Sunday, 16 December 2012

WWE TLC Preview 2012

The final WWE PPV of the year is this Sunday as TLC takes place at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New  York. Some of the card looks good so let's take a look.

The Pre-Show match is a "Santa's Little Helper" battle royal to determine the No 1 contender for the Divas Championship between Layla, Kaitlyn, Alicia Fox, Natalya, Tamina Snuka, Askana, Rosa Mendes, Cameron and Naomi. I can see this match lasting less than 5 minutes, which is a shame because if the WWE didn't have the stupid rule about eliminating your opponents in this match (which is just throw them out  of the ring), this could be a decent match. The only that I can see winning this is Kaitlyn, so she's my prediction.
Predicted Winner: Kaitlyn

Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara will face Team Rhodes Scholars in a Tables match to determine the No 1 contender for the Tag Team Championship. This is a tough one to call as I can see both winning and at the minute, Team Hell No are being treated as faces, even though both guys are heels. I'm going for Rhodes Scholars to win this and try again for the Championship.
Predicted winners: Team Rhodes Scholars

Antonio Cesario will once again face R-Truth for the  United States Championship. I like Cesario as Champion and the fact that an American has not beat him for it yet. I expect that to continue.
Predicted Winner: Antonio Cesario

Wade Barrett will challenge Kofi Kingston for the Intercontinental Championship. I feel sorry for Wade as I think that he has the ability to become a World Champion. I would like to see Wade win but I think it's more likely that Kofi will be victorious here.
Predicted Winner: Kofi Kingston

Team Hell No will team up with Ryback to take on The Shield in a TLC match that will be decided by pinfall or submission. I think that this will be a good match and it will be interesting how Team Hell No and Ryback work together. The WWE has the tendency to negate big threats to the company before they get the chance to get going. I don't think that will be the case here, so I'm going for The Shield to win here.
Predicted Winners: The Shield

The World Heavyweight Championship is on the line in a chairs match between Sheamus and Big Show. I can see both guys winning this but I think that Show will win and probably go on to face someone else.
Predicted Winner: Big Show

The main event (most likely) will be a ladder match between Dolph Ziggler and John Cena for Dolph's MITB briefcase. First of all, because I never got a chance to write about this beforehand, I think that putting the briefcase on the linis a FUCKING horrible idea. Cena doesn't need the briefcase and, if they let Cena win the match, I feel it will be a slap to the face of those fans who love Dolph Ziggler. Whilst the reason that people love Dolph is because of his ability to sell moves (and I'm one of them), he is a capable World Champion. The point of Money in the Bank (to me) is the chance to promote some one up to the main event level. Dolph is ready to be at that level. For that reason, and the fact that I don't like Cena's character (kayfabe), I feel that Dolph HAS to win this match.
Predicted Winner: Dolph Ziggler

I know that I have been really slow with my PPV reviews recently. However, I will endeavour to review this as soon as I can. Hope you enjoy the show.

Friday, 14 December 2012

WWE Survivor Series 2012 Review

WWE Survivor Series took place on Sunday 18th November in Indianapolis. How will the 26th Survivor Series fare? Let's take a look.

Before the Pre-Show match, we get to see Team Ziggler. They had to find a replacement for Cody Rhodes, who got injured at the previous Main Event show. Ziggler chooses David Otunga as the replacement. I quite like Otunga as I think he could be a good fit for this match.

The Pre-Show match was between Zack Ryder and Santino Marella and 3MB (Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal with Drew McIntyre). 3MB get the advantage by wearing down Santino but eventually Santino gets the hot tag to Ryder. Ryder hits the Broski Boot on Mahal but Slater breaks up the pin. Ryder hits the Roughryder on Slater and McIntyre manages to hit Ryder on the head with his arm cast. Mahal seizes the opportunity and hits the Full Nelson Slam to get the victory. It was a short match but still entertaining.
Winners: 3MB                                                                                                             Predictions: 1 for 1

The event officially started with a bonus Survivor Series match with Team Brodus (Brodus Clay, Tyson Kidd, Justin Gabriel, Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara) taking on Team Tensai (Tensai, Epico, Primo and The Prime Time Players (#Millions of Dollars!)). The match goes back and forth for a while before all the wrestlers except for Clay and Tensai are laid out outside the ring. Tensai hits a Senton to eliminate Clay. This, unfortunately, is the highlight for his team as Tensai is soon eliminated after missing a Senton on Gabriel and this gives Gabriel the chance to roll him up. Titus O'Neill gets eliminated by Tyson Kidd doing a pinning combination after springing from the ropes. A couple of minutes later, Epico gets eliminated by Tyson Kidd with a Sharpshooter. Kidd tags in Mysterio and he eliminates Primo with a pinning combination. Darren Young is the only one left and he gets hit with a 619 by Mysterio, a Swanton Bomb by Cara, a Moonsault by Gabriel, a springboard elbow drop by Kidd and a diving headbutt by Mysterio to give his team the win. I enjoyed the match and I didn't expect Clay's team to be so dominant. It was fun and a good way to start the PPV.
Winners: Team Brodus                                                                                                   Predictions: N/A
(Survivors: Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara, Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd)

We go backstage where Kaitlyn gets attacked by a mysterious assailant. Kaityln gets the best of her and it's revealed that it's Askana. Eve turns up (what a coincidence!) worried about Kaitlyn and Kaitlyn responds by pushing Eve down. At least we know who attacked Kaitlyn at Night of Champions. The question is why?

The next match is for the Divas Championship as Eve defends her title against Kaitlyn.  Kaitlyn throws the wig that she grabbed from Askana at Eve and uses that to gain the upper hand early on. Eve hits Kaitlyn in the gut then the face to slow Kaitlyn down. Eve applies a leg scissors around the head of Kaitlyn and there was a good bit where Kaitlyn is trying to get to the ropes and Eve is elbowing her arm away. Kaitlyn does eventually reach the ropes and Kaitlyn starts to regain the upper hand, despite Eve's begging pleas. Eve uses the ring apron to bring Kaitlyn down to the outside. Eve drags Kaitlyn back inside the ring and hits a swinging neckbreaker to get the win. I enjoyed the match and I thought it told a good story.
Winner: Eve Torres                                                                                                    Predictions: 2 for 2

We get a pep talk by Mick Foley for their upcoming match against Team Ziggler and I loved team Hell No aruging they will be the sole survivor. After Foley speaks, Orton states to him that he is going to kill him. Okay then.

The United States Championship match was next as R-Truth challenges Antonio Cesario. Cesario is quite dominant for most of the match with him applying stretches to Truth. Cesario slams Truth and, keeping hold of him, hits a gutwrench suplex. Truth hits a sunset flip and Cesario responds with an European uppercut. Truth starts to make a comeback before Cesario hits another European uppercut followed by the Neutraliser to get the win. It was a shorter match than I was expecting. ut it was still a decent match.
Winner: Antonio Cesario

The World Heavyweight Championship is on the line as Sheamus challenges The Big Show. Some of the highlights of the match include Sheamus tying Show up in the ropes; and Show spearing Sheamus as he jumps off the top rope. Show focuses his offence on the shoulder of Sheamus. Sheamus applies a sleeper to get back some momentum. Show throws him off and Sheamus starts to punch Show and hits an impressive electric chair but Show kicks out at 2. Sheamus goes for the Brogue kick but misses. Show goes for the chokeslam but Sheamus gets out of it and hits the White Noise for a 2 count. Sheamus goes for another Brogue kick but Show uses referee Scott Armstrong as a human shield and he gets destroyed. As the referees and doctor tend to Armstrong, Show takes advantage and hits the WMD to get the win. Or so Show thought. The referees have a discussion and disqualify Show for putting Armstrong in the way of the Brogue kick. Show doesn't take that decision well. Sheamus manages to recover and grabs a chair and proceeds to complete fuck Show up with the chair, despite Show begging for mercy and then hitting Show with a Brogue kick. It was a good match although it was a bit of a clusterfuck ending.
Winner: Sheamus

The penultimate match is a Survivor Series match between Team Ziggler (Dolph Ziggler, Damien Sandow, David Otunga, Alberto Del Rio and Wade Barrett) and Team Foley (Mick Foley with The Miz, Kofi Kingston, Daniel Bryan, Kane and Randy Orton) Early on, Damien Sandow is facing Bryan and decides to leave. Kane stops him and tags in and eliminates Sandow with a chokeslam. Bryan and Kane argue and Kane clotheslines Bryan out of the ring. Ziggler takes advantage and eliminates Kane with a Zig-Zag. Later on, David Otunga is eliminated by tapping out to Bryan's LeBell Yes No Lock and Kingston is eliminated by Barrett hitting a Black Hole slam followed by the Bull Hammer. Bryan tries to apply the LeBell Yes No Lock but Del Rio manages to get out of it and apply the Cross Armbreaker to make Bryan tap out. Miz comes in for the first time in this match and works well with Orton against the remanants of Team Ziggler and eliminates Barrett with the Skull Crushing Finale. Miz gets eliminated by Del Rio hitting an inzuguri to the back of the head. It's now Del Rio and Ziggler versus Orton. Ricardo "Virgil" Rodriguez tries to help Del Rio but Foley hits him with the Mandible Claw. Del Rio goes for the Cross Armbreaker but it's reversed into a RKO, eliminating him. The sole survivors are now Orton and Ziggler. Orton goes for the RKO but Ziggler stops that by holding onto the rope and hitting the Zig-Zag for a 2 count. Orton goes for the Punt. However, Ziggler manages to hit a Superkick to get the win. I really enjoyed the match with some great moves by all the competitors.
Winners: Team Ziggler 
               (Survivor: Dolph Ziggler)

The main event is for the WWE Championship as CM Punk is challenged by Ryback and John Cena. The match starts with both Ryback and Cena going after Punk before they start attacking each other. Cena is sent out of the ring then Punk hits a snap suplex on Ryback. However, Ryback hits Punk with a Gorilla Press into a Fallaway slam. Punk and Cena battle each other for a while then Punk sends into Cena into the steel steps. Punk tries to wear down Ryback but it's not enough as Ryback has Punk in position to deliver the Sheel Shock. Cena stops that by putting Ryback in the STF. Punk stops that by hitting Cena with a Macho Man elbow drop. Ryback recovers and sends them both to the outside. Ryback attempts to hit a double muscle buster. However, Punk and Cena work together and suplex Ryback through the announce table. Punk and Cena fight in the ring and Punk hits the GTS to only get a 2 count. Cena then hits the AA for a 2 count Cena applies the STF but Ryback recovers and pulls Cena out of the ring and hits the Shell Shock on Punk. Cena breaks up the pin but he is then hit with the Shell Shock and Ryback is about to win when Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose (later known as the Shield) interfere. They powerbomb Ryback through the Spanish announce table. Meanwhile, Punk, unaware of what is happening, crawls over and pins Cena to get the win. I really enjoyed the match and it was great to see the debut of Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns.
Winner: CM Punk

I enjoyed Survivor Series as the matches were pretty good and we can got to see the debut of three good wrestlers from NXT. I'm sorry that I took almost a month to watch all of it and review. Hopefully, I will try to review Final Resolution and TLC a but quicker.

