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WWE Survivor Series 2015 Review

WWE Survivor Series 2015 took place on Sunday 22nd November at the Phillips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. We will be seeing a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion after the show. So who will it be? Let's take a look.

The match during the Kick Off was a Survivor Series match. It was the team of Hollywood Miz, Bo Dallas, Stardust and The Ascension taking on the team of Neville, The Dudley Boyz,Titus O'Neill and  Goldust. The first elimination was when Viktor was eliminated by Goldust with a powerslam. Konnor gets eliminated by Bubba Ray with a spine buster. Neville then gets eliminated by The Miz thanks to a skull crushing finale but he gates immediately eliminated when he gets rolled up by Goldust. Stardust becomes the omly person left on his team when Titus eliminated Bo with the Clash of the Titus. In the end, Stardust walks into a 3D to give the opposition the win. It was a good match and got the fans ready for the show.
Winners: The Dudley Boyz, Titus O'Neill and Goldust
Predictions: N/A

The event starts with the first semi-final of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship tournament with Roman Reigns taking on United States Champion Alberto Del Rio. In an entertaining match, Del Rio thought he won it with a cross armbreaker but it was in vain as Reigns hit the spear to get the win. I really enjoyed the match and a good way to start the show.
Winner: Roman Reigns
Predictions: 1 for 1

The second semi-final was one that I was really looking to: Dean Ambrose taking on Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens. In the end, Owens goes for the pop-up powerbomb but Ambrose gets out of it and hits the Dirty Deeds to get the win. This match was throughly enjoyable and it sets up an interesting final between Reigns and Ambrose.
Winner: Dean Ambrose
Predictions: 2 for 2

We now get the second Survivor Series elimination match. It's the team of Ryback, The Lucha Dragons and The Usos against the team of The New Day (sucks!), King Barrett and Sheamus. The first elimination took place when Sin Cara 2.0 pinned Barrett after a swanton bomb. Jimmy Uso was eliminated thanks to a double stomp off the top ropes by Woods then Sheamus eliminates Sin Cara 2.0 with a brogue kick. The teams are down to 3 each when Big E is eliminated thanks to Jey Uso. Woods and Kofi take Big E to the back, leaving Sheamus by himself. In the end, Ryback hit Sheamus with the Shell Shock to get his team the win. I thought it was a good match and The New Day continue to show why they are probably the best thing to watch in the WWE right now.
Winners: Kalisto, Ryback and Jey Uso
Predictions: N/A

The Divas Championship is on the line as Paige challenges Charlotte. Charlotte manages to apply the figure 4 early on but is forced to let go when Paige gets out of the ring. The match changes momentum a few times until Charlotte spears Paige off the barricade. Charlotte gets her back into the ring and applies the figure 8 to get the win. It was a good match but some of Charlotte's actions during the match was questionable as she's supposed to be the good guy in this feud.
Winner: Charlotte
Predictions: 3 for 3

Next we get Tyler Breeze taking on  Dolph Ziggler. In quite a short match, Breeze kicks Ziggler in the knee, giving him the chance to hit the Unprettier to get the win. It was a good match and I look forward to see how Breeze does on the main roster. You know, before creative find some way to fuck it up.
Winner: Tyler Breeze
Predictions: 4 for 4

The penultimate match was between the team of The Undertaker and Kane and two members of the Wyatt Family, Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper.  Wyatt and Harper get the advantage after Braun Stroman sent Kane flying over the announce table. Undertaker gets the hot tag after Kane hit a running DDT on Wyatt. They proceed to chokeslam both Wyatt and Harper followed by Stroman through the Spanish announce table. In the end, Undertaker hits the tombstone piledriver on Harper to get the win. It was a decent match. However, I feel that Wyatt should have taken the loss. Plus, I still don't get why Stroman wasn't in the match.
Winners: Kane and The Undertaker
Predictions: 5 for 5

The main event was the final of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament with Dean Ambrose taking on Roman Reigns. They go all out for this match, going at an fast pace. Ambrose almost wins it with the dirty deeds but in the end, Ambrose gets hit with the spear after he goes for an avalanche splash and Reigns wins. I thought, although it was quite short, was very enjoyable. I was expecting an Ambrose heel turn and become Champion. However, I'm glad that they didn't.
Winner: Roman Reigns
Predictions: 5 for 6

After some confetti and fireworks, Triple H comes out to congratulate Reigns. Reigns responds by spearing him. Suddenly, Sheamus comes in, brogue kicks Reigns and cashes in his Money in the Bank briefcase. Sheamus immediately covers Reigns but he kicks out. Sheamus then hits another brogue kick to get the win. I was quite surprised that the WWE  went down this road. I assume that they want to do the same route as they did with Daniel Bryan. However, Reigns is not that kind of wrestler. I wonder if it would be better if they go down the Goldberg route.
Winner: Sheamus
Predictions: N/A

I thought that Survivor Series was a good show. I did question some of the creative decisions behind the matches but they were generally good. We now have to see how they handle Sheamus and Reigns.

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