Sunday, 27 January 2013

WWE Royal Rumble 2013 Preview

The 2013 Royal Rumble will take place this evening at the US Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona. Who will win the Royal Rumble match and get to headline Wrestlemania; or more likely, open the show? Let's take a look.

The Pre-Show match is for the United States Championship as The Miz challenges Antonio Cesaro. The Miz has been ok in his face turn so far. However, I can see him winning. Therefore, I'm going for Cesaro to retain.
Predicted Winner: Antonio Cesaro

The Tag Team Championships are on the line as Rhodes Scholars challenge Team Hell No. I've enjoyed Hell No's title reign, but all good things must come to an end. Therefore, I'm going for Rhodes Scholars to get the win and we'll see the beginning of the end for Team Hell No.
Predicted Winners: Rhodes Scholars

The World Heavyweight Championship will be defended in a last man standing match between The Big Show and Alberto Del Rio. I normally enjoy last man standing matches so I'm quite looking forward to it. I think that Del Rio will win and possibly have to deal with Dolph Ziggler in the near future.
Predicted Winner: Alberto Del Rio

The WWE Championship will be defended as The Rock challenges CM Punk. This should be an entertaining contest. I would love CM Punk to win this but I don't see it happening. I think that The Rock will win and become WWE Champion for the first time in over 10 years.
Predicted Winner: The Rock

We now get to the Royal Rumble match and as usual, there are 4 or 5 people that could win it and the last few Rumble have had surprise winners. Ziggler will be entering at either No 1 or No 2 and I would love for him to win it. However, I feel that the WWE are building towards Rock/Cena II at Wrestlemania, which I REALLY don't want to see. Therefore, even though I don't like the guy, I'm going for John Cena to win the Rumble. Hopefully, I will be proved wrong.
Predicted Winner: John Cena

I'll get to see the event during the week and review it then. Three of my twitter buddies DXDONMEGA, nickgator and coreysantiago will be there so I hope that they, and you, enjoy the show.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Lo-Down Wrestling Awards 2012

Happy new year, everyone (belatedly!) It's time for the 2nd annual Lo-Down Wrestling Awards. Sorry I haven't been updating the blog as much as I would like. I'm still into wrestling as I still listen to podcasts as well as read about it; but I rarely get to watch RAW, Smackdown and Impact and I've been in no major hurry to watch and review the Pay-Per-Views over the last few months. Hopefully, I will get to watch more wrestling in 2013 and get round to watching the PPVs a lot sooner after they take place.

Anyway, back to the awards. I decided not to publish an article with the nominations this year, so I decided to just publish the winners with a few honorable mentions for people that I thought came close to winning that  particular award. This year, there are 14 awards including 2 new ones.

Male Wrestler of the Year
CM Punk
2012 was been the year of Punk. He has been involved in feuds with Chris Jericho and Daniel Bryan then, after attacking The Rock and turning heel, feuds with John Cena and Ryback. Punk has been a joy to watch over 2012, especially since Paul Heyman became an associate of his, and he will be facing the Rock at the Royal Rumble. I feel that 2013 will be better than ever for Punk as he has proven that he can be one of the faces of the WWE.

Female Wrestler of the Year
Eve Torres
It's been a good year for Eve. She was involved in the feud with Kane, John Cena and Zack Ryder at the beginning of the year. Ignoring the way that her role ended (which was probably the worst moment of the year for WWE), she still had TV time throughout the year, being part of the staff for first John Lauriniatis (did you know he used to be the General Manager of both RAW and Smackdown?) then Booker T. Eve, through allegedly nefarious means, defeated Layla to become Divas Champion and has improved her wrestling ability to look like someone who deserves to be Champion. I'm gutted that Eve has now left the WWE just as her character was getting so much more interesting.
Honorable Mention - AJ Lee
AJ Lee has been fun to watch over the year, being Daniel Bryan's long suffering girlfriend and being a thorn in the side of CM Punk and Kane. I like crazy AJ and I'm happy that she has returned to that at the end of the year, aligning herself with Dolph Ziggler and I will be forever grateful to stopping John Cena winning the MITB briefcase at TLC. However, I just found her reign as RAW General Manager as a missed opportunity ; instead it was just...generic.