Monday, 10 December 2012

TNA Final Resolution 2012 Preview

File:Final Resolution (2012).jpg

TNA Final Resolution is taking place at the Impact Zone in Orlando. Will TNA end their year on a high? Let's look at the card.

The X-Division Championship is on the line as Rob Van Dam is challenged by Kenny King. This should be a good match but I can't see King winning. Therefore, I'm going for RVD to win
Predicted Winner: Rob Van Dam

Aces and Eights (Devon, DOC and 2 Randoms) take on Kurt Angle, Wes Brisco, Samoa Joe and Garrett "Future of the Business" Bischoff. There are some good talent in this match (except Garrett obviously), so it should be fun. I think that Aces and Eights will win this one.
Predicted Winners: Aces and Eights

The Tag Team Championship are on the line as Matt Morgan and Joey Ryan challenge Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez. This could be an interesting contest as I can see both winning. I'm taking a punt and going for Morgan and Ryan to win this.
Predicted Winners: Matt Morgan and Joey Ryan

The Knockouts Championship is on the line as Tara is challenged by Mickie James. I was starting to think that Mickie could win this. However, the return of Velvet Sky last Thursday has made me think otherwise. Therefore, I'm going for Tara to win.
Predicted Winner: Tara

Bully Ray  will face Austin Aries (the best thing in TNA right now) in a match that I would be looking forward to if I didn't hate Bully's face turn and the bullshit story behind it. Despite that, I think it will be an entertaining contest. I very rarely bet against Aries but I don't think he'll win and I'm going for Bully to be victorious here.
Predicted Winner: Bully Ray

AJ Styles will take on Christopher Daniels for the 1,876,273rd time. God, I just want this feud to fucking end and it hopefully will after this. I'm going for AJ to win this, otherwise the feud might never end.
Predicted Winner: AJ Styles

The main event is for TNA World Championship as Bobby Roode challenges Jeff Hardy. This should be a good match and I can see Roode winning but I don't think he will. Therefore, I'm predicting that Hardy will win here.
Predicted Winner: Jeff Hardy

As always, due to the TV deal with TNA, I won't get to see it til Wednesday evening. Hopefully, I will get to write my review by the end of the week.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

TNA Turning Point 2012 Review

TNA Turning Point took place on the 11th November at the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida. To be brutally honest, I forgot that this was even on as I've not watched Impact in a while and I have only been keeping up with it, thanks to the reviews by The Wrestling Nerd (thanks, by the way!). Therefore, I didn't write a predictions article. Despite that, it would be nice to just watch the show and not worry about my predictions.

We open the show with Tazz in the ring and he talks about Hurricane Sandy and Bully Ray along with local radio host Buckethead come out. In order to help with donations to the American Red Cross, who are helping with the relief, they ask the crowd and the TV audience to break a World Record to simultaneously text a donation. I know a couple of twitter buddies who were affected by the Hurricane so it's good to see TNA do something like this.

Anyway, back to the reason we are here. The first match is between Magnus and Samoa Joe for the Television Championship and it was no disqualification. Joe gets the early advantage before Magnus hits a clothesline.Joe splashes Magnus into the turnbuckle followed by a kick to the head and Magnus gets out of the ring and throws a steel chair at Joe when he attempts a suicide dive. Later on, Joe applies the STF but Magnus gets to the ropes. Magnus hits a top rope elbow drop but Joe kicks out at 2. Magnus tries his steel chair move again; however, Joe outsmarts him by going over the rope instead of through the ropes. Joe hits the Muscle Buster but Magnus kicked out. Joe then applies the rear naked choke and the referee drops the arm three times sorry, only one bizarrely for Joe to get the win. I enjoyed the match but I found the ending a little off and I found it weird that only Magnus was taking advantage of the no-disqualification stipulation. Despite that, it was good way to start the PPV.
Winner: Samoa Joe

The next match was between ODB and Eric Young (remember them?) taking on Knockouts Champion Tara and Jesse(?) ODB and Jesse start the match ODB and Young beat up Jesse. ODB hits the Bronco Buster then Tara decided she's had enough and hits ODB in the back. Young gets tagged in and Jesse manages to recover and beat up Young. Tara does tag in occasionally but she's not in the ring for long before tagging back in Jesse. Young starts a brief comeback before a double clothesline. ODB spits alcohol into Jesse's face and then low blows him to give Young the opportunity to tag her in. ODB hits the Bam on Tara but Tara rolls out of the ring. Young blind tags himself in and ODB hits Jesse with a bodyslam followed by a Macho Man elbow drop to give them the win. The match was pretty decent and I thought Jesse was quite impressive. Shame that I REALLY hate Eric Young's gimmick.
Winners: ODB and Eric Young

After we see a video of Aces and Eights going Hammer Time on Sting at the previous Impact, the next match is for the X-Division Championship as Rob Van Dam is challenged by Joey Ryan, who is without Matt Morgan thanks to Hulk Hogan banning him from ringside. Some of the highlights include Ryan pushing RVD off the top turnbuckle to the crowd barrier, and Ryan hitting the Moustache Ride for a 2 count. Eventually, RVD hits the 5-star frog splash to get the win and retain the X-Division Championship. Afterwards, while RVD is celebrating at the top of the ramp, Morgan comes in and destroys RVD with a Carbon Footprint. It was another good match and I like to see them continue their feud.
Winner: Rob Van Dam

The next match is between Aces and Eights DOC and Joseph Parks (brother of Chris? You know...Abyss?) Yeah, I can't see this match going for long. I like the way the crowd got behind Parks chanting "You can do it". Parks tries to take down DOC and manages to slap him. DOC doesn't take well and goes after Parks. Parks flees to the outside and DOC hits his hand on the ring post. Parks takes advantage and focuses on DOC's injured hand. The action goes back inside the ring and DOC wraps his hand with his belt strap. The referee stops him so DOC gets a hammer when is stopped again by the referee.  DOC eventually gets to beat up Parks. DOC hits Parks with the belt, busting him open. That pisses Parks off and hits DOC with the Black Hole Slam. Despite Park's best efforts, DOC hit him with the Chokeslam to get the win. After the match, DOC continues to beat up Parks and is about to go Hammer Time on him but Bully Ray runs in to save the day.
Winner: DOC

The next match was for the Tag Team Championships as Christopher Daniels and Kazarian challenge Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez. Chavo and Daniels start the match and Kazarian hits a cheap shot on Chavo in order to get the advantage. Hernandez helps out Chavo with a double clothesline. Chavo and Herandez focus their offence on Kazarian. Chavo misses a frogsplash thanks to Daneisl pulling Kazarian out of the way and this gives the opportunity to wear him down. During this time, they celebrate with a gangnam style dance. Chavo manages to hit a torando DDT which gives him the chance to tag in Hernandez. Herandez tries the Air Mexico but Daniels kicks the ropes to stop it. Despite the best efforts of Kazarian and Daniels, Hernandez gets Daniels on his shoulders and Chavo crossbodys him to get the win and retain the Championships. This was a fun tag team match to watch and I'm so glad that we have (hopefully) seen the end of the feud between Christopher Daniels and Kazarian and AJ Styles.
Winners: Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez

Next was a triple threat match between Bobby Roode, James Storm and AJ Styles to determine the No.1 contender for the TNA World Championship. The stipulation in this is whoever gets pinned will not a title match until the 2013 Bound for Glory (harsh, much?) Early on, Roode and Storm are punching each other outside the ring and Styles does a suicide dive onto them. Styles gets sent to the outside, leaving Roode and Storm to fight it out for a little while. Styles focuses his attack for Storm's left leg and he goes for the Styles Clash but Storm reverses it into an Alabama Slam. Storm and Roode get into it for a bit and Storm hits the Codebreaker and goes for the Last Call. However, Styles stops that by crossbodying Storm. Storm and Roode work together to suplex Styles and Storm hits Roode with a Russian legsweep to get a 2 count. Styles misses with a springboard 450 splash and gets hit with a spear by Roode for a 2 count. The end comes where Roode is about to hit Styles with the Fisherman's suplex when Storm hits Roode with a backstabber. Storm then hits the Last Call on Styles to get the win and become the No 1 contender. I really enjoyed the match and it's nice to see Storm get a chance for the World Championship. I'm surprised that Styles took the pinfall as he has not been TNA World Champion for 3 years. Despite that, it will be interested to see what they do with Styles. Hopefully, he won't reignite his feud with Christopher Daniels and Kazarian.
Winner: James Storm

