Sunday, 20 May 2012

WWE Over the Limit 2012 Predictions

Over the Limit will be taking place in the PNC Arena in Raleigh, North Carolina. The WWE Pay-Per-Views have been pretty decent so far this year. Will this one in that vein? Let’s look at the card.

In the pre-show, Kane will take on Zack Ryder in a match that should have happened months ago. To remind you, Kane basically fucked Ryder up continuously at the beginning of the year. This could be a fun, yet short, match but, while I would love Ryder to win, I don’t think he will. Therefore, I’m going for Kane to win.
Prediction: Kane

The Tag Team Championships are on the line as Kofi Kingston and R-Truth are challenged by Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger. Kingston and Truth have only recently become Champions so I can’t see them losing

The Divas Championship is on the line as Layla is challenged by Beth Phoenix. I'm actually looking forward to this match as it could be a good Divas match. I think that Layla will win and then hopefully Khama will return and fuck her up.
Prediction: Layla

The World Heavyweight Championship is on the line in a Fatal 4-Way as Sheamus is challenged by Alberto Del Rio, Chris Jericho and Randy Orton. This is a tough one to call as I can see either Sheamus or Orton winning. I'm going for Sheamus to find some way to retain the Championship.
Prediction: Sheamus

The WWE Championship is on the line as Daniel Bryan challenges CM Punk. This match, involving 2 former ROH wrestlers, has the potential to be the match of not only the night, but of the year. This is a tough one to call as I can see either winning. I think that Punk will be champion til possibly Summerslam so I think that he will win.
Prediction: CM Punk

The main event (bizzarely) is between John Cena and John Laurinaitis (did you know that he's the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations and GM of both RAW and Smackdown?) I don't really care about this match and I don't see the point of the whole if Laurinaitis loses, he gets fired. If this was real life, Cena should win this no problem. However, I think that Laurinaitis will find some way to previal here.
Prediction: John Laurinaitis

I would get to see the show til a couple of days after. My review will be up during the week and I hope you enjoy the show.

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