Friday, 16 June 2017

Money in the Bank 2017: The Contenders

Money in the Bank will be taking place this Sunday and they will be two of them, including a women's one for the first time. So, who are the contenders? Let's take a look at them.

Women's Money in the Bank

Becky Lynch
Even though she was the first ever Smackdown Women's Champion, Becky has been down the pecking order recently. I would love to see her win but I can't see it.
Will She Win? Unlikely
I'm not too sure with Carmella. Apparently, some dirtsheets are reporting that she will be the first ever winner. Due to the fact that Smackdown are giving people you wouldn't consider the chance to be a Champion, it is a distinct possibility.
Will She Win? Possibly
A surefire bet in most people's eyes. However, her recent face turn (which I'm struggling to get behind) could count against her. WWE could use this as a chance to do another heel turn but time will tell.
Will She Win? Very possible
Whilst I would love Natalya to win, I feel that's not going to happen.
Will She Win? Unfortunately not
Let's be blunt, she's not going to win. If she does, I will leave wrestling forever.
Will She Win? Fuck no.

Men's Money in the Bank

AJ Styles
This is the most open match that I've seen in a long time. I feel that Styles is one of the favourites in this match.
Will He Win? Possibly
Baron Corbin
Whilst Corbin has gone better recently, I think that it might be too soon for Corbin. However, like Carmella, some dirtsheets are reporting that he is the favourite to win so we will see.
Will He Win? Possibly
Dolph Ziggler
I can't see winning to be honest and I feel that his time has been and gone.
Will He Win? Unlikely
Kevin Owens
I would like Owens to win this. However, his Face of America gimmick and being United States Champion might mean that it might be his time next year.
Will He Win? Probably not
Sami Zayn
Whilst Sami would be great winning Money in the Bank, I feel that it will be another case of close but no cigar.
Will He Win?Unlikely
Shinsuke Nakamura
This is a tough one. I do wonder if they are going to push him to the Moon so quickly. However, I think that they will.
Will He Win? Very possibly

A full preview will be published over the weekend but who do you think will win? Tweet us with your answers to @lodownwrestling

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