The penultimate match is between Kurt Angle and Devon. The match goes back and forth before Angle injures his shoulder when he goes into the steel steps. Angle hits a missile dropkick and starts a comeback but is stopped by a clothesline. Angle applies the anklelock and Devon manages to get out of it. Angle hits the 3 German suplexes for a 2 count. Devon tries a flying headbutt but misses and Angle hits the Angle slam. Aces and Eights then decide to pay a visit and the distraction gives Devon the chance to spear Angle for a nearfall. Angle then applies the Ankelock and grapevines Devon's leg to give him no choice but to tap out. Angle then commences Operation GTFO as Aces and Eights go into the ring and DOC threatens Angle. It was a decent match and I'm enjoying Devon's heel turn. It's just that I really think that he should have won this match to make the group look strong.
Winner: Kurt Angle

After an interview with AJ Styles that was inspired by Josh "Bad Timing" Mathews that consisted of Styles just looking at the interviewer then walking away; the main event is a ladder match for the TNA World Champion as Austin Aries (the best thing in TNA right now) gets his rematch against Jeff Hardy. Aries decides not to fuck around as he throws Hardy out of the far side of the ring and goes to grab the ladder located at the entrance ramp. Hardy stops him and the match continues in the ring for a while. Hardy and Aries fight over the ladder and Hardy pushes the ladder into Aries sending him over the steel steps. Hardy tries to climb the ladder towards the belts (the normal belt and the "Megatron" belt were up there) but Aries stops him with a Russian legsweep. Aries beats up Hardy for a bit and starts to climb up the ladder. Hardy then tries to splash Aries but Aries sidesteps him and Hardy lands into the ladder, which had been inverted, sandwiching him. That manoeuvre destroyed the ladder; luckily there's a spare one under the ring. Aries then sandwiches Hardy in a ladder then puts the steps against it to trap him. Aries climbs the ladder and has the match won. However, he notices the referee Earl Hebner and gets suspicious so he climbs down and realises that Hardy had escaped, went under the ring and is now climbing the ladder. Aries just manages to stop Hardy by pushing the ladder and Hardy lands quite badly onto the ladder then the mat. Aries starts to climb up with Hardy in pursuit. Aries gets Hardy off then uses the ladder as a weapon against him. Hardy manages to make a comeback, destroying another ladder. Hardy then has to grab another ladder from under the ring and he starts to climb up before being stopped by a missile dropkick. Aries then hits the Brainbuster and pushes Hardy out of the ring. Aries then slowly climbs the ladder and Hardy hits Twist of Fate from the ladder then follows up with a Swanton bomb. Hardy then climbs the ladder and is about to grab the belts when they get moved up. Hardy wonders what the fuck is going on and looks to see Aries with the control for the hydraulic rope holding the belts. Hardy then goes after Aries and sends him flying over the crowd barrier. Hardy then grabs a bigger ladder and climbs up it. Aries goes after him and they fall onto one of the ladders that had been placed on top of one of the ringposts. Hardy then hits the Twist of Fate onto that ladder, sending Aries to the outside. Hardy then climbs up and grabs the belts to get the win. I really enjoyed the match with some ingenious spots by both guys, and I thought the spot where Aries puts the belts up higher was brilliant.
Winner: Jeff Hardy

After pulling my finger out and making time to watch the show, I really enjoyed it. As always with TNA PPVs. the wrestling is normally good and I thought the No 1 contender and the main event were really good. I was going to say that I was looking forward to the Storm/Hardy but that plan failed when Roode challenged Storm to the No 1 contender's spot at the following Impact and won, and that meant that the match at the PPV was a waste of time. Despite that, TNA has got better (in most parts) over the year so I'm interested to see if they finish the year strongly.

Monday, 19 November 2012

WWE Survivor Series 2012 Preview

The 26th Survivor Series will take place this evening in Indianapolis. Will the multiple changes they made to the card result in a good show? Let's take a look.

The Pre-Show match will be between Team Co-Bro and 3MB. This should be a decent tag team match and I can see either team winning. I think that 3MB will win this and continue their push.
Predicted Winners: 3MB

The Divas Championship will be defended as Kaitlyn challenges Eve. The Divas matches have been quite good recently and this should be a good match. I would love to see Kaitlyn win but I don't think that will happen, so I'm picking Eve to retain.
Predicted Winner: Eve

The United States Championship will be defended as R-Truth challenges Antonio Cesario. Cesario has been great to watch as Champion and he has been on a roll. Therefore, I can't see them giving the belt to R-Truth.
Predicted Winner: Antonio Cesario

The only Survivor Series match is between Team Ziggler (Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes, Damien Sandow, Alberto Del Rio and Wade Barrett) and Team Foley (The Miz, Kofi Kingston, Kane, Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton with Mick Foley acting as ringside captain). Despite the changes they made to this match, it should be an entertaining to watch. I'm going for Team Foley to win here.
Predicted Winners: Team Foley

The World Heavyweight Championship will be defended as Sheamus challenges The Big Show. Their match at Hell in a Cell was pretty good. I expect the same here. I think the Big Show will retain here.
Predicted Winner: Big Show

The WWE Championship will be defended in a triple threat match between CM Punk, John Cena and Ryback. This should be an interesting match and I think that CM Punk will win this. I can't see either of the two winning; although Cena hasn't been Champion, so I can see them giving the belt to him.
Predicted Winner: CM Punk

Work has really disrupted me watching the PPVs and writing about them. Hopefully, I'll get to watch it during the week and review it then. Until then, I hope you enjoy the show.

Monday, 5 November 2012

WWE Hell in a Cell 2012 Review

WWE Hell in a Cell took place last Sunday at the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. How did the event go? Let's take a look.

The Pre-Show didn't feature a match but we had John Cena coming out to speak to Michael Cole about the allegations surrounding AJ's resignation from her position as RAW General Manager. At least, that was the plan. Cena instead just went on answering questions about the Ryback/Punk match and challenging The Rock to another match. Good to see that Cena cares about AJ.  Oh wait... Anyway, Vickie Guerrero comes out and...I've lost interest.

The show starts with Alberto Del Rio taking on Randy Orton. The action goes to the outside almost immediately and Del Rio gets creamed with a clothesline. Del Rio starts to focus on Orton's left shoulder and arm. Del Rio hit a couple of armbreakers. Orton tries a powerslam but Del Rio sees it coming and hits the Cross Armbreaker. However, Orton managed to get to the ropes. Later on, Ricardo "Virgil" Rodriguez pulled Orton's shoulder onto the ring post, giving Del Rio the opportunity to apply the Cross Armbreaker. Orton gets out of it by turning it into a pin. Del Rio has to let go of the move to avoid being pinned and he tries to do a inziguri. However, Orton ducks and hits the RKO to get the win. It was a decent match to start the PPV, although there was a minor botch near the end.
Winner: Randy Orton                                                                                                 Predictions: 1 for 1

After Josh "Bad Timing" Mathews interviews RAW Managing Supervisor (?) Vickie Guerrero, we get Paul Heyman trying to cancel the match between CM Punk and Ryback. Vickie understandably denies his request. We get to see Heyman keep on trying to cancel the match during the show.

Next we get the Tag Team Championships match with Team Friendship Hell No defending against Team Rhodes Scholars. Kane and Daniel Bryan focus their efforts on Cody Rhodes before Damien Sandow hit Kane with a chopblock. Bryan gets the hot tag and is all over Sandow. Sandow gets back the advantage. Bryan tries for the LeBell Yes No Lock but Sandow stops that from happening. Kane gets the tag and takes out Rhodes. Bryan gets the blind tag and hits Rhodes with a flying headbutt and Kane stops the pin. Later on , Bryan accidentally hits Kane outside the ring and he and Bryan argue. Rhodes hits Bryan with the Cross Rhodes but Kane stops the pin. Kane then starts beating the shit out of Sandow and Rhodes. The referee keeps on warning Kane then has enough and calls for the bell, disqualifying Team Hell No. I enjoyed the match but I really didn't like the ending as I felt it wasn't necessary.
Winners: Team Rhodes Scholars                                                                   Predictions: 1 for 2

               (Team Hell No keeps the Tag Team Championships)

The next match was for the Intercontinental Championship as The Miz challenges Kofi Kingston. We get to see The Miz keep Kofi grounded. Kofi increases the pace of the match and hits the SOS but Miz kicks out. Miz injuries Kofi's left knee and then exposes it in order to keep on injuring it. Miz applies a single leg Boston crab but Kofi turns it into an inside cradle. Miz tries for the Skull Crushing Finale but is thrown out of the ring. Miz immediately goes back in and gets hit with the Trouble in Paradise to give Kofi the win. As a big fan of The Miz, I enjoyed the match and it would be good to see a rematch between the two.
Winner: Kofi Kingston                                                                                               Predictions: 2 for 3

We next get a bonus match for the United States Championship between Justin Gabriel and Antonio Cesario. On a side note, the crowd was so quiet during the entrances. We get some aerial ability by Gabriel before Cesario throws him out of the ring and takes advantage. Cesario does an European uppercut to the back of Gabriel's head. Gabriel starts a comeback hitting some impressive aerial moves.Gabriel attempts a springboard dive to the outside of the ring; however, Cesario hits him with another European uppercut. Cesario then hits the Neutraliser to get the win. It was a good match but fuck me, the crowd were not into this match.
Winner: Antonio Cesario                                                                                                Predictions: N/A

We get  backstage segment where Heyman thanks Vickie for cancelling the match and he and Punk are about to leave. Vickie's going "Er, I didn't cancel the match" and is not happy with Heyman.

