Monday, 13 August 2012

Fav Five: July 2012

It's time once again (belatedly) for the Fav Five for July 2012. With two decent PPVs, how will that change the standings?

5. Damien Sandow
Sandow has been one of the best guys to watch on Smackdown. He is an impressive athlete and is probably the best person on the mic at the minute. Sandow was good in Money in the Bank and his appearance at the D-Generation X Reunion at RAW 1000 shows that the WWE may have big things planned for him.
4. Dolph Ziggler
I have been more and more impressed with Ziggler over the last year, especially the way he sells moves. He deserved his victory at the World Heavyweight Championship MITB match and I have really enjoyed his feud with Chris Jericho; making me look forward to their match at Summerslam.
3. AJ
AJ, as always, is fun to watch with her crazy persona. However, since she became RAW General Manager, she hasn't really shown much of that. Hopefully, it may come out over Summerslam and perhaps have a story  where McMahon gets worried over AJ's behaviour.
2. Austin Aries
Austin Aries (the best thing in TNA right now) has stepped up on many levels over 2012. His match in which he won the TNA World Championship at Destination X is one of the matches of the year so far and it's so good to see him at the main event level that he deserves to be.
1. Daniel Bryan
I think Daniel Bryan is a paradox. His 18 second FUCKING LOSS(!!!!) at Wrestlemania would have buried most people. However, he seems to be more over than ever. His evolving persona in which he doesn't like people chanting "Yes!" at him, even going so far as to change his finishing move to the LeBell "Yes" "No" Lock, and  maybe slowly going more crazy than AJ is, has been a joy to watch; and Bryan is, along with Sandow, the guy that I most look forward to seeing on WWE Television.

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