Sunday, 14 July 2013

Money in the Bank 2013 Contenders

It’s now that time of year where the WWE will make two World Champions-in-waiting with the Money in the Bank ladder matches for the World Heavyweight and WWE Championships. So, who are the contenders for this year?

World Heavyweight Championship

Wade Barrett                                                                                    Record: 0-1
The former Intercontinental Champion has long been viewed as a future World Champion. However, as much as I would love to see that happen, a part of me feels that he has missed that opportunity.
Will he Win? It’s highly unlikely

Antonio Cesaro                                                                                Record: First Time
I love everything about Cesaro. His look, his promos and wrestling style are such a joy to watch. His alliance with Jack Swagger and Zeb Coulter may fracture slightly during this match. However, I suspect that we see a World Heavyweight Champion in waiting.
Will he Win? It’s very, very possible

Dean Ambrose                                                                                  Record: First Time
The current United States Champion, along with his Shield buddies, have been one of the highlights in the WWE so far this year. Even though I believe that he will be a future World Champion, I don’t think he will be until long after The Shield part ways.
Will he Win? It’s possible but unlikely

Damien Sandow                                                                               Record: 0-1
While I enjoy Sandow more for his promos than his excellent wrestling ability, I always thought that he would be an interesting World Champion. However, he has not won any title since he debuted so I don't think that WWE will give him this opportunity.
Will he Win? Probably not, no.

Cody Rhodes                                                                                   Record: 0-3
I feel that Cody has been ready to be a future World Champion for a while tho. However, I think that WWE will hold him off for a little while longer.
Will he Win? I can't see it.

Fandango                                                                                          Record: First Time
Fandango has been quite good so far tho I think his wrestling ability does seem to quite limited. I can't see him as a World Champion so I don't think he'll win.
Will he Win? No.

Jack Swagger                                                                                    Record: 1-2
Swagger has been a revelation since his alliance with Zeb Coulter. There's a chance that his partnership with Cesaro could fracture during this match and it will be interesting to see where they go if one of them win. However, I don't think that Swagger will be victorious here.
Will he Win?

WWE Championship

Rob Van Dam                                                                                   Record: 1-1
RVD makes his return to WWE in this match and I'm looking forward to see what he can do. However, I can't see him winning this match.
Will he Win? It's unlikely

CM Punk                                                                                           Record: 2-2
Punk is the only wrestler to win this match twice and he has a great chance of making it three times. However, I feel that Brock Lesnar might pay a visit and ruin that chance.
Will he Win? It's very possible

Daniel Bryan                                                                                      Record: 1-1
Bryan is one of the best things going on in the WWE right now and I would love him to become WWE Champion. It's hard to say whether now would be the time but I really hope that it is.
Will he Win? I really, really hope so.

Christian                                                                                              Record: 0-5
Christian has been in the most MITB matches out of all the competitors in this event. However, with all the talent that he is facing, I expect his record to go to 0-6
Will he Win? Probably not, no

Randy Orton                                                                                         Record: 0-2
Due to the fact that Orton hasn't been a Champion for almost 2 years, a lot of people think that this could be his time. Unfortunately, I'm not one of them plus he doesn't need it.
Will he Win? Probably not, no

Sheamus                                                                                                Record: 0-1
The former World Champion could be a dark horse in this match, like Orton. Despite that, I don't think that he needs it either plus the fact he has been annoying the fuck out of me over the last year.
Will he Win? Probably but it's unlikely

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