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TNA Sacrifice 2014 Review

TNA Sacrifice took place on Sunday April 27th at the Impact Zone in Orlando. TNA seem to be going in a different direction, focusing more on the TNA Originals. Let's look at the card to see how they do.

The first match is for the Tag Team Championships as The BroMans and DJ Z are challenged by The Wolves. The BroMans have recently been getting themselves disqualified. So, The Wolves get Director of Operations MVP to make it a no disqualification match. The Wolves proceed to beat the shit out of Robbie E, Jesse and DJ Z. DJ Z hits Eddie Edwards with a laptop to give his team the advantage.
Davie Richards gets the hot tag and they get the win after 2 double foot stomps to regain the Championships. It was a fun match and I'm starting to like The BroMans at the minute as they're fun to watch. TNA need to develop a few more tag teams otherwise there is the risk of making the division just The BroMans and The Wolves.
Winner: The Wolves

The next match is a Comitted Match(?) between Samuel Shaw and Mr Anderson. The only way to win the match is to put your opponent into the back of a van and sent to a Psychiatric Hospital. Shaw attempts to use Christy Hemme, the object of his affections, as a shield to get the advantage but Anderson deals with that pretty easily. Shaw uses the Kata-gatame to knock out Anderson then turns his attention to Christy. Christy, after slapping him, manages to get away and Anderson recovers to make a comeback and dominate the match, including doing a rolling senton on the ramp and sending Shaw flying over a guard rail. The action goes backstage and it looks like Shaw is going to win but Christy comes back to knee Shaw in the groin. This gives Anderson the chance to hit the Mic Check and throw Sahw into the van to win the match. The match, in terms of wrestling ability, wasn't great but I thought it told a good story between the three of them. I like Shaw's stalker type gimmick and I wonder if they continue with it as he seems to have lost his feud with Mr Anderson.
Winner: Mr Anderson

Next is a tag team match between the team of Ethan Carter III and Rockstar Spud and the team of Kurt Angle and Willow. I liked the beginning as both EC3 and Spud are very reluctant to face Angle. After a little while, EC3 and Spud start wearing down Willow before Angle comes in and hits multiple German suplexes on EC3. Eventually, Spud gets hit with a Twist of Fate by Willow, an Angle Slam by Angle and a Swanton Bomb by Willow to get them the win. Whilst I liked the beginning, it felt like a glorified squash match to me and I don't think EC3 should be in that position right now. EC3 has the ability to be a big star in TNA and I wonder if the company see him that way.
Winners: Kurt Angle and Willow

We now get the rubber match in a best of three series between Tigre Uno and Sanada for the X Division Championship. As usual with X Division matches, it goes at a fast pace for the majority of it. Sanada seems to injure his neck when he gets hit by a corkscrew suicide dive. Tigre Uno doesn't help the situation by hitting a release German suplex, sending Sanada's head onto the bottom turnbuckle. Sanada almost wins it by hitting a tiger suplex into a pin. Tigre Uno goes for the Sabretooth Splash but misses and Sanada hits the moonsault to get the win. I really enjoyed this match and I look forward to seeing more matches with Tigre Uno and Sanada in the future.
Winner: Sanada

James Storm, who I'm still getting used to being a heel, takes on Gunner in a “I Quit” match. Give the level of this feud, I can see this being a brutal match. Both competitors use whatever's available to beat each other down, such as the steel steps, kendo sticks, dustbins and steel chairs. After a while, Storm hits Gunner in the head with a beer bottle. While Gunner looks like he's done and is bleeding quite profusely, he tells the referee that he doesn't want to quit. Storm applies a Boston crab. Gunner gets to the ropes and Storm beats on the referee. Storm whips the fuck out of Gunner's back with a belt then hits the Last Call. Gunner gets fired up and makes a comeback then hits 2 Hangar 18s. Gunner then superplexes Storm onto a guard rail on top of 2 chairs. Gunner then stabs Storm in the head with a hard of glass to make Storm say “I Quit” and win the match. I thought the match was pretty decent. However, I wasn't a fan of the ending as I thought it was a but extreme for Gunner, the face in this feud, to stab his opponent in the head with glass. Despite that, I thought some spots were good.
Winner: Gunner

The Knockouts Championship is on the line as Angelina Love (with Velvet Sky) challenges Madison Rayne. Angelina gets some help from Velvet during the match as she wears down Rayne. Rayne makes a comeback but Angelina gets back into it and almost wins it with a superkick. Madison hits a spear but the referee gets distracted by Velvet. Madison goes over to deal with it but she gets sprayed in the eye with hairspray. Angelina then takes advantage and rolls up Madison to get the win and become a 6-time Knockouts Champion. This was quite a decent match and I can see this feud continuing in the near future.
Winner: Angelina Love

We now get a tables match between Bully Ray and Bobby Roode. The match goes back and forth and they keep trying to put each other through a table set up in a corner. Bully does powerbomb Roode through the table. However, the referee goes down because he accidentally got hit in the face by Roode's leg when he get taken up for the powerbomb. Bully gets another table but Roode hits a RR Spinebuster. Bully tries to splash Roode through a table set up on the outside. However, Bully is pushed off by a bearded man and he goes through the table instead, as Roode moved out of the way. The bell suddenly rings, I assume because the referee recovered enough to see Bully go through the table, and Roode wins the match. It turns out that the bearded man is none other than Dixie Carter. I thought the match was pretty good. However, the ending really ruined. I didn't mind Dixie interfering. It just bugged me that the bell suddenly rang even though the referee was, to me, still down.
Winner: Bobby Roode

The main event is for the TNA World Championship as Eric Young defends the title against Magnus. Young spends the first part of the match keeping Magnus down before he gets hit with a back suplex. Despite Magnus best efforts, including applying a camel clutch and trying to blatantly cheat, Young hits a piledriver then a top rope elbow drop to get the win and retain the TNA World Championship. The match wasn't that great. It seemed to be at a very slow pace and not deserving of a main event. I'm not a fan of Eric Young but I know he and Magnus are capable of having better matches than this. I hope they can improve on this in the future.
Winner: Eric Young

I thought that TNA Sacrifice wasn't a bad event. However, it felt like more it was an episode of Impact than a Pay-Per-View. Slammiversary is TNA's next Pay-Per-View and I hope it will be a lot better than this event.

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