Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Just How Dumb Are You, Zack?!

Ever since it was revealed that Eve was using Zack Ryder two weeks ago, she has been alienating her friends in the Divas Division, Kelly Kelly and Alicia Fox. On RAW this week, Eve defeated Alicia in your standard 30-45 second Divas match and then Zack Ryder returned and announced how unhappy that he was being used. Eve started crying and being upset (er...ok) and then a couple of minutes later backstage, she kisses Zack and Zack looks happy about it.

Up until Zack finished speaking, it was fine. Then I started asking a lot of questions. For one, why is Eve being upset about what Zack said? She basically admitted that last week and Zack didn’t say anything that I believe was derogatory to her, or at least nowhere near the level that Cena did two weeks ago. Then, after Eve kisses Zack, why was he so happy about it?

I’m sorry, Zack, I think you’re a great guy and I enjoy your show but you must be the DUMBEST fuck in the WWE right now. It’s so obvious that Eve is planning on using you again and that happened two minutes after you said that you were unhappy with her. Seriously, just how fucking dumb are you (bro)?! I now wonder if Zack, when he was being ass-whooped by Kane over the last few weeks, suffered some sort of brain damage and he now has the memory of a fucking goldfish.

Look, WWE, I like your show but I’m starting to get a bit pissed off when you write inexplicable shit like this. This was a perfect opportunity to create a Wrestlemania feud for Zack. You could have Eve start to use someone else (like The Miz), have Zack be the voice of reason by trying to convince him that he’s being used and you could have a match that way. Normally, if I’m unhappy with a storyline, I wait to see where it goes. However, with this one, I have a sneaking suspicion that this will be shit no matter what.

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