We get another tag team match between Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara and The Prime Time Players (#Millions of Dollars!)  Young  and O’Neill dominate Mysterio before Cara is tagged in and hits O’Neill with a crossbody for a 2 count. O’Neill hits Cara with several backbreakers and he and Young dominate Cara for a while. Young attempts a clothesline but misses and this gives Cara the opportunity to tag in Mysterio. Cara recovers enough to keep O’Neill while Mysterio gets the win with a 619 and a splash. It was a decent match and it’s good to hear that Sin Cara is ok after landing on his head selling a move.
Winners: Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio                                           Predictions: N/A

The next match was for the World Heavyweight Championship as The Big Show challenges Sheamus.  Show dominates in the early going, throwing Sheamus out of the ring a few times. Sheamus tries to fight back but he gets hit with a superkick. Show applies a bearhug then later on a Vader Bomb. Sheamus counters a chokeslam into a DDT for a 2 count then Show hits a chokeslam to get another 2 count. The action goes to the outside and Sheamus sends Show into the ringpost and this gives him the chance to get the momentum. Sheamus manages to lift Show up to hit the White Noise, which gets a 2 count. Sheamus tries for the Brogue Kick but gets hit with the WMD that only gets a 2 count. Sheamus manages to hit the Brogue Kick but he only gets a 2 count. Sheamus tries again with the Brogue Kick but Show steps to the side and hits Sheamus with the WMD to get the win and Show is the new World Heavyweight Champion AND it lasts more than 45 seconds as Ziggler decides not to cash it in. I enjoyed the match but I didn’t think that Show would win as I was expecting a Sheamus/Ziggler feud in the near future. Despite that, I’d like to see where they go from here.
Winner: The Big Show                                                     Predictions: 2 for 4

After a Ron Simmons “Damn!” moment involving Zack Ryder, Santino Marella (in drag, don’t ask), Teddy Long and Eve Torres; we see CM Punk try one last time to get his match cancelled by speaking to Vince McMahon. Vince instead gives Punk a pep-talk and tells him to go out and show why he’s the “Best in the World”

The penultimate match is for the Divas Championship as Eve defends her title against Layla and Kaitlyn.  Eve gets teamed up by the challengers before Eve starts to focus on Kaitlyn’s injured leg and does an impressive springboard crossbody. Layla and Kaitlyn brawl for a while and Kaitlyn hits a powerslam. Eve hits Kaitlyn with a senton, rolls her out of the way and pins Layla to win the match. The match was decent enough and I know some people might dismiss it. However, this match was second last on the card, had a actual story going into it and was a triple threat. I can’t remember the last time that I saw a triple threat Divas match on PPV.
Winner: Eve                                                                    Predictions: 3 for 5

After Josh “Bad Timing” Mathews interviews new World Heavyweight Championship The Big Show, we get the only match  in the Hell in a Cell as CM Punk defends his WWE Championship against Ryback. Straight away, Punk gets out of the ring and is trying to leave the cell. Heyman distracts Ryback, giving Punk the opportunity to spray a fire extinguisher at Ryback. Punk hits a springboard clothesline and a couple of elbows from the top rope. The action goes back to the outside and Punk hits a neckbreaker then hits Ryback with a chair. The action goes back to the ring and Punk connects with his running knee/bulldog combo. Punk then hits the Macho Man elbow drop then grabs a kendo stick and uses it on Ryback. Ryback starts the fight back with a few power moves and has Punk in position for the Shell Shock. However, the referee Brad Maddox, who has been the subject of some debatable calls over the last few weeks, hits Ryback with a low blow and Punk pins him to get the win. After the match, Punk and Maddox try to leave the cell, Ryback recovers and basically fucks up Maddox. Punk gets out of the cell and decides that climbing the cell would be a good way to escape. Ryback goes after him and hits Punk with the Shell Shock on top of the cell to end the show. It was a good match but WWE put themselves into a corner with this match. I couldn’t see Ryback winning so this might be the best way for the match to go. The main problem that I have is the referee. I find it hard to believe that the WWE would assign a WWE Championship to a referee who is the subject of a lot of questionable referring decisions. That’s wrestling logic for you.
Winner: CM Punk                                                            Predictions: 4 for 6

I thought that the event wasn’t bad. There were some good matches, especially the World Heavyweight Championship and it will be interesting to see what direction the WWE go with the Big Show, Punk and Ryback, and the Divas.

What soured it a little for me was the crowd which were really quiet sometimes and the ending of the Tag Team  Championship match. Kane and Daniel Bryan are probably the best thing in the WWE right now, helping to make the Tag Team division fun to watch. I get where they were going with it, emphasising the fact that they could implode at any time. However, I didn’t think they needed it and it looked dumb.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

WWE Hell in a Cell 2012 Preview

Hell in a Cell will take this place this sunday at the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. At the minute, there is only 6 matches announced so a few interesting matchups. Let's take a look.

We don't have a YouTube pre-show match. Instead, we get John Cena (yay) coming out to address the rumours surrounding his situation with AJ and AJ resigning her position as RAW General Manager. Yeah...I don't really care.

Anyway, back to the card. Randy Orton will take on Alberto Del Rio. I'm not sure about this one as I can see both guys winning but I'm going for Randy Orton to win this one.
Predicted Winner: Randy Orton

The Divas Championship will be defended in a triple threat match as Eve is challenged by Kaitlyn and Layla. This match has (shockingly) a story behind it with the whole "who attacked Kaitlyn?" thing. I'm a big fan of Kaitlyn and I would love to see her become the Divas Champion. However, I can't see that happening til at least Survivor Series; so I'm picking Eve to win.
Predicted Winner: Eve

Kofi Kingston will defend his Intercontinental Championship against The Miz. Based on their previous encounters, this could be a good match. I would love to see the Most Must-See WWE Superstar in Miz-tory win back the title. However, I think it would be a dumb decision. Therefore, I'm going for Kofi to retain his title here.
Predicted Winner: Kofi Kingston

The Tag Team Championships will be defended as Rhodes Scholars (Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow) challenge Team Friendship Hell No (Kane and Daniel Bryan). This is a match that I'm really looking forward to. Team Hell No are too popular right now and it would be a stupid decision for them to drop the belts. So, I think they will win.
Predicted Winners: Team Hell No

The World Heavyweight Championship will be defended as The Big Show challenges Sheamus. This match is for some fucked-up reason not in the Cell. That seems stupid to me. Anyway, I can't see Big Show winning so I think Sheamus will win. Although, I won't be surprised if Dolph Ziggler cashes in his MITB briefcase soon afterwards.
Predicted Winner: Sheamus

The main event will be for the WWE Championship as CM Punk  defends the title against Ryback. This is a very interesting contest. If this happened six months from now, I wouldn't mind it. However, the only main event person Ryback has faced has been The Miz and I can't see him being involved in a 25-30 minute match. Despite that, I think this could be a good match and I think that Punk will retain the title.
Predicted Winner: CM Punk

I won't get to see the event live so I will watch it during the week, so I hope you enjoy the event.

Friday, 26 October 2012

TNA Bound for Glory 2012 Review

TNA's flagship event, Bound for Glory, took place last Sunday at the Grand Canyon University Arena in Phoenix, Arizona. How will TNA's version of Wrestlemania fare? Let's start the review.

We start with the X-Divsion Championship as Zema Ion is challenged by Rob Van Dam. Both guys use a lot of high-flying offense and Ion gets some momentum by sending RVS from the top turnbuckle to the metal crowd barrier followed by a somersault dive. RVD tried to go for a monkey flip but Ion drops RVD's face onto the top turnbuckle. RVD gets back the momentum and hits the 5-star frog splash to get the win and become the new X-Division Champion. It was a good match although I thought that the ending seemed to be a bit hurried.
Winner: Rob Van Dam                                                                                              Predictions: 0 for 1

The next match is for the Television Championship as Magnus challenges Samoa Joe. Joe gets some offence in before Magnus hits a cheap shot while the referee is admonishing Joe. Magnus hits a Michinoku Driver. Joe gets back the momentum with a powerbomb into a pin; and when Magnus kicked out, Joe applied a STF. Magnus tried to reach for the ropes but Joe locks Magnus' arms into another submission move. Magnus gets out of it by getting his right leg to the rope. After a little more back and forth, Magnus tries a figure four leg lock. However, Joe uses this to apply a rear naked choke with Magnus down on the mat to get the win. This was another really good match and it would be nice to see a rematch between the two.
Winner: Samoa Joe                                                                                                    Predictions: 1 for 2

Next up is the match that I was really looking forward to as James Storm takes on Bobby Roode with King Mo(?) as the Special Guest Enforcer in a street fight. I'm really surprised that this match is on third as I thought it would be the penultimate match of the night. The match goes to the outing after a couple of minutes and King Mo has a stare down with first Roode then Storm. Storm attempts an Eye of the Storm that would have sent Roode through the announce table. However, Roode gets out of it and slingshots Storm into the ring post, busting him open. The action goes into the ring and we get some back and forth between the two involving a dustbin, steel chairs and a kendo stick. The action then goes into the raised entrance way and they start to hit each other with dustbin lids. Roode hits an Double A Spinebuster sending Storm onto the entrance way. The action goes to the announce table and Roode spears Storm from the announce table through the Spanish announce table. Wait, hang on? When did TNA start having a Spanish announce table at ringside? Anyway, I digress. Back to the match. King Mo gets involved when Roode starts to intimidate Senior Official Earl Hebner and pushes Roode into a Codebreaker by Storm. Storm then hits the Last Call but he only gets a 2 count. Storm tries for another Last Call but Roode throws Storm into a steel chair that was wedged between the middle and top turnbuckle. Roode then grabs some thumb tacks and spreads tem over the mat, then he tries to super-plex Storm onto them. Storm pushes Roode off the turnbuckle onto the tacks then does a Macho Man Elbow Drop to get a 2 count. Roode grabs some beer bottles and tries to smash one over Storm's head. However, Storm hits a low blow and proceeds to smash a beer bottle over Roode's head. Storm then hits the Last Call to get the win. Even though the match did look extremely brutal, especially with Storm bleeding profusely, it was a really, really good match and one of the best matches TNA have done all year.
Winner: James Storm                                                                                                 Predictions: 2 for 3

