Friday, 5 August 2016

The Cruiserweight Classic: Episode 3

The third episode of the Cruiserweight Classic was shown on Wednesday 27th July. The first two episodes have been entertaining so far so let's hope it continues

Tyson Dux (Canada) vs Zack Saber Jr (England)
I was looking forward to this as we get to see the first Brit in the competition. It was a very slow paced match but I was impressed by the way Saber was getting out of holds. Saber get s the win after applying the uber platter. I was impressed by both guys and I'll be looking out for Saber if he's ever in my area.

Drew Gulak (USA) vs Harv Sihra  (India)
Gulak is a submission specialist but he looks like to employ a brutal offence as he hits Sihra with some hard hitting moves. Gulak gets Sihra to submit thanks to a dragon sleeper with body scissors. I enjoyed this match between the two and I'm looking forward to Gulak and Saber in the next round.

Anthony Bennett (USA) vs Tony Nese (USA)
This was an interesting one to watch as Bennett is almost 50lbs lighter than Nese, which is unusual to see such a large weight difference in a cruiserweight match. Nese proceeds to throw Bennett round like a rag doll; and he wins after hitting a pumphandle slam followed by a 450 splash. This was a good match tho, whilst understandable, the referee checking on Bennett after he got hit by the pumphandle slam did slow it down a bit.

Raul Mendoza (Mexico) vs The Brian Kendrick (USA)
This match was very fast paced to begin with before Kendrick gets the advantage. Mendoza gets back into it, after hitting an awesome corkscrew suicide dive. However, it was not enough as Kendrick gets him to submit to a bully choke to get the win. I really enjoyed this match and hopefully we will see Mendoza in a WWE ring again.

This was another good episode and the next episode will feature another Brit, Jack Gallagher, who looks interesting. Sorry for the delay with this episode. I hope to put up Episode 4 over the weekend.

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