertaker vs Triple H at Wrestlemania XXVII

Part 20
Don Owens, who was there live, and I talked about the "End of an Era" Hell in a Cell match between Undertaker and Triple H at Wrestlemania XXVIII with Shawn Michaels, for some reason that is never explained, the special guest referee.

Part 21
Tom Holzerman was the guest for Undertaker's final Wrestlemania victory as he took on CM Punk at Wrestlemania XXIX.

As you're now aware, the Streak has ended with Brock Lesnar defeating Undertaker this year. I will be doing a podcast about it but you have to wait til just before Wrestlemania 31. Until then, I hope you enjoy listening to these podcasts and there will be more published over the year.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

WWE Wrestlemania XXX Preview

File:WrestleMania XXX Poster.png

The biggest event of the year, Wrestlemania XXX, is taking place this evening at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans. With Hulk Hogan hosting it, will this be on a par of great Wrestlemanias like III and XVII? Let's look at the card.

The Pre-Show match is for the Tag Team Championship as The Usos defend the titles against Los Matadores, The Real Americans and Curtis Axel and Ryback. I'm quite surprised that has been put to the pre-show but it should be a decent match. I can't see The Usos being transitional champions so I'm going for them to win here.
Predicted Winners: The Usos

The Shield, who have recently tunred face, face the team of Corporate Kane and The New Age Outlaws. Whilst I feel that The Shield might break up soon, I don't think they will show any cracks here. I think they will win this match.
Predicted Winners: The Shield

The 30-man Andre the Giant Invitational Battle Royal should be fun to watch. The confirmed participants are Alberto Del Rio, Big E, Big Show, Brad Maddox(?), Brodus Clay, Christian, Cody Rhodes, Damien Sandow, Darren Young, Dolph Ziggler, Fandango, Drew McIntyre, Goldust, The Great Khali, Heath Slater, Jinder Mahal, Justin Gabriel, Kofi Kingston, Mark Henry, The Miz, Rey Mysterio, Sheamus, R-Truth, Santino Marella, Sin Cara Version 2, Titus O'Neill and Zack Ryder. I'm going for Big Show to win here.
Predicted Winner: Big Show

AJ Lee will defend her Divas Championship in a 14-Diva single fall match. Her challengers are Aksana, Alicia Fox, Brie Bella, Cameron, Emma, Eva Marie, Layla, Naomi, Natalya, Nikki Bella, Rosa Mendes, Summer Rae and Tamina Snuka. I can't see AJ winning this and it's a shame that her excellent Divas Championship run will be lost in a match that will become a clusterfuck extremely quickly. I fully expect one of The Total Divas cast to win this so I'm going for Brie Bella to win here.
Predicted Winner: Brie Bella

John Cena will take on Bray Wyatt in what could be a very interesting match. I would love Wyatt to win here but he is facing Cena so I don't think he will.
Predicted Winner: John Cena

Brock Lesnar is the latest person to take on The Undertaker and try to end the streak. This has the potential to be a great match with both guys using a MMA-type style in the ring. I fully expect Undertaker to go 22-0 here, although you miay sometimes feel that he could lose here.
Predicted Winner: The Undertaker

Daniel Bryan  willl face Triple H and the winner will go to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match later on. I'm really looking forward to this match and this could be the match of the night. Daniel Bryan has to win this here, otherwise I  feel that it will be riots in the Superdome.
Predicted Winner: Daniel Bryan

Whoever wins that match will take part in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match with Batista and Champion Randy Orton. A lof of people, including myself, did not want a Orton/Batista match so I'm glad it will be a triple threat match. I think that Daniel Bryan winning will be a great way to end the PPV so I'm going for him here.
Predicted Winner: Daniel Bryan

I won't get to see the show live but I'll get to see it during the week. I hope you guys enjoy the show.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

TNA Lockdown 2014

The first TNA Pay-Per-View of the year, Lockdown, took place on Sunday 9th March at the BankUnited Center in Miami, Florida. With every match in a steel cage, what will the landscape of TNA be like after this event. Let's take a look.