Fav 5 Wrestler of the Year
This award goes to the person who was the most consistent in the Fav 5 table over the last year and the winner is...
Daniel Bryan
Daniel Bryan came very close to winning the Male Wrestler of the Year. Bryan had a brilliantly subtle heel turn as World Heavyweight Champion and had a great feud with Big Show, Mark Henry then Sheamus. He then had amazing matches with CM Punk in the summer. Bryan then had a feud with Kane and then reluctantly joined forces with him to become the Tag Team Champions. Bryan has had amazing character development over the year and I hope it continues into 2013.

Most Improved Wrestler of the Year
Joseph Parks
While Joseph Parks (brother of Chris? You know, Abyss?) is a new character, it is done by the same guy who does Abyss (Chris Parks). I found it weird to begin with but I slowly got into it and I started to love his character more and more to the point that along with Austin Aries and Christopher Daniels and Kazarian, probably one of the best things going on in TNA right now, and certainly one of the funniest. It is a testament to Chris Parks to go from a man who is a psoychpathic loner to someone who is the complete polar opposite.

Feud of the Year
Chris Jericho vs CM Punk February - May

This was a great feud over who was the best in the world. Jericho used Punk's family history of alcoholism and drug abuse against him and the matches that they had at Wrestlemania and Extreme Rules were some of the best matches of the year.

Moment of the Year
Punk attacking the Rock at RAW 1000

This moment was the culmination of months of frustration for CM Punk. Punk was WWE Champion for almost 9 months, yet he was only in 1 PPV main event and that was at TLC 2011. Since then, John Cena was been involved in every main event bar the Royal Rumble. The Rock comes in at RAW 1000 and says that he will be getting a WWE title shot at the next Royal Rumble based on what? Old times sake? When the Big Show then Rock interfere in the match between Cena and Punk, he snapped. All the focus was on the Rock when it should be (deservedly) on the WWE Champion, and that made Punk turn heel and attack the Rock.

Surprising Moment of the Year
Devon being revealed as a member of Aces and Eights

This wins the award thanks to the way that TNA did it. In the age of social media, it is hard to do something like this without it being revealed as kayfabe. TNA actually announced that Devon had left the company and subsequently, was stripped of the Television Championship. It was a quite ingenious way to doing it and TNA should be applauded for the way they did it.

Best Newcomer
Antonio Cesaro

Antonio Cesaro has been such a joy to watch since he debuted after Wrestlemania. First, he was revealed as Askana's boyfriend. He soon dumped her and became United States Champion. His matches have been fun to watch and I'm impressed with his wrestling ability and his mic skills.

Best Returnee
Paul Heyman

Paul Heyman returned as an associate to Brock Lesnar, which was exactly what Brock needed as he is not the best person on the mic. When Paul was revealed to be allied with CM Punk, I didn't think it was necessary for Punk's character, although I loved the way that it was revealed. However, it seemed to make Punk's character so much better and that is a testament to Paul Heyman. Plus, I love it when he holds up the WWE Championship when Punk is doing a promo.

This year, I will be awarding two douchebags of the year; one for kayfabe and one for real-life.

Douchebag of the Year (kayfabe)
John Cena

2012 is the year that I became a Cena hater. Cena kisses Eve, the object of Zack Ryder's affection, then degrades her and calls her "a hoeski" the next week; is featured in every fucking main event on PPV that year, sometimes undeserving so; gets to wrestle for Ziggler for the MITB briefcase for no justifiable reason; then "cockblocks" Ziggler from cashing it in the next night. What a fucking douchebag!

Douchebag of the Year (Real-Life)
Kenneth Cameron

For those of you who are unfamiliar with FCW and NXT, Kenneth Cameron was part of the tag team Ascension, along with Conor O'Brien. The rumours going round is that they were ready to sent to the main roster during 2013. Unfortunately, Cameron got arrested for driving under the influence and battery against a police officer. WWE didn't take kindly to that and wished him well in his future endeavours. These actions not only affected his chances but O'Brien's as well. Now we won't get to see their cool entrance on the big stage.

Match of the Year
Undertaker vs Triple H, Wrestlemania XXVIII

When this match was first announced, I wasn't really into it; although I liked the way that you had the Undertaker forcing Triple H to accept the challenge instead of the other way round. It wasn't until it became a hell in a cell match and Shawn Michaels was the special guest referee that I got interested in the match. The match itself was awesome. The majority of us knew that Undertaker was going to win but there were moments that made you think otherwise, especially when Undertaker got hit with the Sweet Chin Music followed by the Pedigree. I also loved Shawn's role as referee. I think that he just wanted to be there because it is a big match. However, he didn't expect the brutality of the match and the lengths that Undertaker and Triple H were willing to go to win. When Undertaker has a match at Wrestlemania, you have the problem of making people believe that there is a chance that Undertaker could lose. The match really delivered on that and it should be applauded.

