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TNA Turning Point 2012 Review

TNA Turning Point took place on the 11th November at the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida. To be brutally honest, I forgot that this was even on as I've not watched Impact in a while and I have only been keeping up with it, thanks to the reviews by The Wrestling Nerd (thanks, by the way!). Therefore, I didn't write a predictions article. Despite that, it would be nice to just watch the show and not worry about my predictions.

We open the show with Tazz in the ring and he talks about Hurricane Sandy and Bully Ray along with local radio host Buckethead come out. In order to help with donations to the American Red Cross, who are helping with the relief, they ask the crowd and the TV audience to break a World Record to simultaneously text a donation. I know a couple of twitter buddies who were affected by the Hurricane so it's good to see TNA do something like this.

Anyway, back to the reason we are here. The first match is between Magnus and Samoa Joe for the Television Championship and it was no disqualification. Joe gets the early advantage before Magnus hits a clothesline.Joe splashes Magnus into the turnbuckle followed by a kick to the head and Magnus gets out of the ring and throws a steel chair at Joe when he attempts a suicide dive. Later on, Joe applies the STF but Magnus gets to the ropes. Magnus hits a top rope elbow drop but Joe kicks out at 2. Magnus tries his steel chair move again; however, Joe outsmarts him by going over the rope instead of through the ropes. Joe hits the Muscle Buster but Magnus kicked out. Joe then applies the rear naked choke and the referee drops the arm three times sorry, only one bizarrely for Joe to get the win. I enjoyed the match but I found the ending a little off and I found it weird that only Magnus was taking advantage of the no-disqualification stipulation. Despite that, it was good way to start the PPV.
Winner: Samoa Joe

The next match was between ODB and Eric Young (remember them?) taking on Knockouts Champion Tara and Jesse(?) ODB and Jesse start the match ODB and Young beat up Jesse. ODB hits the Bronco Buster then Tara decided she's had enough and hits ODB in the back. Young gets tagged in and Jesse manages to recover and beat up Young. Tara does tag in occasionally but she's not in the ring for long before tagging back in Jesse. Young starts a brief comeback before a double clothesline. ODB spits alcohol into Jesse's face and then low blows him to give Young the opportunity to tag her in. ODB hits the Bam on Tara but Tara rolls out of the ring. Young blind tags himself in and ODB hits Jesse with a bodyslam followed by a Macho Man elbow drop to give them the win. The match was pretty decent and I thought Jesse was quite impressive. Shame that I REALLY hate Eric Young's gimmick.
Winners: ODB and Eric Young

After we see a video of Aces and Eights going Hammer Time on Sting at the previous Impact, the next match is for the X-Division Championship as Rob Van Dam is challenged by Joey Ryan, who is without Matt Morgan thanks to Hulk Hogan banning him from ringside. Some of the highlights include Ryan pushing RVD off the top turnbuckle to the crowd barrier, and Ryan hitting the Moustache Ride for a 2 count. Eventually, RVD hits the 5-star frog splash to get the win and retain the X-Division Championship. Afterwards, while RVD is celebrating at the top of the ramp, Morgan comes in and destroys RVD with a Carbon Footprint. It was another good match and I like to see them continue their feud.
Winner: Rob Van Dam

The next match is between Aces and Eights DOC and Joseph Parks (brother of Chris? You know...Abyss?) Yeah, I can't see this match going for long. I like the way the crowd got behind Parks chanting "You can do it". Parks tries to take down DOC and manages to slap him. DOC doesn't take well and goes after Parks. Parks flees to the outside and DOC hits his hand on the ring post. Parks takes advantage and focuses on DOC's injured hand. The action goes back inside the ring and DOC wraps his hand with his belt strap. The referee stops him so DOC gets a hammer when is stopped again by the referee.  DOC eventually gets to beat up Parks. DOC hits Parks with the belt, busting him open. That pisses Parks off and hits DOC with the Black Hole Slam. Despite Park's best efforts, DOC hit him with the Chokeslam to get the win. After the match, DOC continues to beat up Parks and is about to go Hammer Time on him but Bully Ray runs in to save the day.
Winner: DOC

The next match was for the Tag Team Championships as Christopher Daniels and Kazarian challenge Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez. Chavo and Daniels start the match and Kazarian hits a cheap shot on Chavo in order to get the advantage. Hernandez helps out Chavo with a double clothesline. Chavo and Herandez focus their offence on Kazarian. Chavo misses a frogsplash thanks to Daneisl pulling Kazarian out of the way and this gives the opportunity to wear him down. During this time, they celebrate with a gangnam style dance. Chavo manages to hit a torando DDT which gives him the chance to tag in Hernandez. Herandez tries the Air Mexico but Daniels kicks the ropes to stop it. Despite the best efforts of Kazarian and Daniels, Hernandez gets Daniels on his shoulders and Chavo crossbodys him to get the win and retain the Championships. This was a fun tag team match to watch and I'm so glad that we have (hopefully) seen the end of the feud between Christopher Daniels and Kazarian and AJ Styles.
Winners: Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez

