Monday, 9 January 2012

TNA Genesis 2012 Predictions

TNA has the honour of hosting the first PPV of 2012 with Genesis taking place from the Impact Wrestling Zone (for a change). There are 8 matches scheduled so let’s look at the card.

Rob Van Dam will take on Gunner and Gunner has been piledriving people onto concrete floors recently and hopes to add RVD. I don’t think that will happen so I’m going for RVD to win this one.
Predicted winner: Rob Van Dam

D’Angelo Dinero will take on Devon and this has a really good story going into it. Dinero has slowly managed to turn Devon’s sons against him over the last few months and it’s time for Devon to try and get his revenge. It’s a tough call but I think D’Angelo Dinero, with some help, will get the win.
Predicted winner: D’Angelo Dinero

Abyss will take on Bully Ray in a Monsters Ball Match(?)  Bully Ray and Scott Steiner had been trying to get Abyss back into Immortal ever since he left. I suspect that they will be trying for a bit longer.
Predicted winner: Abyss

Gail Kim will defend her Knockouts Championship against Mickie James. Gail Kim has pushed like you wouldn’t believe since her return and I think that she will remain the champion.
Predicted winner: Gail Kim

Samoa Joe and Magnus will face Crimson and Matt Morgan for the Tag Team Championships. Samoa Joe and Magnus won a Wild Card Tournament to get to this position and they work well as a team. However, Crimson and Matt Morgan have been good champions and I think that will continue.
Predicted Winners: Crimson and Matt Morgan

Austin Aries (the best thing in TNA right now) will defend his X-Division Championship against Jesse Sorenson, Kid Kash and Zema Ion. Aries in his reign as Champion has managed to make a lot of enemies and two of them are in this match. However, despite the obvious disadvantage against him, I think Aries will find some (hopefully amusing) way to retain the title.
Predicted winner: Austin Aries

Kurt Angle will once again take on James Storm. While Angle has lost the last match between the two and has been quite dominant since then, I still think that Storm will win this one and hopefully focus on Bobby Roode after that.
Predicted winner: James Storm

The main event will be for the TNA World Championship as Bobby Roode will defend his title against LDW Award Winner (for the wrong reasons) Jeff Hardy. I think that this will be a good match and, with Sting in his corner, I can see Hardy winning. However, I really really don’t want Hardy to win. So, hopefully, Bobby Roode will continue the reign of the Selfish Generation
Predicted winner: Bobby Roode

There are my predictions. Due to the fact that the event won’t get shown in the UK until Wednesday night, I won’t get to publish my review until Thursday morning. Hope you enjoy the show.

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