Worst Match of the Year
Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan, Wrestlemania XXVIII

While there have been some really bad matches this year, none had made me as angry as this match did. I was really looking forward to this match, especially as they got screwed out of the main card last year and that match degenerated into  a clusterfuck battle royal. Although I was surprised that the match was on first, I didn't expect to see what happened next. The bell rang, AJ kissed Bryan luck, Bryan turns round and gets his head brogue kicked off by Sheamus, and he gets the win. It lasted EIGHTEEEN FUCKING SECONDS(!!!) Even though, both guys have developed since then (especially Daniel Bryan), it still makes me angry that the WWE almost ruined the whole event with that match to open their biggest event of the year.

PPV of the Year
WWE Extreme Rules, April 2012

Extreme Rules was a fun PPV that had a lot of good matches. Even though the main event had Cena beating Brock, it felt ok and it kinda made sense.
Honorable Mention- TNA Slammiversary X, June 2012
Even though I have only watched TNA for just over a year, I think this is the best PPV that I have ever seen by TNA. The matches were good and I thought that the first match between Samoa Joe and Austin Aries (the best thing in TNA right now) was probably the best match TNA had in 2012. TNA set a high standard with that event and even though the following PPVs have not been as good, you know what TNA are capable of doing.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

WWE TLC 2012 Review

The final WWE PPV of the year took place last Sunday at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. Will the WWE end the year on a high? Let's take a look

The Pre-Show match was a Santa's Little Helper Divas Battle royal between Natalya, Alicia Fox, Kaitlyn, Tamina Snuka, Cameron, Naomi, Askana, Layla and Rosa Mendes. Rosa was the first to be eliminated thanks to Natalya, Tamina eliminates Cameron, Askana eliminates Alicia, Layla eliminates Askana, Layla is eliminated by Tamina, Natalya is eliminated by Kaitlyn. Naomi helps Kaitlyn eliminate Tamina and then Eve, who was on commentary, slaps Kaitlyn giving Naomi the chance to eliminate her and win the match. The match was decent enough and, whilst Naomi winning is one of those "What the Fuck?!" moments, it does seem to progress the rivalry between Eve and Kaitlyn.
Winner: Naomi                                                                                                          
Predictions: 0 for 1

The PPV officially starts with a Tables match between Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara and Team Rhodes Scholars to determine the No 1 contenders for the Tag Team Championships. Rey and Cara get out a table and start to hit his opponents with it. Cody and Damien focus their attack on Cara and try to reverse suplex him through it. However, he was unsuccessful. Cody hits the Disaster kick on Cara and Damien fucks up Rey by slamming him against the crowd barriers. Rhodes Scholars put their opponents on tables outside the ring and are about to splash them through when Rey recovers and stops that from happening. Rey tries to make a comeback and almost puts Cody through the table. The end comes when Cara attempts a springboard crossbody but Cody pushes him off the ropes and sends him flying through the tables outside the ring to give his team the victory. It was a good match and I loved the ending, although it looked like Cara got injured. Sin Cara needs to stop wearing his White Power Ranger costume at Pay-Per-Views has he seems to get injured wearing it.
Winners: Team Rhodes Scholars
Predictions: 1 for 2

The next match was for the United States Championship as Antonio Cesario was challenged by R-Truth. Some of the highlights include Truth getting his head bounced the turnbuckles and him no-selling it; and Truth hitting an impressive scissor kick. The end comes when Cesario almost sends Truth  into the referee and takes advantage by hitting an European uppercut followed by the Neutraliser to get the win. It was a nice, short match and I'm loving Cesario's reign as United States Champion.
Winner: Antonio Cesario
Predictions: 2 for 3

After we see Dolph Ziggler get interviewed by Josh "Bad Timing" Mathews, we get Miz TV. The Miz interviews 3MB, well it was more of a slagging match than an interview. 3MB decide to start slagging off the Spanish announcers. Ricardo "Virgil" Rodriguez comes down to help out the announcers so 3MB start to attack him. Alberto Del Rio comes down to help Ricardo and it gets into a brawl involving everyone. Heath Slater then issues a challenge: 3MB against The Miz, Alberto Del Rio and a partner of their choice. I can see this being a good match, although I hope this doesn't lead to Alberto Del Rio turning face.

