Thursday, 13 October 2011

Worst RAW Ever?

Last week’s RAW ended in 55 wrestlers, referees, cameramen and announcers walking out in a vote of no confidence in the COO Triple H. It made for good television, although it seems that they didn’t get the fact that Triple H is in charge of the company and not RAW. Despite that, I was interested to see how this week’s RAW would pan out.

It started interestingly enough with Triple H coming out and condemning the walkout and the wrestlers currently in the parking lot. He was supported by John Cena, who was remaining loyal to the company; Sheamus, who respects Triple H after their feud last year; and CM Punk. Wait, what? The same CM Punk who tried to get Triple H fired last month? Punk coming out to support Triple H didn’t make a lot of sense to me as he is supposed to be the anti-authority figure like Stone Cold but he doesn’t seem to be like that anymore. More on Punk later.

There was a fun little bit with the 4 of them creating the show with Cena and Sheamus wrestling, Triple H the referee and Punk doing commentary and timekeeping. Then Vince McMahon returns and announces that Triple H is no longer in charge of RAW and John Laurinatis (did you know that he’s the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations?) is now the interim General Manager. Ok, isn’t Triple H is charge of the company and not just RAW? Also, what the fuck happened to the anonymous General Manager? Who was he and why have we not heard from him in almost 4 months?

Later on, Laurinatis comes out and announces that John Cena will challenge Del Rio for the WWE Championship at Vengeance. Wow, who didn’t see that coming? Laurinatis then fires Jim Ross, in his home state, for walking out on Triple H after being given his job back. Why did they do that? What about the other guys? I take it that they’re not getting punished? Now, we have to deal with Jerry Lawler and the annoying Michael Cole? Nothing against Lawler, but after Hell in a Cell, I’m not looking forward to him trying to save the commentary while he’s with Cole and Booker T at Vengeance.

The main event had CM Punk facing Alberto Del Rio. No, sorry, my mistake. That was changed during the match into a tag team match with Punk and Del Rio facing a returning Miz and R-Truth. Er, why? It would be better if Punk and Del Rio had their match and then had Miz and Truth interfere in the match. That would have made for a better return for the Awesome Truth. The match was decent enough but it ended with Triple H and Punk joining forces to attack Miz and R-Truth. Hang on; aren’t they supposed to be enemies? I take it they’re doing the “enemy of my enemy is my friend” thing? I don’t know anymore.

So, is it the worst RAW ever? It’s hard to say seeing that I have not seen every single RAW episode. However, it is most probably the worst one that I have ever seen. After possibly two of the best months ever on WWE Television with Punk, Cena and Triple H, we now get this creative clusterfuck. I have to admit that I knew that the summer wouldn’t last forever and it did seem to get steadily worse; but RAW this week seemed to have dropped off a cliff into a sea of crap. I feel that they have dropped the ball with CM Punk and having Cena in the title picture again is just boring.

I know that the WWE will have to perform something amazing to please everybody and they will be always those who will never be happy. However, this week’s RAW managed to piss a lot of people off, including myself. I honestly don’t know if I want to watch this week’s Smackdown and next week’s RAW. I probably will because a part of me wants to see them sort out the mess that they have created for themselves, but don’t be surprised if a lot of people won’t be.

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