The next match is between Joey Ryan and Al Snow, in which if Ryan wins, he will get a full-time contract. Snow effectively gives Ryan a bit of a wrestling clinic and gets out his doll head. Ryan then get some momentum but Snow stops that relatively quickly. We get a ref bump then Snow continues his assault on Ryan outside the ring. A returning Matt Morgan comes out and destroys Snow with a Carbon Footprint. Morgan rolls Snow into the ring and Ryan pins him to get the win. It was an ok match as it had a very slow pace. Despite that, I like Ryan's character so it's nice to see more of him.
Winner: Joey Ryan                                                                                                     Predictions: 3 for 4

The Tag Team Championships were on the line as Kazarian and Christopher Daniels were challenged by Kurt Angle and AJ Styles and Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez. The action went back and forth with Styles getting worn down. Angle gets the hot tag and German suplexes Daniels then Kazarian. Angle applies the ankle lock to Daniels but is stopped by Kazarian who get hit with a German suplex. The action goes to the outside with AJ doing a moonsault to Daniels and Hernandez. Chavo tries the Three Amigos on Angle but is stopped half way through with an Angle Slam. Daniels hits the Best Moonsault Ever on Styles but Styles kicks out at 2. Styles hits an inverted DDT. Hernandez hits Daniels with the Border Cross followed by the Frog Splash by Chavo to get them the win and become the new Tag Team Champions. I really enjoyed this match and it was a surprise to see Hernandez and Chavo win the match. As for the other teams, they will probably continue their never-ending feud.
Winners: Hernandez and Chavo Guerrero                                                                Predictions: 3 for 5

The Knockouts Championship was next as Tara challenged Miss Tessmacher. Tara uses the referee to gain an advantage over Tessmacher. Tessmacher tries to get back some momentum and tries a flying elbow drop but misses. This gives Tara the chance to hit the Widow's Peak to get the win. Afterwards, she decidates to her boyfriend Jessie from the US version of Big Brother. No, I don't know who the fuck he is either, as evidenced by the "Who Are You?" chant from the crowd. Anyway, well done to Tara on winning the Knockouts Championship.
Winner: Tara                                                                                                              Predictions: 4 for 6

The next match was between Sting and Bully Ray taking on two members of Aces and Eights. Aces and Eights come out with Joseph Parks (brother of Chris? You know, Abyss?) and chain him up to the guard rail, giving Sting and Ray the opportunity to attack Aces and Eights. Ray hits one of them with a piece of the Spanish Announcers Table but then gets thrown into the steel steps and Sting misses with a Stinger splash, giving Aces and Eights the opportunity to gain the momentum. Sting gets dominated for a while but he goes for the Scorpion Deathlock but is hit on the back of the head. Ray gets the hot tag and hits Aces and Eights with lots of punches. Ray is about to use a steel chair but he's hit with a low blow by a third member of Aces and Eights. Parks manages to break the handcuff and starts to beat the crap out the third member and they fight to the back. Meanwhile, Ray and Sting hit the Doomsday Device and then decide to grab some tables. Unfortunately, a fourth member of Aces and Eights hits Ray with a Spinebuster, sending him through a table. Ray gets pinned and Aces and Eights get the win. Afterwards, the rest of Aces and Eights come out and beat up Sting and Ray. Hulk Hogan comes out and does his Hulk no-sell to the fourth member. They unmask him, revealing him to be Devon(!!), shocking Ray, Sting and Hogan. The group promptly decide to commence operation GTFO, leaving the TNA guys reeling over what has happened. I quite enjoyed the match and was shocked that Devon is one of the members of Aces and Eights. I think TNA were planning to make Devon the leader. However, I don't think he can be that guy as evidenced by the fact that at the following Impact, they mention that he isn't the leader. Anyway, I'm interested to see where they go from here.
Winner: Aces and Eights                                                                                            Predictions: 5 for 7

The main event for the TNA World Championship was between Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries. Hardy puts Aries in a leg scissors and Aries gets out of it by doing a handstand and jumping out of it. Aries starts to be dominant before Hardy hits a vertical suplex for a 2 count then later on throws Aries into the steel steps. Hardy misses with a Whisper in the Wing, giving Aries the chance to hit a Macho Man Elbow Drop. Aries tries for the Brainbuster but it's reversed into a sit-out front suplex. The match goes back and forth and Aries hits Hardy with two suicide dives then Aries applies the Last Chancery, which Hardy gets out of by getting his leg on the bottom rope. The action goes to the entrance ramp and Aries does a neckbreaker sending Hardy's head onto the entrance ramp. The action goes back into the ring and Hardy hits the Twist of Fate for a 2 count. Aries hits a jumping top rope hurracarrana, followed by a flying dropkick and a Brainbuster. However, Aries only gets a 2 count. Hardy hits another Twist of Fate followed by a Swanton Bomb to get the win and become the new TNA World Champion. I really enjoyed the match, although I was surprised to see Hardy win the match.
Winner: Jeff Hardy                                                                                                     Predictions: 5 for 8

I thoroughly enjoyed Bound for Glory. At the minute, I think it's TNA's best PPV of the year so far (after Slammiversary) and the crowd really made the event more enjoyable. I have no problem with them having Impact at the Impact Zone. However, I feel that they need to have their PPVs over the country as it does seem that their best PPVs seem to be when they are out of Orlando. The matches were all enjoyable, especially the Storm/Roode match.

If I had a small ciriticism, I don't think that the Hardy/Aries match should have been the main event. It's good that TNA 99% of the time end their PPVs with the TNA World Championship. However, you want your main event to be the most important story going into the PPV. The story between Hardy and Aries was not as big as the stories between Aces and Eights; Storm and Roode; and the never ending feud between Angle, Styles, Kazarian and Daniels. If your main event is not the main story, it can bring down the PPV down a bit. Despite that, it was still a great PPV.

Monday, 15 October 2012

TNA Bound for Glory 2012 Preview

TNA's flagship event Bound for Glory is taking place at the Grand Canyon University Arena in Phoenix, Arizona. How will the event fare? Let's look at the card.

Joey Ryan will take on Al Snow and if Ryan wins, he gets a TNA contract. I find it funny that the one guy who didn't get a contract from Gutcheck has been on TV the most. I feel that Ryan will win this, otherwise what was the point?
Predicted Winner: Joey Ryan

Samoa Joe will defend his Television Championship against Magnus. Whilst I'm being biased and want my fellow Brit Magnus to win, Joe has only recently got the title and it might be too soon for him to lose it. Therefore, I'm going for Joe to win here.
Predicted Winner: Samoa Joe

The Tag Team Championships will be defended in a triple threat with  Kurt Angle and AJ Styles and Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez challenging Christopher Daniels and Kazarian. I can see this being a decent match with a few close calls. I think that Daniels and Kazarian will win and hopefully end this never-ending feud between them and AJ Styles.
Predicted Winners: Christopher Daniels and Kazarian

Tara challenges Miss Tessmacher for the Knockouts Championship. I'm a fan of Tessmacher but I think she will lose here and Tara will be the new Knockouts Champion.
Predicted Winner: Tara

Zema Ion will be defending the X-Division Championship against Rob Van Dam. This is a tough one to call. I can see RVD winning and have Ion complain about him being over the weight limit. However, I can't see that happening so I'm going for Ion to probably cheat his way to victory.
Predicted Winner: Zema Ion

Sting, as well as getting inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame, will team up with Bully Ray to take on two members of Aces and 8s. The invasion angle has not been as interesting as I thought it would be. I think that we will see a swerve involving Bully Ray and see Aces and 8s win the match here.
Predicted Winners: Aces and 8s.

James Storm will take on Bobby Roode in a match that I am really looking forward to with King Mo(?)  as the Special Guest Enforcer. I know that TNA went in a different direction but I would have loved this match to have been the main event for the TNA World Championship. It has a great story going into it and it would have had an amazing ending. I think this match has the potential to be the match of the night and I think that Storm will be victorious here.
Predicted Winner: James Storm

The main event will be for the TNA World Championship as Austin Aries (the best thing in TNA right now) is challenged by Bound for Glory Series winner Jeff Hardy. This is also another match that has the potential to be the match of the night. It would be nice to see Hardy win it but TNA has ended their last two Bound for Glory events with the heel going out on top. Whilst Aries is a babyface, he will be the heel going into this match and I can see him doing a heel turn and retaining the title.
Predicted Winner: Austin Aries

I'm quite looking forward to it and I have a twitter buddy (@DXDONMEGA) who will be in attendance. Due to the TV deal that TNA have in the UK, I won't get to see it until Wednesday night. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy the show.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Fav Five: August and September 2012

Don't you hate it when work stops you doing what you love? Thanks to work, I have not been adding to the blog as much as I would like. In light of that, like I did earlier this year, I have decided to combine two months of the Fav Five into one article. So, here is the Fav Five for August and September 2012.

August 2012

5. Tyler Reks
Unless he changes his mind, this will be the only time that Tyler Reks (real name Gabe Tuft) will be in the Fav Five. His decision to retire so that he can see his daughter grow up and not miss the milestones has enternally gained my respect and I'm sure a lot of people will agree with me. It's a shame that WrestleZone's Mark Madden (who used to commentate on WCW) used that to criticise the WWE in a bizarre article in which he made Reks the wrestler of the year.
4. Paul Heyman
I love Paul Heyman. He is one of the best people on the mic that I ever seen and he was criminally underrated when he was commentating with Jim Ross in 2001. His alliance with Brock Lesnar really helped to progress the feud with Triple H, especially with Lesnar's limited appearances.
3. Kane
Kane has been stagnant at times over the year but the decision to pair him with Daniel Bryan is starting to look like a master-stroke as their Anger Management segments have been really funny.
2. CM Punk
CM Punk has been a lot better to watch since he took out the Rock at RAW 1000. I find it hard to boo him because he has a very valid point about the way he has been treated while he has been WWE Champion. I hope he continues to be for the foreseeable future, instead of John Cena overcoming the odds at the first attempt as per usual.
1. Daniel Bryan
Daniel Bryan has been awesome to watch over the year and his character development has been really interesting to watch, as well as his segments with Kane.

