Sunday, 29 March 2015

WWE Wrestlemania 31 Preview


The showcase of the immortals, Wrestlemania 31, takes place this Sunday at the Levi's Stadium in San Francisco, California. Some of the card looks pretty good; the rest not so much. Let's take a look.

 We get two matches on the Pre Show. The first in a fatal 4-way match for the Tag Team Championships. Tyson Kidd and Cesaro will defend their titles against The Usos, The New Day and Los Matadores. This is a tough one to call but I think Kidd and Cesaro will win here.
Predicted Winners: Tyson Kidd and Cesaro

The other match on the Pre Show is the second Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. The announced participants are Hollywood Miz, Curtis Axel, Ryback, Fandango, Adam Rose, Zack Ryder, Jack Swagger, Titus O'Neil, Darren Young, Big Show, Corporate Kane, Erick Rowan, Damien Mizdow, Sin Cara Version 2, Goldust, Heath Slater, Mark Henry, Konnor, Viktor and Hideo Itami from NXT. There are so many to choose from but I have a feeling that Damien Mizdow will win this one.
Predicted Winner: Damien Mizdow

AJ Lee and Paige will face The Bella Twins in a Divas tag team match. This has the ability to be  good match if they're given a chance. I'm going for AJ Lee and Paige to win here.
Predicted Winners: AJ Lee and Paige

The Intercontinental Championship will be defended in a ladder match with Bad News Barrett facing the challenges of R-Truth, Dean Ambrose, Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, Luke Harper and Stardust. I'm quite looking forward to this match and anyone could win it (except for R-Truth). I'm going for Dean Ambrose to win here.
Predicted Winner: Dean Ambrose

Randy Orton will take on Seth Rollins in what could be a good match. I think that, despite the inevitable intervention of Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble, Randy Orton will get the win.
Predicted Winner: Randy Orton

The United States Championship will be on the line as John Cena (yes, you read that right) challenges Rusev. I would love Rusev to win here but he's facing John Cena for fucks sake. I'll be an idiot if I think that Cena won't win here.
Predicted Winner: John Cena

The Undertaker makes his return to face Bray Wyatt. It does seem so weird that this isn't a Streak match but I think that this could be a good match. I'm going for Undertaker to win here.
Predicted Winner: The Undertaker

We get to see history made as Sting has his first WWE match against Triple H. This is the match that I'm most looking forward to and I feel that it will be a good match. Sting will definitely win this, otherwise what was the point?
Predicted Winner: Sting

This is match that I'm not really looking forward to: Roman Reigns challenging Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. I'm with the majority of fans who feel that Roman Reigns is not ready for this position. WWE has tried to force it down our throats but for me, it's not working. Despite that, I think that Reigns will win here. However, I will be the happiest man in the world if Seth Rollins cashes it in afterwards or the following day.
Predicted Winner: Roman Reigns

I won't get to see all of it live but I'm going to publish within the next two weeks. Until then, I hope you guys enjoy the show.

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