Sunday, 21 August 2016

The Cruiserweight Classic: Episode 6

The second round of the Cruiserweight Classic continues in this week's episodes. With 2 amazing matches last episode, how will the ones in this episode fare? Let's take a look.

Akira Tozowa (Japan) vs Jack Gallagher (England)
I was interested in this one as I enjoyed their 1st round matches. There was a great bit where Gallagher uses Tozowa's limbs to tie him up. Gallagher goes on to attack Tozowa's lower body. Tozowa does get back into it and gets the win after a bridging German suplex. I'm gutted that Gallagher lost but Tozowa winning is the right decision and he will face Gran Metalik in the quarter finals.

Noam Dar (Scotland) vs Hoho Lun (Hong Kong)
Dar uses moves such as a reverse Indian deathlock and, despite Lun's best efforts, he submits to a kneebar for Dar to get the win. The match wasn't bad but compared to the other matches that we've seen, it wasn't very good. However, my totally biased pick is through to the quarter finals.

The Brian Kendrick (USA) vs Tony Nese (USA)
It doesn't start well for Kendrick as Nese starts to knee the fuck out of him. Kendrick takes advantage of a missed moonsault and applies an armbar. Nese hits a brutal buckle bomb but in the end, he misses a 450 splash and Kendrick puts on the bully choke to get the win. Another good match by both guys.

This was another good episode. Dar vs Lun was an ok match but considering we had possible match of the year last episode, it was going to hard to top that. Next week, we get to see Zack Sabre Jr, so hopefully we will have 2 British wrestlers in the quarter finals.

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