Wednesday, 30 November 2016

WWE Hell in a Cell 2016 Review

WWE Hell in a Cell took place at the TD Center in Boston on Sunday 30th October. With three Hell in a Cell matches, will we see history being made tonight? Let's take a look.

The match on the Kick Off Show was Cedric Alexander, Lince Dorado and Sin Cara 2.0 taking on Tony Nese, Drew Gulak and Ariya Daivari. As usual, the match was fast paced and there was a nice bit Alexander, Dorado and Cara did a suicide dive all at once on their opponents. In the end, Alexander hit the Lumbar Check on Gulak to get the win. An enjoyable match to start the event.
Winners; Cedric Alexander, Lince Dorado and Sin Cara (1 for 1)

We get our first Hell in a Cell match right at the beginning as Rusev challenges Roman Reigns for the United States Championship. The match goes back and forth before Rusev attacks Reigns with the steel steps. Reigns, in return, beats up Rusev with a kendo stick. Rusev then uses achain and he puts Reigns in the accolade on the steps with the chain across the face. Reigns powers out of it and hits a Samoan drop onto the steps. He then hits spears rusev off the steps to get the win.

I quite enjoyed the match but I didn't like the ending. I thought that the accolade on the steps was a great way to end it, especially with the chain across the face. However, Reigns just powers out of it like Super Cena and goes on to win. I'm not a big fan of Reigns and WWE doing things like that is not going to make me one.
Winner: Roman Reigns (2 for 2)

Next is Bayley taking on Dana Brooke.  Dana starts to focus on Bayley's injured shoulder. Bayley gets back into it and powers through the pain to hit the Belly-to-Bayley to get the win. The match wasn't anything special but it's good to see Dana Brooke continuing to improve.
Winner: Bayley (3 for 3)

We get our 1st tag team match of the night as Enzo and Big Cass take on Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. Gallows almost murders Enzo with a brutal clothesline to give his team the advantage. He does manage to tag in Big Cass after hitting a DDT from the top rope. However, despite their best efforts, Enzo gets hit with the magic killer and Gallows and Anderson get the win. It was a bit short but it was a good match.
Winners: Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson (4 for 4)

Next is our second Hell in a Cell match as Seth Rollins challenges Kevin Owens for the Universal Championship. The match starts at a fast pace before Owens hits a couple of sentons on Rollins' injured back. Owens proceeds to throw him into the cell head first from the ring. Later on, Owens grabs a fire extinguisher and "accidentally" sets it off in the referee's face. When the second referee opens the door to check on him, The Gift of Jericho runs into the cell and locks the door, makng it a handicap match. Rollins deals with Jericho and powerbombs Owens through two tables. Despite Jericho's help and Owens hitting a powerbomb then using a chair, Rollins still stays in it. In the end, Owens powerbombs Rollins through 2 chairs to get the win. Afterwards, Jericho adds insult to injury by hitting Rollins with a codebreaker. I enjoyed the match and I liked Jericho getting involved. On a side note, will Triple H ever explain why he betrayed Seth Rollins.
Winners: Kevin Owens (5 for 5)

Next is The Brian Kendrick challenging TJ Perkins for the Cruiserweight Championship. Kendrick uses some of Perkins' tape to tie him to the rope to get the advantage. Perkins does get back into it and comes close to winning after applying the kneebar. In the end, Kendirck feigns injury and uses it to cheap shot Perkins with a headbutt. He then applies the Captain's Hook to get the win by submission. It was a good match tho it was maybe  bit short.
Winner: The Brian Kendrick (6 for 6)

The penultimate match is for the RAW Tag Team Championship as Sheamus and Cesaro challenge The New Day. Woods gets isolated but he manages to get the hot tag to Big E. The end comes when Cesaro puts Woods in the sharpshooter and Sheamus hits Woods with Francesca II to stop him from saving. Kofi retaliates by hitting Sheamus with Trouble in Paradise in front of the ref and The New Day get disqualified.  The match wasn't bad I think this is the second time that New Day have been disqualified ad they're supposed to be the good guys.
Winners: Sheamus and Cesaro (6 for 7)

The main event is for the RAW Women's Championship as Charlotte challenges Sasha Banks inside Hell in a Cell. Charlotte doesn't fuck around as she attacks Sasha whilst the cell was being lowered down. They continue to fight among the crowd and it ends with Charlotte powerbombing Sasha through the German announce table. The referees get Sasha some medical attention and Charlotte almost wins the match by forfeit. However, Sasha comes back into the cell and the match begins. They tear each other apart with the match going back and forth. Highlights of the match include: Charlotte hitting a side suplex onto a chair; Sasha doing the double knees off the cell; Sasha hitting the three amigos followed by a frogsplash; and Charlotte applying a figure 8 which Sasha stops with a chair. In the end, Charlotte throws Sasha onto a table twice followed by hitting natural selection to get the win. This was a really good match and I was shocked that Charlotte won as I feel thay it was the wrong decision. I don't think that you can have a beginning like that then have Sasha lose in her home town. Charlotte is now 14-0 in PPV matches and I can see that going on til Wrestlemania.
Winner: Charlotte (6 for 8)

I thought that Hell in a Cell was a decent event. They had some good match but, with the exception of the main event, nothing that really stood out. Hopefully it will get better for Survivor Series.

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