Saturday, 6 October 2012

Fav Five: August and September 2012

Don't you hate it when work stops you doing what you love? Thanks to work, I have not been adding to the blog as much as I would like. In light of that, like I did earlier this year, I have decided to combine two months of the Fav Five into one article. So, here is the Fav Five for August and September 2012.

August 2012

5. Tyler Reks
Unless he changes his mind, this will be the only time that Tyler Reks (real name Gabe Tuft) will be in the Fav Five. His decision to retire so that he can see his daughter grow up and not miss the milestones has enternally gained my respect and I'm sure a lot of people will agree with me. It's a shame that WrestleZone's Mark Madden (who used to commentate on WCW) used that to criticise the WWE in a bizarre article in which he made Reks the wrestler of the year.
4. Paul Heyman
I love Paul Heyman. He is one of the best people on the mic that I ever seen and he was criminally underrated when he was commentating with Jim Ross in 2001. His alliance with Brock Lesnar really helped to progress the feud with Triple H, especially with Lesnar's limited appearances.
3. Kane
Kane has been stagnant at times over the year but the decision to pair him with Daniel Bryan is starting to look like a master-stroke as their Anger Management segments have been really funny.
2. CM Punk
CM Punk has been a lot better to watch since he took out the Rock at RAW 1000. I find it hard to boo him because he has a very valid point about the way he has been treated while he has been WWE Champion. I hope he continues to be for the foreseeable future, instead of John Cena overcoming the odds at the first attempt as per usual.
1. Daniel Bryan
Daniel Bryan has been awesome to watch over the year and his character development has been really interesting to watch, as well as his segments with Kane.

September 2012

5. Michael Cole
Michael Cole has been annoying to listen to over the last year and a half. However, his professionalism at the time of Jerry Lawler's heart attack has really silenced a lot of the critics. Maybe his background as a war reporter may helped him in that situation but you can't deny what he did.
4. Kane
The segments with Daniel Bryan are getting better and better and better. I do find it weird sometimes seeing Kane do comedy but it's so refreshing to see.
3. Paul Heyman
I thought we saw the end of Heyman when Brock Lesnar quit. However, his alliance with CM Punk and the way it was revealed means that he will be on our screens for the foreseeable future and I'm certainly not complaining.
2. CM Punk
"The Best in the World" has been fun to watch. I find it weird that legends such as Mick Foley are coming out to say that Punk needs to earn respect and I personally think that he has already done that. Despite that, Punk, along with Heyman, are one of the best things to watch right now.
1. Daniel Bryan
I never saw Daniel Bryan as a person who could do comedy but his segments with Kane are the thing that I most look forward to at the minute. Plus, I find them saying "I'M the Tag Team Champions" absolutely hilarious.

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