Sunday, 18 March 2012

TNA Victory Road 2012 Predictions

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Hey, look at that. It’s time for another TNA Pay Per View, which is taking place at the Impact Wrestling Zone (again!) I have been so busy with work recently that I’ve only now started to catch up on Impact. I’ve haven’t seen their go home show so I’ve looked at the card and made my predictions. So, let’s take a look.

TNA Television Champion Robbie E will defend his title in an open challenge. Last month, Shannon Moore took up the challenge. It might be him, it might not. I don’t really care about it. I expect that Robbie E will be victorious. However, if he does lose, I might be a cheeky bastard and employ the “Divas Royal Rumble Rule”, voiding the prediction.
Predicted Winner: Robbie E

Samoa Joe and Magnus will once defend their Tag Team Championships against Matt Morgan and Crimson. Based on their 6 man tag match a couple of weeks ago, Joe and Magnus are being treated as faces but there’s no explanation why. I assume that TNA was inspired by WWE’s thinking of “Let’s do some stuff but not explain why”, i.e. Kane having a mask. Anyway, as for Crimson and Morgan, it looks like that a feud will develop between the two. Expect Crimson to “inadvertently” cause them to lose, then beating the crap out of Morgan, turning heel.
Predicted Winners: Samoa Joe and Magnus 

Gail Kim will defend her Knockouts Championship against her tag team partner and lackey Madison Rayne. I thought it was really clever how Madison became the No.1 contender and this could be a decent match. The problem is that this is one of two heel vs heel matches so maybe the crowd won’t really be into this and I can’t see either of them turning face. I expect Gail to win and put her lackey in her place.
Predicted Winner: Gail Kim

Austin Aries (the best thing in TNA right now) will be challenged by Zema Ion for the X-Divison Championship. Like the Knockouts match, this is another heel vs heel. However, due to the crowd recognising Aries’ tremendous talent, he might be cheered during the match. Also, based on his match against Kid Kash at Final Resolution, Aries can make heel vs heel matches work. I think that Aries will win this and keep the title (hopefully for ever)
Predicted Winner: Austin Aries

Kurt Angle will take on Jeff Hardy in what could be a good match. These guys could be challenging for the World Heavyweight Championship after Lockdown so it’s a tough one. I’m going for Angle on this one.
Predicted Winner: Kurt Angle

AJ Styles and Mr Anderson will take on Kazarian and Christopher Daniels. It’s nice to see Anderson as I quite enjoy his gimmick but I think his return might not be enough for a victory.
Predicted Winners: Kazarian and Christopher Daniels

Bully Ray will take on James Storm in what could be a great match. I like Bully at the minute but I think that Storm will be the next World Heavyweight Champion so I believe that he will win.
Predicted Winner: James Storm

In the main event, Sting will take on Bobby Roode. I find it weird that the World Heavyweight Championship is not being defended at the event and this is a tough one to call. I expect shenanigans to be taking place (because it’s TNA) and for Roode to find some way to win.
Predicted Winner: Bobby Roode

Just to remind you that, due to the UK TV deal with TNA, I won’t get to see it until Wednesday night. Enjoy the show and I’ll post my review up on Thursday morning. 

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