September 2012

5. Michael Cole
Michael Cole has been annoying to listen to over the last year and a half. However, his professionalism at the time of Jerry Lawler's heart attack has really silenced a lot of the critics. Maybe his background as a war reporter may helped him in that situation but you can't deny what he did.
4. Kane
The segments with Daniel Bryan are getting better and better and better. I do find it weird sometimes seeing Kane do comedy but it's so refreshing to see.
3. Paul Heyman
I thought we saw the end of Heyman when Brock Lesnar quit. However, his alliance with CM Punk and the way it was revealed means that he will be on our screens for the foreseeable future and I'm certainly not complaining.
2. CM Punk
"The Best in the World" has been fun to watch. I find it weird that legends such as Mick Foley are coming out to say that Punk needs to earn respect and I personally think that he has already done that. Despite that, Punk, along with Heyman, are one of the best things to watch right now.
1. Daniel Bryan
I never saw Daniel Bryan as a person who could do comedy but his segments with Kane are the thing that I most look forward to at the minute. Plus, I find them saying "I'M the Tag Team Champions" absolutely hilarious.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

WWE Night of Champions 2012 Review

WWE Night of Champions took place last Sunday from the TD Garden in Boston. With every title on the line, how much will the landscape of the WWE change? Let's take a look at the card.

Before I start my review, I would like to apologise for not being able to publish an article on my predictions. I have been so caught up with work that I never got a chance to publish it. The plus side is that it gives me a chance to focus on just watching reviewing and enjoying the show and not worrying on my predictions.

The YouTube pre-show match was a 16-man battle royal to determine who will face Antionio Cesario for the United States Championship later on in the evening. The participants were Brodus Clay, JTG, Ted DiBiase, The Prime Time Players (#Millions of Dollars), Zack Ryder, Primo, Epico, Justin Gabriel, Tyson Kidd, Heath Slater, Santino Marella, Michael McGillicutty, Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal. The match starts with everyone throwing Slater out of the ring. Brodus eliminates Epico, Jinder Mahal and Primo, then Tensai chucks Gabriel out of the ring onto those guys followed by him powerbombing Kidd out of the ring, which was cool to see. The Prime Time Players and McIntyre eliminate Brodus and the last five were the Prime Time Players, Santino, Tensai and Zack Ryder. Santino is eliminated by the Prime Time Players; Ryder eliminates O'Neill and Tensai eliminates Young. Ryder goes for the RoughRyder but is stopped by Tensai who tries to powerbomb Ryder out of the ring. However, Ryder holds on to the top rope and flips Tensai out of the ring to get the win. It was an enjoyable match and a good way to get people to buy the PPV
Winner: Zack Ryder

The PPV officially starts with the fatal 4-way match for the Intercontinental Championship between The Miz, Sin Cara, Rey Mysterio and Cody Rhodes.  Some of the highlights include an entertaining mini match between Rey and Cara before it was broke up by Miz; Mysterio rolling up Miz which was stopped by Cara rolling up Mysterio; Rhodes trying to take off Cara's mask off but is stopped by Mysterio. Cara tries to mask Rhodes but when Miz tries to powerbomb him, he puts the mask on Miz instead. Rhodes tries to hit the Cross Rhodes on Cara but Miz, blinded by the mask, grabs Rhodes and hits the Skull Crushing Finale to get the win and retain the Intercontinental Championship. I enjoyed the match and I really liked the ending.
Winner: The Miz

We next go backstage where Eve Torres is speaking to the Prime Time Players (#Millions of Dollars) where she is called over for an emergency. Kaitlyn has been attacked and she rolled over on her ankle. Eve demands that she gets medical attention

The next match was for the Tag Team Championship as Kane and Daniel Bryan challenged Kofi Kingston and R-Truth. Kane and Kingston start the match and the Champions start the match being dominant before Kane does a blind tag and clotheslines Truth. This gives Kane and Bryan the chance to run down Truth. Bryan and Kane work together before they start arguing and decide to hug it out. This gives Truth the chance to give Kingston the hot tag. Bryan applies the LeBell Yes No Lock on Kingston but it's broken up by Truth. Kane tags himself in and goes on the top turnbuckle. Kingston tries to hit Kane with a hurracarrana but is unable to do so because of Bryan holding onto Kane's leg. Kane and Bryan start to argue again and Bryan pushes Kane off the turnbuckle. Kane lands on top of Kingston, pinning him and getting the win, making him and Bryan the new Tag Team Champions. Afterwards, Bryan and Kane argue, with them  saying "I am the Tag Team Champions!" I enjoyed this match and I enoyed the comic element of it involving Bryan and Kane.
Winners: Kane and Daniel Bryan

The United States Championship was on the line with Antonio Cesario being challenged by the winner of the Battle Royal earlier Zack Ryder. Cesario shows off his impressive strength, lifting Ryder off the floor and hitting a gut wrench suplex and later on lifting Ryder up in the air into an uppercut. Ryder gets to build some momentum after a facebuster. Ryder tries for the Broski Boot but Askana pulls Cesario out of the ring. Ryder chases after him back into the ring. This gives Cesario the opportunity to hit an uppercut followed by the Neutraliser to get the win and retain the United States Championship. This was a solid match by both guys.
Winner: Antonio Cesario

The only non-championship match was between Dolph Ziggler and Randy Orton. As always, it's fun to watch Ziggler wrestle. Orton hits a slingshot suplex to help him gain some momentum. Ziggler hits a few impressive moves including doing a headstand while having Orton in a headlock. What I found interesting was JBL, who was on commentary while Jerry Lawler is recovering, was critical of Ziggler showboating. I thought it was good commentary by JBL. Orton takes advantage of Ziggler being on the top turnbuckle and, despite Ziggler hitting a fameasser, he couldn't stop Orton. Orton puts Ziggler in the air and hit the RKO to get the win. This was a really good match but I'm worried for Ziggler. If Ziggler is going to be the next World Heavyweight Champion, they need to start making him stronger.
Winner: Randy Orton

The Divas Championship match was next as Layla was challenged by Eve Torres, who got the opportunity   by Booker T after Kaitlyn's attack earlier in the evening. The girls hit lots of counters with Eve really impressing me with her ability. Eve takes advantage of sportsmanship by Layla to get the advantage with Eve applying a leg scissors. Layla reverses a neckbreaker into a DDT, slowing Eve down. However, it was not enough as Eve hits Layla with a swinging neckbreaker to get the win and become the new Divas Champion. This was an entertaining contest, although I would have been nice if we saw the Kaitlyn/Layla match. As for the crowd, they weren't really into it although, after the way the WWE have been treating their Divas division over the years, can you blame them?
Winner: Eve Torres

After a brilliant segment involving Daniel Bryan, Kane, AJ and the anger management Dr Shelby, we get the World Heavyweight Championship with Alberto Del Rio challenging Sheamus. Just before the match started, Smackdown General Manager Booker T, who had the Brogue Kick banned, decides to reinstate the move after an investigation. Sheamus responds with Brogue Kicking David Otunga off the ring apron, who was there supporting Del Rio's announcer Ricardo "Virgil" Rodriguez. Del Rio gets the advantage after sending Sheamus into the Spanish announcer's table and starts to focus on the arm, shoulder and neck. Del Rio applies an armbar but then gets hit by an axehandle after going off the top turnbuckle. The match goes back and forth. Del Rio tries for the Cross Armbreaker but is countered by the White Noise. Del Rio does apply the Cross Armbreaker but Sheamus rolls out of it and tries for the Texas Cloverleaf but Del Rio gets out of it. Del Rio finally applies the Cross Armbreaker with Sheamus in the middle of the ring. Sheamus manages to reverse it into a powerbomb. Sheamus goes for the Brogue Kick but Del Rio again applies the Cross Armbreaker. Sheamus gets his foot under the bottom rope, forcing Del Rio to let it go. Sheamus then hits the Brogue Kick to get the win. It was a good match and it was probably the best one that they had in their rivalry. Hopefully, they can end it and Sheamus can fight with someone else.

The main event was for the WWE Championship as CM Punk (with Paul Heyman) is challenged by John Cena. The match goes back and forth to begin with before Punk starts to get the momentum. Punk hurts Cena's left leg with an Indian deathlock. Punk continues to dominate the match although Cena does counter some moves. Cena tries the 5-knuckle shuffle but it's countered by Punk with a boot to the face. Punk goes to the outside and gets hit with a suicide dive by Cena, shocking Heyman who is watching by the announce table. Cena goes for the 5-knuckle shuffle again but it's countered by Punk applying the Anaconda Vice. Unfortunately, as Punk should know, Cena doesn't submit...ever. Cena gets out of it and applies the STF. Punk counters the STF with a Crossface and Cena powers out of it. Punk hits the Macho Man Elbow Drop but he only gets a 2 count. Punk goes for the GTS but it's countered into the STF, which Punk gets out of it by grabbing the bottom rope. Punk hits the GTS but Cena kicks out at 2. Cena hits the AA but Punk kicks out. Punk tries for a moonsault but completely misses. Punk hits the GTS again but Cena kicks out. Punk hits the Rock Bottom but Cena still kicks out. Cena hits the AA but Punk kicks out. Cena then hits Punk with a German suplex from the turnbuckle and pins Punk to win the match and become the new WWE Champion. However, the referee notices that both Punk's and Cena's shoulders were on the mat and decides that instead of restarting the match (like every other scenario), declares the match a draw, which means Punk is still the Champion. When I saw it, Cena's shoulders were down but I thought it was a botch. The match was awesome to watch and it seemed weird to end the match that way.
Winner: Draw therefore, CM Punk is still the WWE Champion

I really enjoyed Night of Champions. All the matches were fun to watch and I thought the Orton/Ziggler match and the main event were the highlights of the event. I'm torn about the ending as I thought it could have ended differently with Punk cheating to win or a double countout. I can see where WWE are going with it, prolonging the feud and protecting both guys. I feel that they don't always have to do that with Cena as he doesn't need protecting in that way. Despite that, I do look forward to see where they go from here.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

TNA No Surrender 2012 Review

TNA No Surrender took place last Sunday at the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida. How will the story involving Aces & 8s? And who will win the BFG Series? Let's take a look.