The next match is for the Intercontinental Championship as Wade Barrett challenges Kofi Kingston. Barrett had the early momentum, doing an impressive springboard into a backbreaker. Barrett hits two Boss Man slams, each time leading into a 2 count. Barrett went for the Bullhammer but it was countered into a Trouble in Paradise by Kofi to get him the win. I enjoyed the match and hopefully we might get a rematch in the near future.
Winner: Kofi Kingston
Predictions: 3 for 4

After we get an injury update by WWE Champion CM Punk with Paul Heyman, the next match is a TLC match between The Shield and the team of Ryback and Team Hell No. The match is basically chaos. We get Ryback and Ambrose in the ring and Reigns and Rollins help out when they take out Kane and Bryan. Some of the other highlights include Ambrose DDT-ing Kane onto a chair; Ryback suplexing Ambrose and Rollins onto a ladder; Ryback getting powerbombed through the Spanish Announce table; Kane chokeslamming Ambrose through the table; Reigns spearing Kane through the barricade; Ryback hitting Ambrose with the Shell Shock; and Rollins getting pulled from the ladder through a table. The end comes when Reigns powerbombed Bryan from the top turnbuckle through a table to get the pinfall and the victory. This was an absolutely amazing match and I was really impressed with all the competitors.
Winners: The Shield
Predictions: 4 for 5

The Divas Championship is on the line as Naomi challenges Eve. Eve starts mocking Naomi and is dominated by Naomi to begin with, displaying her acrobatic skills. Eve gets to use her experience against Naomi and takes advantage of a missed splash to hit a neckbreaker to get the win. It was a very short match, which you can expect for a Divas match unfortunately. It would have been nice if they had a little bit more time for their match to tell a better story.
Winner: Eve Torres
Predictions: N/A

The World Heavyweight Championship is on the line in a chairs match as Sheamus gets his rematch against Big Show. The match was a very physical contest and Sheamus was the first one to bring out a chair but Show didn't give him much chance to use it. Sheamus manages to use it before Show returned the favour later on. Other highlights include Show hitting a chokeslam for a 2 count; Show hitting a Vader bomb; and Sheamus reversing a chokeslam into a white noise sending Show through 2 chairs. Show thought he won it when he avoided a Brogue kick and hit the WMD but it only got him 2. Show then decides to bring a massive chair and hits Sheamus with it to get the pinfall and retain the World Heavyweight Championship. I thought the match was ok for most of it until near the end where they was some really good spots. Hopefully, Show will go on to someone else.
Winner: Big Show
Predictions: 5 for 6

The penultimate match is a tag team match between 3MB and the team of Alberto Del Rio, The Miz and The Brooklyn Brawler(?) The match is quite short and the end comes when Miz hits Jinder Mahal  with the skull crushing finale and Brawler tags in. Brawler applies a really bad looking Boston crab on Mahal to get the win. The match was ok and that's it really.
Winners: The Miz, Alberto Del Rio and the Brooklyn Brawler.
Predictions: N/A

The main event was John Cena taking on Dolph Ziggler in a ladder match for the MITB briefcase. After Cena sends Ziggler to the outside, he gets hit with a chair to the gut. A ladder gets brought out for the first time and they start using against each other. Other highlights of the match include Ziggler applying a sleeper hold, yet Cena still having the strength to climb the ladder while this is happening before he passed out and them both going through a table; Cena applying the STF; and Ziggler getting out the AA to hit the Zig Zag. The end comes when it looks like Cena has the match won when AJ pushes the ladder, sending Cena flying. This gives Ziggler the oppportunity to climb the ladder and rightfully reclaim the briefcase that he shouldn't have to put up in the fucking first place. It was a good match and all I can say is thank God for AJ.
Winner: Dolph Ziggler
Predictions: 6 for 7

Even though it took me almost a month to get through it, I thought TLC was pretty good. The crowd, as always in New York, were brilliant, and most of the matches were really fun to watch. WWE has some emerging talent coming through and I hope they continue with that in 2013.

