Sunday, 24 January 2016

Lo-Down Wrestling Awards 2015

It's that time of year where I get to give out my wrestling awards. I didn't anywhere near as much wrestling as I would like. Despite that, I've enjoyed what I've seen. So, let's look at the winners.

Moment of the Year
Seth Rollins Cashing In His Money in the Bank Briefcase at Wrestlemania
WrestleMania 31: Seth Rollins and Biggest Winners from Championship Results
What a moment for Seth Rollins. To cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase during the main event of Wrestlemania was a very ballsy call. It made for great drama and a wonderful ending as Rollins pinned Roman Reigns to become World Heavyweight Champion.

PPV of the Year
Wrestlemania 31
 Out of all the PPVs that I watched, I found this to be the most enjoyable. It had some really good matches and possibly the most dramatic ending to a Wrestlemania ever.
Most Surprising Moment of the Year
Kevin Owens Beating John Cena at WWE Elimination Chamber
What a moment for Kevin Owens. To beat John Cena, the face of the company, clean in your first match on the main roster is a tremendous achievement. Shame that they announced a rematch that same night.

Douchebag of the Year
Over the last year, TNA lost another TV contract and let people go like Samoa Joe and  AJ Styles. Then they did a World Title Series that was recorded over 4 days then showed over 6 months. They have some great talent there (like EC3) but I don't think that that will be enough to save them.

Newcomer of the Year
Kevin Owens
Image result for kevin owens
What a year for Kevin Owens. He joins NXT, becomes NXT Champion; beats John Cena in his first match on the main roster; then becomes Intercontinental Champion. Here's hoping 2017 will continue the rise of Owens.

Most Improved Wrestler of the Year
The New Day
The New Day and the Best WWE Mic Mastery for Week of August 31

In a first, I'm giving this to a group and The New Day have been brilliant over the last year. They took something that was a stereotype that could have buried them into the best thing to see on WWE Television this year. Well done to them. 

Match of the Year
Bayley vs Sasha Banks, NXT Takeover Brooklyn

For the second time, a match from NXT wins this award. This match stole the show and their rematch, a 30 minute Iron Woman match at NXT Takeover Respect, was almost as good.

Tag Team of the Year
The New Day
 New Day's Comedic Gimmick Prevents WWE's Hottest Act from Turning Heel
The first ever LDW Tag Team of the Year Award goes to The New Day, the best thing to see on the WWE right now.

Female Wrestler of the Year
Sasha Banks
Sasha Banks
What a year for Sasha Banks. She became NXT Women's Champion then got involved in a tremendous feud with Bayley; then got promoted to the main roster. It's a shame she's with Tamina and Naomi, who aren't great, but I expect a big year for her in 2016.

Male Wrestler of the Year
Seth Rollins
Seth Rollins' Development Is WWE's Biggest Success Story
For most of the year, Seth Rollins was one of the best things to watch on WWE, along with The New Day. Rollins was involved in great matches over the year, including cashing in his Money in the Bank to become World Heavyweight Champion at Wrestlemania. It's a shame he is out for a year as he could have done so much more. However, I look forward to his return and become World Heavyweight Champion once again.

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