We open with the first semi-final in the BFG Series with Samoa Joe facing Jeff Hardy. Hardy injures his left arm and Joe has the momentum for a good portion of this match, doing moves such as doing a suicide dive. Hardy starts his comeback, doing lots of clotheslines. Hardy hits the whisper in the wind but that only gets a 2 count. Hardy then hits the twist of fate but Joe stops Hardy doing the swanton bomb. Joe tries the muscle buster but it's reversed into a roll up for a 2 count. Hardy applies an armbar, which Joe gets out of and attempts a pin. Hardy, however, counters it into another pin and gets the win. Well, I didn't see that coming. This was a good opening match and Hardy goes to the BFG Series Final.
Winner: Jeff Hardy                                                                                       Predictions: 0 for 1

The second semi-final is up next as James Storm takes on Bully Ray. Ray starts talking trash to Storm. Storm responds by spitting in Ray's face and this makes Ray go on a hissy fit before they lock up. Storm is completely dominant before Ray gets out the ring to regroup. Storm goes the Last Call but he hurts his leg putting it inbetween the ropes and this gives Ray the chance to assault Storm. Storm temporarily gets a reprieve after a top rope powerbomb. The action goes back and forth and Storm accidentally knocks down referee Earl Hebner. Ray hits a BubbaBomb and, after another referee comes in, gets a 2 count. Storm knocks out the other referee with the same move and then tries to revive Hebner. Ray attacks Storm and runs into Hebner and gets hit with the Last Call. Bobby Roode runs into the ring and hits Storm with a beer bottle and drags Ray on top of Storm. Hebner comes to and counts the pinfall to give Ray the win. I enjoyed the match and the ending but the match really didn't need THREE(!!) ref bumps. As for my predictions, I was hoping for a Joe/Storm final but we're getting Ray vs Hardy instead. It should be a good final regardless.
Winner: Bully Ray                                                                                         Predictions: 0 for 2

The Knockouts Championship is the first title to be defended as Miss Tessmacher is challenged by her best friend and mentor Tara. Taryn Terrell (formerly known to WWE fans as Tiffany) is the referee. The women start using arm manoeuvres and some acrobatic counters. Tempers flare as Tessmacher is not happy with some of the moves Tara was using. Tara hits a twit-a-whirl side slam for a 2 count. Tara tries for the Widow's Peak but it's reversed into a roll up for Tessmacher to get the win. Tessmacher and Tara shake hands but Tara storms off. This was an ok match but I'm worried for the Knockouts. Angelina Love, Winter and Velvet Sky have left the company recently and they seem to have no replacements as yet to challenge for the Knockouts Championship.
Winner: Miss Tessmacher                                                                               Predictions: 1 for 3

We go to a backstage segment where Hulk Hogan has Bobby Roode arrested (for some reason) and James Storm attacks him, resulting in them both getting arrested and escorted out of the building. This seems to make their match at Bound for Glory a lock.

Next we get Austin Aries (the best thing in TNA right now) comes out to face a member of Aces & 8s. The member (being called Armbreaker due to the fact that he seriously injured Aries' arm) takes his time coming out and Aries starts to beat the crap out of him. Aries tries to rip the Armbreaker's mask off but he throws Aries out of the ring. Armbreaker starts to be dominant. Armbreaker attempts a powerbomb but Aries manages to get talcum powder (from thin air apparently) and throw it into his face. Armbreaker tries to hit Aries with a steel chair but Aries hits the brainbuster and attempts to demask Armbreaker. This is stopped by the rest of Aces &8s, which prompts the TNA locker room to come out and clear the group out of the ring. Jeff Hardy is hurt in the process and Hogan decides to lock the building down and call the police (again!) As for the match, it was good. Shame it wasn't an official match. As for my predictions, even though it wasn't an official match and it ended in a no contest, I did make a prediction so I have to employ the Henry/Show Vengeance Rule and count the prediciton as a loss (damn!)
Winner: No Contest                                                                                        Predictions: 1 for 4

The X-Division is on the line as Zema Ion is challenged by Sonjay Dutt. Ion gets the advantage and focuses on Dutt's previously dislocated shoulder. During the match, what seems like half the Orlando Police Department arrive at the Impact Zone. Anyway, Dutt practically kicks Ion's head off and does a standing moonsault to get a 2 count. Ion hits a powerbomb then a shoulder bar but Dutt gets to the rope. Ion eventually gets the win by reversing a pin attempt into a reverse powerbomb. It was a good match with a lot of high-flying offence.
Winner: Zema Ion                                                                                           Predictions: 2 for 5

After we see Hulk Hogan speak to the Police and promote police brutality, we get Rob Van Dam take on Magnus. RVD attempts his move where he legdrops his opponent who is laying over the barrier but he misses and this gives Magnus the opportunity to get some momentum. Magnus applies a Texas Cloverleaf but RVD gets to the rope. He also hits an elbow drop from the top turnbuckle but that only gets a 2 count. RVD gets back the momentum with a spin kick then back to back clotheslines. Magnus goes for the Cloverleaf again but RVD powers out of it, kicks Magnus down then hits the 5-star frog splash to get the win. This was a fun match with good performances by both guys.
Winner: Rob Van Dam                                                                                     Predictions: 3 for 6

The final title match is for the Tag Team Championship as Christopher Daniels and Kazarian are challenged by AJ Styles and Kurt Angle. Angle and Styles are all over Daniels and Kazarian before Kazarian hits Styles with a monkey flip to give his team the advantage. Angle gets the hot tag and hits Kazarian with two German suplexes but Daniels stops the third and Kazarian hits a jumping DDT to give back the momentum to his team. Eventually Angle sends Kazarian flying across the ring from the top turnbuckle and this gives him the opportunity to tag in Styles and beat up Daniels. Angle tags himself in and splashes Daniels for 2. Angle angle slams both Kazarian and Daniels for a 2 count then applies the anklelock to Daniels. Styles tags in and gets in some good offence. Styles hits a springboard into a 450 splash but Kazarian unbelievably kicks out at 2. Angle clotheslines Daniels over the top rope, injuring his leg in the process. Daniels recovers and throws his appletini into Styles' face and this gives Kazarian the chance to roll up Styles for the win. I really enjoyed this match with a lot of amazing manoeuvres. Shame it ended by Daniels and Kazarian cheating.
Winners: Christopher Daniels and Kazarian                                                   Predictions: 3 for 7

The main event is the Final of the Bound for Glory Series as Bully Ray is supposed to face Jeff Hardy. Hardy's music plays but Hulk Hogan comes out instead and states, after discussing it with Bully Ray, that he will be postponing the match til Impact on Thursday. Hardy then decides to come out with his left shoulder bandaged and the match goes ahead. Hardy tries to fight with one arm but Ray focuses his attack on the injured shoulder, punching and stomping on it. Ray rips off some of the bandaging but Hardy starts a comeback with a twist of fate  followed by a Swanton Bomb, but Ray kicks out. Ray hits a Bubbabomb for a 2 count then a Bubba Cutter but Hardy kicks out at 2. Hardy hits another twist of fate but misses with the Swanton Bomb. Ray hits another Bubba Cutter for a 2 count. Hardy hits two twist of fates and tries for the Swanton but Ray stops him. Hardy pushes Ray from the top turnbuckle then hits the Swanton Bomb to win the match and the BFG Series. Even though it had a very slow start, I enjoyed the match. Out of the 4 semi-finalists I thought that Hardy had the least chance of winning. However, I think that the match between Hardy and Aries at Bound for Glory will be a really good match.
Winner: Jeff Hardy                                                                                            Predictions: N/A

Although there were some things I didn't like, I thought that it was a decent event by TNA. All preparations will now be on Bound for Glory on the 13th October. This is TNA's flagship event and they will be looking to put on a good show.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

TNA No Surrender 2012 Preview

TNA No Surrender is taking place this evening at the Impact Zone in Orlando. What will happen with Aces and 8s and who will win the BFG Series? Let's look at the card.

