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WWE Great Balls of Fire 2017 Review

WWE Great Balls of Fire took place on Sunday 9th July at the American Airlines Arena in Dallas. Brock Lesnar has decided to grace us with his presence and face the challenge of Samoa Joe for the Universal Championship. So, how will that go? Let's take a look.

The match on the Pre Show was for the Cruiserwieght Championship as "Titus Brand" Akira Tozowa challenges King Neville of the Cruiserweights. Tozowa gets the early advantage before Neville kicks him hard in the head. Tozowa does make a comeback, including applying an octopus stretch, Neville puts Tozowa onto the top rope then kicks it to hurt him. Neville follows that with a kick to get the win. I quite enjoyed this match and I wonder who will dethrone Neville as I can't see anyone doing it at the minute.
Winner: Neville (1 for 1)

The first match of the show is Bray Wyatt taking on Seth Rollins. Wyatt throws Rollins head first into the steel steps to get the advantage. He continues to hit moves such as a superplex and driving him head first onto the apron. Rollins does get back into it with a dropkick and a suicide dive. However, in the end, Wyatt pokes Rollins in the eye and then hits Sister Abigail to get the win. I thought the match was pretty decent between the two.
Winner: Bray Wyatt (1 for 2)

Next is Enzo Amore taking on Big Cass. This match has come full circle as this is the arena where they made their main roster debut. Enzo tries to use his speed to begin with but Cass shoulder tackles him then proceeds to demolish him. Cass then hits Enzo with a big boot to get the win. As expected, this was a squash match and I can't see them having a rematch.
Winner: Big Cass (2 for 3)

We get our second Championship match of the evening as The Hardy Boyz challenge Cesaro and Sheamus in a 30 minute Iron Man Match for the RAW Tag Team Championship. Cesaro and Sheamus take the lead almost immediately as Cesaro distracts Matt Hardy and Sheamus kills him with a Brogue Kick. The Champs  then take a 2-0 lead when they hit Jeff with a double team move. The Hardys make it 2-1 when they hit Cesaro with a side effect by Matt followed by a Twist of Fate by Jeff. However, Cesaro and Sheamus make it 3-1 when Matt gets counted out. The Hardys team up to pin Cesaro and make it 3-2. The pace increases as The Hardys try to equalise and they do when Matt hits Sheamus with a Twist of Fate from the top rope. The Hardys then try to take the lead but with just over 30 seconds left, Jeff hits Sheamus with a Swanton Bomb but they're unaware that Cesaro is the legal man. Cesaro then slides in to pin Jeff to make it 4-3. Cesaro bails and even though Jeff hits him with a Twist of Fate, time runs out and the Champs retain.

The match was dull at certain points but the last few minutes were really good. A strong contender for match of the night.
Winners: Cesaro and Sheamus (3 for 4)

Next is Sasha Banks challenging Alexa Bliss for the RAW Women's Championship. Alexa looks like that she broke her arm but she uses that to hit a cheap shot and gain the advantage. Alexa goes on to attack the lower back but Sasha makes her comeback with forearms. In the end, Alexa gets herself counted out to lseo but retain the title. Sasha doesn't take that well and they brawl to the announce table, ending with Sasha hitting a double knee. This was a good match and whilst I'm not happy with a count out finish, it does set up a rematch. At least I thought it did but it will be Bayley vs Alexa at Summerslam. Normally, I would be ok with that but I think that the majority would prefer Sasha instead.
Winner: Sasha Banks (N/A)

Dean Ambrose challenging Hollywood Miz with the Miz-tourage for the Intercontinental Championship is our next match and Ambrose divides his attack between Miz and his lackeys at the beginning before Axel helps Miz get the advantage. Ambrose hits a swinging neckbreaker to start his comeback and after some back and forth, Bo Dallas hits Ambrose in the back of the head and that gives Miz the chance to hit the Skull Crushing Finale to get the win. Whilst I enjoyed the match, I want other people to challenge The Miz now.
Winner: The Miz (4 for 5)

Next is Roman Reigns facing Braun Strowman in an Ambulance Match. Strowman and Reigns go back and forth before Reigns uses a steel on Strowman's elbow. After some more back and forth, the end comes when Reigns tries to spear Strowman into the ambulance. However, Strowman moves out the way and Reigns goes flying into the ambulance. He then shuts the door and wins the match. Reigns, because he's a dick, beats up Strowman, throws him into the ambulance and drives off and it ends with him reversing the ambulance full speed into a lorry trailer.

The match was pretty good and I thought the ending was brilliant. As for Reigns trying to kill Strowman, that is the epitome of a heel turn. However, it doesn't look like that WWE are doing that right now. I assume that Reigns has to commit mass murder to be considered a heel.
Winner: Braun Strowman (4 for 6)

We get an impromptu match between Curt Hawkins and Heath Slater. Apparently, Slater wins but we don't see it as the focus is on the emergency services tending to Strowman. Whilst this was good to watch, I do wonder if this should have ended the show instead and had the aftermath featured on RAW Talk.
Winner: Heath Slater (apparently) (N/A)

The main event is Samoa Joe challenging Brock Lesnar  for the Universal Championship. Joe attacks Lesnar before the bell and sends him through the Spanish announce table. Lesnar manages to get into the ring and when the bell rings, Joe continues his assault. Lesnar does recover and goes on to hit 6 German suplexes. In the end, Joe puts on the Coquina Clutch but Lesnar reverses into a F5 to get the win. This match was great and not only did it make Joe look like a million dollars but it was probably Lesnar's best match since Wrestlemania 31. If Samoa Joe doesn't become Universal Champion by Wrestlemania 34, I will be very surprised.
Winner: Brock Lesnar (5 for 7)

I actually quite enjoyed Great Balls of Fire. Some of the matches were pretty good and it looks like RAW is in a good place going into Summerslam. The question is whether Smackdown can do the same with their next PPV Battleground.

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