Monday, 14 January 2013

TNA Genesis 2013 Preview

The first TNA Pay-Per-View of 2013 takes place this evening at the Impact Zone in Orlando. 2012 was quite a good year in terms of their events, will 2013 continue in that ? Let's look at the card.

Joseph Parks (brother of Chris? You know, Abyss?) takes on Devon in what could be an interesting match. Even though Parks has just graduated from development territory OVW, he should be no match for Devon. However, I can see the "Abyss" side of Parks emerging and, therefore, being victorious.
Predicted Winner: Joseph Parks

Sting faces DOC as Sting seeks revenge against the guy who injured his hand last year. This should be a guaranteed lock for Sting. However, I can see Aces and Eights helping DOC get the win here.
Predicted Winner: DOC

The number 1 contender for the Knockouts Championship will be decided in a gaunlet match between Gail Kim, Miss Tessmacher, Velvet Sky, ODB and Mickie James. I can see either one of these women winning. However, I think that TNA are giving Velvet a big push this year. Therefore, I think that she will win.
Predicted Winner: Velvet Sky

Kenny King will face Christian York and the winner will challenge Rob Van Dam for the X-Division Championship. This is a tough one to call but I'm going for Kenny King to win here.
Predicted Winner: Kenny King

Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan will once challenge Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez for the Tag Team Championship. I can see either team winning but I sense that we might get new tag team champions. Therefore, I'm going for Ryan and Morgan to win.
Predicted Winner: Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan

Samoa Joe  will face Mr Anderson in what could be a good match. It's a tough one to call but I'm going for Mr Anderson to win this one.
Predicted Winner: Mr Anderson

James Storm will take on Christopher Daniels in a match that I'm quite looking forward to. Daniels and Kazarian have been a thorn in the side of Storm over the last few weeks and he would love to put Daniels in his place. I can see Storm winning but I sense an upset so I think that Daniels will win this one.
Predicted Winner: Christopher Daniels

The main event is a triple threat match for the TNA World Championship between Bobby Roode, Austin Aries and Jeff Hardy.  Roode and Aries have had a little rivalry going on recently but they joined forces to take out Hardy at the last Impact. I can see their alliance lasting during match before disintegrating in a dramatic fashion and Hardy will seize the opportunity to get the win.
Predicted Winner: Jeff Hardy

I know that I have been really slow in my PPV reviews but I will endeavour to publish this one before the Royal Rumble next week. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the show.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

TNA Final Resolution 2012 Review

The final TNA PPV of the year took place on Sunday 9th December at the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida. Will TNA end the year on a high? Let's take a look.

We start with Cowboy James Storm coming out and talking about the situation involving Aces and Eights attacking Jeff Hardy. Storm is about to call out Bobby Roode when Kazarian comes out and slags off Storm, mocking him for being an alcoholic. Storm challenges him to a match and when Kazarian refuses, Storm goes after him and a referee turns up, resulting in a bonus match.

Kazarian versus James Storm is the first match and Kazarian gets the momentum relatively early and dominates most of the match. Kazarian hits a springboard legdrop and focuses on Storm's head and neck to keep the momentum. Storm makes his comeback hitting an Alabama slam followed by closing time. The end comes when Storm tries for the last call but Kazarian pulls the referee in the way. This gives Kazarian the chance to go for the fade to black. However, Storm manages to get out of it and hit the last call to get the victory. It was a good fast paced match and a good way to start the PPV.
Winner: James Storm
Predictions: N/A

The X-Division Championship is on the line as Kenny King challenges Rob Van Dam. As with most X-Division matches, there are a lot of high flying offense and the usual moves from RVD. King does a cool move where he stops RVD from doing a splash by dropkicking him from the top turnbuckle, sending RVD down to the crowd barrier. RVD makes a comeback doing his usual moves such as the Rolling Thunder and he tries the 5-star frog splash but misses. RVD gets the win when he does a body scissors into a pin. It was a good match and I was surprised by the way that RVD won the match as I'm so used to RVD winning the match with the 5-star frog splash.
Winner: Rob Van Dam
Predictions: 1 for 1