The first match is the interpromotional tag team match with Bad Influence and Chris Sabin taking on the Wrestle-1 team of Sandana, Yasu and The Great Muta. I was quite looking forward to this as I love Bad Influence and this is the first time that I will get to see The Great Muta. During the match, Sabin and Bad Influence start to wear down Yasu. They get a near fall when they triple dropkick Yasu then Kazarian misses a top rope legdrop. Sanada gets tagged in and later on, Great Muta comes in and dragon screws all of his opponents. Great Muta then spews green mist into Kazarian, which I assume is legal, hits a shining wizard on Daniels followed by a moonsault by Sanada to get his team the victory. I thought this was an enjoyable match and a fun way to start the Pay-Per-View.
Winners: Sanada, Yasu and The Great Muta
Predictions: 1 for 1

Next is the match between Samuel Shaw and Mr Anderson in which the only way to win is to escape the cage. Shaw is not happy that the object of his affection, Christy Hemme, is not at ringside and demands that he will jump off the cage if she doesn't come out. Mr Anderson comes out and suggests that he will help out Shaw after he beats the crap out of him. After a couple of minutes, Christy Hemme comes out and cheers on Mr Anderson. Sahw gets a couple of chances to climb out of the cage but Anderson is able to stop that from happening. Shaw tries to leave through the cage door but Anderson pushes him into the door, knocking down the referee. Anderson then hits the Mic Check then another one, bouncing Shaw's head off the turnbuckle. Anderson then climbs the cage. Hemme is cheering him on next to the hole in the cage for the camera and Shaw grabs her arm and pulls into the cage. Anderson has to get back into the cage to rescue Hemme and hits a few right hands to Shaw. Anderson leads Hemme to safety but is caught by a standing kata gatame by Shaw. Shaw then leaves the cage and the referee had conveniently recovered enough to see Sahw leave and declare him the winner. The match, whilst nowhere near a technical masterpiece, did tell an interesting story. I think that this could be a good character for Shaw as long as it doesn't become tasteless.
Winner: Samuel Shaw
Predictions: 2 for 2

We now get Ethan Carter III coming out. He was scheduled to face Kurt Angle but he injured him on the previous Impact. Therefore, EC3 issues an open challenge, which is accepted by a returning Bobby Lashley. EC3 refuses because Lashley does not have a contract. Lashley responds by hitting a running powerslam followed by a spear, killing EC3. I liked this segment. Whilst I'm not that bothered by Lashley, I do love EC3 and what he is doing in TNA. I'm also interested to see whether they will do a feud between Carter and Lashley and how it would develop.

We now get a match between Manik and Tigre Uno. We get a lot of high risk, fast pace wrestling which the crowd appreciates. Tigre Uno goes flying into the side of the cage, giving Manik the chance to hit a vertical suplex followed by a back suplex. Manik then applies a surfboard and later on, a sit out powerbomb for 2. Tigre Uno gets back into it and after hitting a sabretooth splash, gets the win. This was a really fun match to watch and I can't wait to see what Tigre does in the company
Winner: Tigre Uno
Predictions: 3 for 3

Next is a last man standing match between James Storm and Gunner. They immediately start brawling up the aisle and around the ring. Storm slams the door onto Gunner's head and the match offically starts. Storm starts choking Gunner with the tag team ropes for a little while before Storm starts bouncing his head off the turnbuckle. Gunner does make a comeback briefly and hits Storm in the head with a bit of the steel steps, which gets a 7 count. Storm hits a code breaker then throws Gunner head first into a steel chair in the corner, which gets a count of 8. Storm then attacks Gunner with the chair, but Gunner keeps Storm down for a while with a airplane spin onto the chair followed by a rock bottom. Gunner jumps from the top rope but Storm throws the chair into his head, which gets a count of 8. Storm tries to powerbomb Gunner onto 2 chairs but he is unable to do so. They fight on top the ropes, slamming each other's head into the cage, before Gunner superplexes Storm onto the steel chairs. Both men are down and Gunner uses a chair to get up before the count of ten to get the win. I generally like last man standing matches, although I did find it weird it being in a cage. Despite that, it was an enjoyable match and you really saw in the story that they told, how much they don't like each other.
Winner: Gunner
Predictions: 3 for 4

