Friday, 30 March 2012

Team Johnny vs Team Teddy

After Wrestlemania on Sunday, the fate of both RAW and Smackdown will be decided by only one man. Either Teddy Long or John Laurinaitis (did you know that he’s the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations and the interim GM of RAW?) will be running both shows and it will be decided by a 12-man tag team match. Let’s look at the wrestlers involved in each team.

Team Johnny

David Otunga (captain)
Ironically, the captain of Team Johnny could be considered the weak link as he is the only one who had not won a singles title. The two-time Tag Team Champion could be the dark horse in this match.
Mark Henry
Mark Henry has been languishing around the mid card for years before deciding to put people into the Hall of Pain like a boss and becoming World Heavyweight Champion. His momentum may have stalled over the last few weeks since his return from injury. However, his match with The Great Khali proved how dangerous he can be.
Christian won the  Oh right, I forgot, Christian is injured for the match. Who’s his replacement again? Oh, yeah.
Drew McIntyre
A last minute replacement for the injured Christian has a lot to prove. The former Intercontinental Champion is very grateful to Laurinaitis for keeping him in a job so expect him to start to repay that in this match.
Jack Swagger
The former United States and World Heavyweight Champion is a tremendous talent and has been performing well since getting the services of Vickie Guerrero.
Dolph Ziggler
The Show Off has been amazing this year and will show everyone how awesome he is. Also, expect him to sell some moves like he’s been thrown out of a car at 80mph.
The Miz
The most must-see WWE Superstar in Miz-tory is finally on the Wrestlemania card after saving Laurinaitis from a cobra last Monday. This is the chance to show that his Wrestlemania main event last year was not a flash in the pan.

Team Teddy

Santino Marella (captain)
Santino is the only person taking place who is a current Champion. Santino has been impressive over the last few weeks and expect an entertaining performance.
Zack Ryder
I feel sorry for Zack. He was the breakout star of  2011 and he needs to evolve from that but I don’t think the WWE will let him. He could be the surprise package.
The Great Khali
Khali is only in this match as part of the deal to get Zack on the team and I don’t know what Teddy (or WWE) see in him. He’s a former World Heavyweight Champion but he is so immobile. The Big Show is one inch taller and almost 100 lbs heavier, yet he can move more than Khali can. Plus he only has like two moves. Expect Khali to slap his way through the match.
R-Truth is a talented wrestler and, although he is slightly insane, could be really useful in this match.
Kofi Kingston
Without a doubt, the most talented wrestler on the team. If Teddy has a chance of winning, he could be on the shoulders of Kofi.
Booker T
This was a surprise when Booker announced himself on the team. Booker is a 6 time World Champion and, although he doesn’t wrestle much, could be the dark horse in this match

If we look at this as if this was a real life match, Teddy’s team has no chance. It seems like a bunch of misfits including a guy who (seriously) can’t wrestle. Johnny’s team has 4 former World Champions and the ability to destroy people. They have to win this. However, don’t write Teddy off. They only need one pinfall to win and they have the ability to pull that out of the bag.

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