Rob Van Dam will face Magnus in what could be an entertaining contest. I know that RVD is predictable but I still enjoy watching him and I think he will win this one.
Predicted Winner: Rob Van Dam

The X-Division Championship is on the line as Zema Ion is challenged by Sonjay Dutt. I personally feel that the X-Division has suffered slightly since Austin Aries (the best thing in TNA right now) has left the division. Despite that,I think this could be a good match and I believe that Ion will retain here.
Predicted Winner: Zema Ion

Christopher Daniels and Kazarian will defend their Tag Team Championships against AJ Styles and Kurt Angle. I don't really care about this feud anymore as it should have ended a long time ago. Anyway, hopefully Styles and Angle will win and end this feud as they deserve better than this.
Predicted Winners: AJ Styles and Kurt Angle

The Knockouts Championship will be defended as Miss Tessmacher is challenged by Tara. This could be a good match if given the right amount of time. I think that Tessmacher will retain here.
Predicted Winner: Miss Tessmacher

We now look at the BFG Series and one of the semi-finals is between Bully Ray and James Storm. This could be a good match and Storm was my pick to win the Series until Aries became World Champion. Now, I'm not so sure. I think that Storm will win this one and advance to the final.
Predicted Winner: James Storm

The second semi-final is between Samoa Joe and Jeff Hardy. This is a tough one to call as either one can win it. I'm going for Joe to win this and go on to win the BFG Series.
Predicted Winner: Samoa Joe

The main event will be Austin Aries (the best thing in TNA right now) taking on a member of Aces & 8s. We still don't know who's in the group but I think some of them will be revealed at this match. I think that Aces & 8s will win this, although I won't be surprised if it ends in a no contest.
Predicted Winner: Aces & 8s

I won't get to see the show until wednesday evening, so I'll publish my review later in the week. Until then, I hope you enjoy the show.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

WWE Summerslam 2012 Review

The Silver Anniversary of Summerslam took place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. There were 8 matches on the card, including the Pre-Show. Was the show any good? Let's take a look.

The Pre-Show was Antonio Cesario challenging Santino Marella for the United States Championship. Santino goes the Cobra early and Cesario stops that from happening, eventually getting to rip up the sock. Santino gets back the momentum and pulls out another Cobra sock literally out of his ass. However, it wasn't enough as Cesario hits the Neutraliser and become the new United States Champion. It was a good match and, although I wanted Cesario to be the next United States Champion, I didn't think it would happen at Summerslam.
Winner: Antonio Cesario                                                                              Predictions: 0 for 1

After Triple H strongly encourages referee Scott Armstrong to be lenient with the rules regarding his match with Brock Lesnar, the PPV officially starts with Dolph Ziggler taking on Chris Jericho. I was surprised this match was on first. Despite that, I was really looking forward to his match so hopefully they won't disappoint. Jericho gets the early advantage before Ziggler starts to focus on the ribs that he injured on Smackdown. Ziggler mocks Jericho with a pin. Ziggler then hits the Fameasser followed later on by a sleeper. Jericho gets out of it and hits a top rope hurracarrana. Jericho goes for the Lionsaut but Ziggler knees him hits the ZigZag but that only gets a 2 count. Jericho hits the Codebreaker but Dolph rolls out of the ring. Jericho rolls Ziggler back in and gets distracted by Vickie as he is going back in. This gives the opportunity for Ziggler to do a small package but that only gets a 2 count. Jericho throws Ziggler into the turnbuckel and applies the Liontamer version of the Walls of Jericho to get the win. I really enjoyed this match and is one of the best opening matches ever seen at Summerslam.
Winner: Chris Jericho                                                                                    Predictions: 1 for 2

After Matt Striker interviews Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman (well, really Paul Heyman), we get Daniel Bryan taking on Kane. Bryan tries to use his superior agility to get the advantage but Kane is too strong for him eventually throwing Bryan out of the ring. Bryan starts to get some momentum but is stopped by Kane. Bryan tries to apply the LeBell "Yes" "No" Lock but Kane powers out of it. Bryan goes for a flying headbutt from the top rope but Kane catches him and hits the Chokeslam. Kane then goes the Tombstone; however, Bryan reverses it into a small package to get the win before commencing Operation GTFO. Kane goes after Bryan and starts to look for him backstage. Josh "Bad Timing" Mathews then decides that this would be a good time to interview Kane. Understandably Kane doesn't take that well and promptly sends flying Mathews flying through the air. Back to the match, it was an ok match with a good ending.
Winner: Daniel Bryan                                                                                     Predictions: 2 for 3

Next we get the Intercontinental Championship between Rey Mysterio and The Miz. The match goes back and forth to begin with with The Miz showing his new agressive stance. The action goes to the outsdie and Miz sends Mysterio onto the top of the guard rail. Miz has a lot of momentum including hitting a sit down powerbomb, which gets a 2 count. Mysterio manages to counter a few moves but is unable to get the pinfall.  Mysterio hits the 619. Miz tries the Skull Crushing Finale but it's reversed into a small package, which Miz kicks out at 2. Miz then sends Mysterio into the turnbuckle then hits the Skull Crushing Finale to get the pinfall and retain the Championship. I enjoyed this match with a lot of impressive counters by Mysterio.
Winner: The Miz                                                                                             Predictions: 3 for 4

We then get a backstage segment where CM Punk is not happy with AJ putting him into a triple threat match for the WWE Championship because he could lose the title without getting pinned. AJ decides to ignore him, which Punk feels that is disrespecting him. I kinda like where they are going with Punk as long as the WWE don't make into a generic heel. Punk can be a great anti-hero if played right.

The World Heavyweight Championship is on the line as Alberto Del Rio challenges Sheamus. The action goes to the outside early before going back in the ring. Del Rio goes for the Cross Armbreaker but Sheamus wh then attempts the Brogue Kick. However, Sheamus hits the ropes instead and this gives Del Rio to get the chance to wear down Sheamus. Del Rio attempts the Brogue Kick but Sheamus counters and tries to get some momentum but Del Rio gains it back. Del Rio applies the Cross Armbreaker but Sheamus manages to reverse it into a powerbomb. Sheamus hits the White Noise but Del Rio kicks out at 2. After Del Rio attempts a pin and Sheamus kicks out, Del Rio expresses his frustration at Ricardo "Virgil" Rodriguez and drags him into the ring. As the referee gets Ricardo out, he throws his shoe to Del Rio. However, Sheamus gets it instead and hits Del Rio in the head then hits the Irish Curse Backbreaker and pins him. Del Rio puts his foot on the rope but the referee doesn't see it and Sheamus moves it away to stop the referee spotting it. I enjoyed this match but I didn't like the ending. Sheamus' actions were more of a heel than a popular face. It looks like we will get another match between the two at Night of Champions.
Winner: Sheamus                                                                                             Predictions: 4 for 5

The Prime Time Players (#Millions of Dollars!) challenge Kofi Kingston and R-Truth for the Tag Team championship Truth starts the match and is quickly dominated by O'Neill and Young. Kofi gets the hot tag and decimates O'Neill. Young distracts Kofi, giving O'Neill the chance to get out of the ring and hit a thunderous clothesline, giving the momentum back to the Prime Time Players. Kofi counters a slam into a DDT, giving him the opportunity to tag Truth. Young attempts a gutbuster but it's reversed into the Little Jimmy to give him and Kofi the win. This was a good tag team match and I wouldn't mind seeing a rematch between the two.
Winners: Kofi Kingston and R-Truth                                                                Predictions: 4 for 6

The penultimate match was the triple threat WWE Championship between CM Punk, The Big Show and John Cena. Show is dominant to begin with, which means that Punk and Cena work together against him. The did a suplex on Show but Show reverses it and suplexes them both. Punk dropkicks Show in the knee and starts to attack Show but it's only temporary as Show regains his dominance. There was a nice bit where   Punk attempt to do a suicide dive to Show but Show grabs his neck and slams him against the ring apron. Cena manages to hit a side suplex and Punk hit the Macho Man elbow drop but that only gets 2. Punk applies a submission move where he puts his legs and arms round Show's neck. Cena then decides to apply the STF at the same time to Show. Show understandably taps out which leaves everyone wondering. Punk and Cena both think they won, and I don't get Cena's reasoning here as he put on the STF after Punk put on his submission move. RAW General Manager AJ comes out to the ring and after taking a fucking decade to think about it, just says "Restart the match" and walks off. During this time, Show manages to recover and hits a double chokeslam but is unable to get the win. Show goes for the WMD on Cena but Cena ducks and hits the AA. Punk, taking inspiration from Edge's manual "How to be the Ultimate Opportunist", throws Cena out of the ring and pins Show to get the win and retain the WWE Championship. I enjoyed the match then it became a clusterfuck, which was really annoying.
Winner: CM Punk                                                                                               Predictions: 5 for 7

After a performance by Kevin Rudolf signing the theme song to Summerslam "Don't Give Up", including some embarrassing dancing by the ring announcers and the commentators; we get "The Perfect Storm" as Brock Lesnar takes on Triple H. Brock goes for the Kimura Lock early but Triple H powers out of it and clotheslines Brock over the top rope. This pisses Brock off and starts to destroy Triple H, focusing on the arm that he broke. Triple H tries to get some momentum but he is stopped by a German suplex. Brock continues his assault but is slowed down by a suplex by Triple H. Triple H goes for the Pedigree but is thrown over the top rope by Brock. Triple H sends Brock gut first into the announce table, and this gives Triple H the opportunity to focus on Brock's stomach, driving his knee continuously into the stomach. Triple H hits the AA Spinebuster then hits the Pedigree but Brock kicks out at 2. Brock hits a blatant low blow, which prompts ref Scott Armstrong to consider ringing the bell. He doesn't and Brock hits the F-5 but Triple H kicks out at 2. Brock applies the Kimura lock but Triple H manages to punch his way out of it. Triple H hits another Pegidree but as Triple H goes for the cover, Brock applies the Kimura lock, "breaks" Triple H's arm, prompting him to tap out and give Brock the win. Brock goes off and Triple H goes out mournfully saying goodbye. Although, I got a pissed off at Brock constantly going for the arm, I liked the story of the match, especially the role of referee Scott Armstrong and Paul Heyman. Heyman gets special credit for his reactions during the match, especially when he acts genuinely concerned for Brock when he inures his stomach.
Winner: Brock Lesnar                                                                                         Predictions: 6 for 8

I enjoyed most of Summerslam. Like I mention when I review Wrestlemania, Summerslam will not only be compared to not only the last PPV but also the last Summerslam and I think it's on the same level on both counts. The only thing that I really hated about the event was the finishes of the two World Championship matches as you see one in which the good guy cheats and another which ends in a bit of a clusterfuck. Despite that, I'm interested to see where the WWE goes from here.