We now get the Knockouts Championship match with Gail Kim challenging Madison Rayne. Kim tries to get out of the cage door early on but is stopped by Rayne. Kim does get the momentum after Rayne misses a crossbody. Kim does a running corner clothesline as part of her offence. However, she misses an avalanche splash and crashes into the cage. This gives Rayne the chance to make a comeback. Kim almost gets out of the cage door but is dragged back in by Rayne. They both climb the cage and Kim tries the Eat Defeat. However, Rayne pulls her off then does a spear off the top rope to get the win and Rayne retains her Knockouts Championship. This was a fun match and once again, reinforces how good women's wrestling can be. I wish WWE would do things like this in their Divas Division but I don't think they will.
Winner: Madison Rayne
Predictions: 4 for 5

The second Championship match is Samoa Joe challenging Magnus for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. The match is under “Joe's Rules”, which means you can only win by tap out, knock out or submission.  After a little back and forth, Joe starts bouncing Magnus off the cage numerous times, busting him open. Magnus gets back into it and busts Joe open by doing what Joe did to him. Magnus applies a figure four but Joe reverses the pressure. Magnus keeps on the pressure on Joe with moves such as a camel clutch and a sleeper. Samoa Joe gets back into it and hits a muscle buster followed a rear naked choke. It looks like Joe is going to win here but a hand suddenly comes out of the mat and drags Joe through the hole. Joe manages to get out of the hole and chokes Magnus in the corner. Abyss appears out of the hole and hits Joe with Janice then hits the Black Hole Slam. Magnus then applies Joe's choke hold to get the win. I was enjoying the match but I didn't think it needed to have Abyss enter through a hole in the mat, especially since we still have the Lethal Lockdown match to come.
Winner: Magnus
Predictions: 6 for 7

The main event is a Lethal Lockdown match to determine who has control of the company's wrestling operations. It's Team Dixie (Bobby Roode, The BroMans and Austin Aries) taking on Team MVP (MVP and The American Wolves).  Austin Aries and MVP start off the match and they have a good match before Robbie E enters the fray. Then the rest of the wrestlers came in the following order: Eddie Edwards, Jesse Godderz, Davie Richards and Bobby Roode. Even though it's a 4-on-3 match, we get another ten count, introducing another wrestler, which is Willow(?) Willow appears on top of the cage and splashes all of Team Dixie. The top of the cage comes down and Dixie Carter comes out and announces that the special guest referee, and her insurance policy, is Bully Ray. Team Dixie use the weapons available to decimate Team MVP. Willow sends Aries flying into the cage and later on, Aries hits a brainbuster on Edwards onto a chair. Aries misses a 450 splash and he gets hit with a twist of fate followed by a swanton bomb. Bobby Roode just breaks up the count. Roode sets up a table and is about to send MVP through it when Bully Ray stands in the way. Roode and Bully have an argument and Bully hits a rock bottom on Roode. MVP then kicks Roode in the head to get the win by pinfall. This means that MVP have control of the wrestling operations of TNA. Understandably, Dixie is apoplectic over what just happened. Bully then powerbombs Roode through the table.

I thought this match was pretty good. However, I hate Lethal Lockdown matches because I find it really stupid that you can't win the match until all the wrestlers enter the cage and it feels that it is a waste of time. It also felt a bit overbooked to me with so much going on.
Winners: Team MVP
Predictions: 7 for 8

I thought that Lockdown was a decent event. As I always do, I do enjoy the wrestling that they do in TNA. I sometimes don't really understand the reason behind their booking. I was surprised that the Lethal Lockdown match was the main event but it makes sense because the control of the company is more important than a World Heavyweight Championship match. With MVP now in control of the company, it will be interesting to see where they go from where. Hopefully, it will be for the better.