Next was a triple threat match between Bobby Roode, James Storm and AJ Styles to determine the No.1 contender for the TNA World Championship. The stipulation in this is whoever gets pinned will not a title match until the 2013 Bound for Glory (harsh, much?) Early on, Roode and Storm are punching each other outside the ring and Styles does a suicide dive onto them. Styles gets sent to the outside, leaving Roode and Storm to fight it out for a little while. Styles focuses his attack for Storm's left leg and he goes for the Styles Clash but Storm reverses it into an Alabama Slam. Storm and Roode get into it for a bit and Storm hits the Codebreaker and goes for the Last Call. However, Styles stops that by crossbodying Storm. Storm and Roode work together to suplex Styles and Storm hits Roode with a Russian legsweep to get a 2 count. Styles misses with a springboard 450 splash and gets hit with a spear by Roode for a 2 count. The end comes where Roode is about to hit Styles with the Fisherman's suplex when Storm hits Roode with a backstabber. Storm then hits the Last Call on Styles to get the win and become the No 1 contender. I really enjoyed the match and it's nice to see Storm get a chance for the World Championship. I'm surprised that Styles took the pinfall as he has not been TNA World Champion for 3 years. Despite that, it will be interested to see what they do with Styles. Hopefully, he won't reignite his feud with Christopher Daniels and Kazarian.
Winner: James Storm

The penultimate match is between Kurt Angle and Devon. The match goes back and forth before Angle injures his shoulder when he goes into the steel steps. Angle hits a missile dropkick and starts a comeback but is stopped by a clothesline. Angle applies the anklelock and Devon manages to get out of it. Angle hits the 3 German suplexes for a 2 count. Devon tries a flying headbutt but misses and Angle hits the Angle slam. Aces and Eights then decide to pay a visit and the distraction gives Devon the chance to spear Angle for a nearfall. Angle then applies the Ankelock and grapevines Devon's leg to give him no choice but to tap out. Angle then commences Operation GTFO as Aces and Eights go into the ring and DOC threatens Angle. It was a decent match and I'm enjoying Devon's heel turn. It's just that I really think that he should have won this match to make the group look strong.
Winner: Kurt Angle

After an interview with AJ Styles that was inspired by Josh "Bad Timing" Mathews that consisted of Styles just looking at the interviewer then walking away; the main event is a ladder match for the TNA World Champion as Austin Aries (the best thing in TNA right now) gets his rematch against Jeff Hardy. Aries decides not to fuck around as he throws Hardy out of the far side of the ring and goes to grab the ladder located at the entrance ramp. Hardy stops him and the match continues in the ring for a while. Hardy and Aries fight over the ladder and Hardy pushes the ladder into Aries sending him over the steel steps. Hardy tries to climb the ladder towards the belts (the normal belt and the "Megatron" belt were up there) but Aries stops him with a Russian legsweep. Aries beats up Hardy for a bit and starts to climb up the ladder. Hardy then tries to splash Aries but Aries sidesteps him and Hardy lands into the ladder, which had been inverted, sandwiching him. That manoeuvre destroyed the ladder; luckily there's a spare one under the ring. Aries then sandwiches Hardy in a ladder then puts the steps against it to trap him. Aries climbs the ladder and has the match won. However, he notices the referee Earl Hebner and gets suspicious so he climbs down and realises that Hardy had escaped, went under the ring and is now climbing the ladder. Aries just manages to stop Hardy by pushing the ladder and Hardy lands quite badly onto the ladder then the mat. Aries starts to climb up with Hardy in pursuit. Aries gets Hardy off then uses the ladder as a weapon against him. Hardy manages to make a comeback, destroying another ladder. Hardy then has to grab another ladder from under the ring and he starts to climb up before being stopped by a missile dropkick. Aries then hits the Brainbuster and pushes Hardy out of the ring. Aries then slowly climbs the ladder and Hardy hits Twist of Fate from the ladder then follows up with a Swanton bomb. Hardy then climbs the ladder and is about to grab the belts when they get moved up. Hardy wonders what the fuck is going on and looks to see Aries with the control for the hydraulic rope holding the belts. Hardy then goes after Aries and sends him flying over the crowd barrier. Hardy then grabs a bigger ladder and climbs up it. Aries goes after him and they fall onto one of the ladders that had been placed on top of one of the ringposts. Hardy then hits the Twist of Fate onto that ladder, sending Aries to the outside. Hardy then climbs up and grabs the belts to get the win. I really enjoyed the match with some ingenious spots by both guys, and I thought the spot where Aries puts the belts up higher was brilliant.
Winner: Jeff Hardy

After pulling my finger out and making time to watch the show, I really enjoyed it. As always with TNA PPVs. the wrestling is normally good and I thought the No 1 contender and the main event were really good. I was going to say that I was looking forward to the Storm/Hardy but that plan failed when Roode challenged Storm to the No 1 contender's spot at the following Impact and won, and that meant that the match at the PPV was a waste of time. Despite that, TNA has got better (in most parts) over the year so I'm interested to see if they finish the year strongly.

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