Monday, 3 October 2016

WWE Clash of Champions 2016 Review

WWE Clash of Champions, which is the first RAW exclusive Pay-Per-View in over 9 years, took place this Sunday at the Banker's Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis. With every RAW Championship on the line, how will RAW look afterwards? Let's take a look.

The match on the Kick Off Show is Nia Jax taking on Alicia Fox. Alicia immediately goes on the offense, surprising Nia. However, it is quickly dealt with and despite a brief flurry by Alicia, Nia hits a Samoan drop to get the win. The match was ok but I slightly worry about what they're doing with Nia. Hopefully she will be in the Championship picture in the near future.
Winner: Nia Jax (1 for 1)

The first match on the show is for the RAW Tag Team Championships as Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson challenge Kofi Kingston and Big E from The New Day. Gallows immediately destroys Big E with a clothesline and this gives Anderson the chance hit Kofi with a running powerbomb then continue his assault. Big E does recover and gets tagged in by Kofi. Later on, Gallows and Anderson go for the magic killer for Kofi but are unsuccessful. In the end, Xavier Woods hits Anderson with the trombone Francesca and Kofi and Big E hit the midnight hour to get the win. A really enjoyable match to start the show although I don't like it when faces use heel tactics to win matches.
Winners: The New Day (1 for 2)

The next match is for the Cruiserweight Championship as The Brian Kendrick challenges TJ Perkins. Perkins goes for the kneebar early on but Kendrick starts to focus on the head and neck, applying straightjacket moves. Perkins does get back into it and gets the win after applying the kneebar. It was a good match but based on the amazing matches that we had in the Cruiserweight Classic, I do wonder if it could have been better.
Winner: TJ Perkins (2 for 3)

We now get the final match in a best of 7 series between Cesaro and Sheamus. Both guys get to use some unique offense against their opponent such as Cesaro hitting a 619. The end comes when the fight goes to the outside and Cesaro clotheslines Sheamus into the crowd. Medics attend to them and the referee determines that they cannot continue and ends the match due to a no contest. Wait, what? What a shitty ending. This was a good match and it was a shame that it ended like this.
Winner: No Contest (2 for 4)

Now a match I was really looking forward to: Sami Zayn taking on Chris Jericho. Jericho gets the advantage after hitting Zayn to the outside with a springboard dropkick. Zayn avoids a bulldog by throwing Jericho into the turnbuckle to start a comeback. After kicking out of a blue thunder bomb, Jericho suddenly hits the codebreaker to get the win. Whilst it seemed a bit slow at times, it was an enjoyable match between the two.
Winner: Chris Jericho (3 for 5)

Next was a triple threat match for the RAW Women's Championship as Bayley and Sasha Banks challenging Charlotte, who had Dana Brooke in her corner. After some back and forth, Dana takes out Bayley allowing Charlotte to focus on Sasha's back. Bayley gets back into it and hits the belly to Bayley on  Charlotte but Sasha stops it. Sasha puts Charlotte in the Banks statement but Dana pulls her out of the ring. In the end, Charlotte hits 2 big boots on Bayley to get the win. This was a good match but most of the time, it felt it was an 1-on-1 match between Sasha and Charlotte.
Winner: Charlotte (4 for 6)

The penultimate match is for the United States Championship as Roman Reigns challenges Rusev. Rusev focuses his attack on Reigns' ribs with punches and knee strikes. Later on, Reigns gets back into it and goes out of the accolade to hit a spear. However, Lana pulls the referee out of the ring. Instead of disqualifying Rusev, the referee ejects Lana. Rusev does apply the accolade but Reigns powers out of it and hits a spear to get the win. Up until the first spear, I found the match to be boring but then it picked up the pace and it seemed to be a bit better.
Winner: Roman Reigns (4 for 7)

The main event is Seth Rollins challenging Kevin Owens  for the WWE Universal Championship. Owens takes control after hitting a brutal DDT. He then focuses on Rollin's surgically repaired knee. rollins gets back the advantage after hitting a clothesline and slingblade. There was a bit where Owens misses a senton and crashes through the German announce table. Suddenly Chris Jericho(??) runs in and Rollins hits a pedigree. However, Jericho puts Owens on the rope. Rollins then knocks down the referee after getting out of a pop up powerbomb. The action continues and Stephanie McMahon sends out another referee. Owens then hits a pop up powerbomb to get the win.

I enjoyed most of the match but then it degenerated into a clusterfuck. We were all expecting Triple H to run in so it was surprising to see Jericho do it instead. We still haven't seen him on WWE TV since then yet he was at the show as seen in a video. So, what is going on?
Winner: Kevin Owens (5 for 8)

I thought that Clash of Champions was a mixed bag. The wrestling was generally good but some of the matches were ruined with some bad endings. Hopefully, it will get better when Hell in a Cell comes around.

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