After an interview with Christopher Daniels, we get the Tag Team Championship match as Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan challenging Chavo Geurrero and Hernandez. First of all, why is Matt Morgan wearing a cape? It just looks weird. Anyway, back to the match. After a physical battle between Hernandez and Morgan, we get an impressive delayed vertical suplex on Hernandez on Ryan. Later on, Morgan and Ryan get to wear down Guerrero after Morgan picks him up and sends him head first into the top turnbuckle. Guerrero gets the hot tag to Hernandez after doing  a head scissors to Ryan. Morgan tries to intervene but Guerrero hits a missile dropkick followed by Hernandez clotheslining him over the top rope. Guerrero hits the frogsplash and pins Ryan but Morgan pulls the referee out of the ring. This turned out to be a bad idea as it gets his team disqualified. The match was decent enough tho I thought the ending seemed off somehow.
Winners: Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez
Predictions: 1 for 2

The next match is between Bully Ray and Austin Aries in what could be a good match. Bully does a gutwrench fall away suplex early on before Aries is dominant for a while, mocking Hulk Hogan. Bully makes a comeback and hits a missile dropkick sending Aries to the other side of the ring. Aries tries for the brainbuster but it's reversed into the Bully Cutter for a 2 count. The action goes to the outside and Aries sends Bully head first into the steel steps, busting him open. Aries focuses his attack on Bully's wound and Brooke Hogan comes out to check on him. Aries drags her into the ring and starts intimidating her. Bully rescues her and gets her to go with Hulk Hogan when he arrives. Aries takes advantage of the confusion to hit a low blow then rolls Bully up for the win. While the match was not as good as their one earlier in the year, it was still a good match.
Winner: Austin Aries
Predictions: 1 for 3

The Knockouts Championship is on the line as Tara defends it against Mickie James. Early on, Mickie hits a Northern lights suplex and Jesse pulls Tara out of the ring to give her some breathing room. Mickie gets distracted by Jesse's presence and Tara takes advantage and wears Mickie down, during which Tara hits an airplane spin into a side slam. Mickie makes a comeback and stops Jesse from interfering. Tara seizes the opportunity and hits the Widow's Peak for the victory. It was a good match between two veterans and I thought that it told a good story.
Winner: Tara
Predictions: 2 for 4

The next match was a tag team match between Aces and Eights and the team of Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Wes Brisco and Garrett "Future of the Business" Bischoff. Aces and Eights get to wear down Joe before he gets the hot tag to Angle after taking down the 2 random members of Aces and Eights. Soon after, all the participants get involved and Angle gets the win with an Angle Slam. The match didn't have many highspots and it seemed to be a bit disappointing.
Winners: Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Wes Brisco and Garrett Bischoff
Predictions: 2 for 5

The penultimate match was between AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels  for the last time (until the next time) in a match that I'm really looking forward to. The match begins with some technical chain wrestling and then later on, Daniels starts to focus on Styles' lower back, suplexing him onto the steel steps. Daniels applies a sleeper hold and Styles powers out of it and they collide in mid air, busting Styles open. Daniels goes for the BME but Styles moves out of the way and hits a flying forearm. Daniels tries, in vain, various ways to put Styles away and he gets hit with a reverse DDT. After some back and forth, Styles hits the Styles clash for a 2 count. Styles then goes for it from the top turnbuckle. However, Daniels manages to hold on to the rope, sending Styles flying. Daniels then hits a Styles Clash of his own to get the win. I really enjoyed the match and I loved the ending, especially as I thought Styles would win.
Winner: Christopher Daniels
Predictions: 2 for 6

The main event was Bobby Roode challenging Jeff Hardy for the TNA World Championship. Roode gets the early pin attempts then Hardy gets the momentum. The match goes back and forth and Hardy tries the twist of fate but Roode gets out of it and hits the Double A Spinebuster for a 2 count. Hardy finally manages to hit the twist of fate but Roode rolls out of the ring. Hardy attempts to do poetry in motion but Roode moves out of the way and Hardy goes flying into the crowd. The action goes back into the ring and Roode hits a spear for a 2 count. This is when Aces and Eights decide to pay a visit. If you remember, Roode implied that he paid them to help him out. However, they just stay in the crowd and when Roode is wondering why they're not doing anything, Hardy seizes the opportunity and hits the twist of fate to get the win. Afterwards, Aces and Eights come in and fuck Hardy, then Roode, up. It was a good match and it had an interesting end to the PPV.
Winner: Jeff Hardy
Predictions: 3 for 7

I enjoyed Final Resolution. Most of the matches were good and they told some good stories. I think that 2012 was a good year for TNA and I hope they continue to improve in 2013.