Sunday, 6 October 2013

WWE Battleground 2013 Preview

WWE Battleground will be taking place this Sunday at the First Niagara Center in Buffalo. The last two events have been pretty good and let's see if it will continue with that.

The Kick-Off show will feature Dolph Ziggler taking on Damien Sandow. It has the potential to be a very good match and it's a tough one to call. I'm going for Sandow to win here and hopefully get a strong build before becoming the new World Heavyweight Champion.
Predicted Winner: Damien Sandow

Kofi Kingston will face Bray Wyatt in what could be an interesting match. I will be very surprised if Kofi wins this so I'm expecting Bray Wyatt to win here and give his opponent a con-stairo afterwards. 
Predicted Winner: Bray Wyatt

CM Punk will face another one of Paul Heyman's guys: Ryback. I can see this match going either way but I think they need to cement Ryback so I think he will win here.
Predicted Winner: Ryback

AJ Lee will defend her Divas Championship against Brie Bella. This is a weird one cos they're both heels but I think they can make it work. I really don't want Brie to win here but I think she will.
Predicted Winner: Brie Bella

The Real Americans will take on the team of Santino Marella and The Great Khali (oh, God). Whilst I love Cesaro and Swagger, I don't really care about this match. I would love the Real Americans to win here but I don't think they will. Therefore, even though I really don't want them to, I'm going for Santino and Khali to win here.
Predicted Winners: Santino Marella and Great Khali

R-Truth will challenge Curtis Axel for the Intercontinental Championship. I'm not sure about this one as I can't see either one being the Champion. I'm going for Axel to win and stay Champion for a bit longer.
Predicted Winner: Curtis Axel

Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins will face the team of Cody Rhodes and Goldust. If the Rhodes win, they get their jobs back. If they lose, they're banned from the WWE and their father, Dusty Rhodes, will lose his job. So no pressure then. I think that, despite the best efforts of the Rhodes, I think that The Shield might get a little help to get the victory.
Predicted Winners: Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins

Rob Van Dam will get another opportunity to challenge Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship in a Battleground Hardcore Match. This is a tough one to call as I can see both guys winning. I'm going for the status quo and think that Del Rio will win.
Predicted Winner: Alberto Del Rio

The main event is for the WWE Championship, which was been held in abeyance (ie vacated), between Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan. A lot of people think it might end in a no contest and I can see that happening. If it doesn't end in a clusterfuck, I think that Orton will win here.
Predicted Winner: Randy Orton

I have to review 3 PPVs this month so I hope to have the review up this week. I hope you guys enjoy the show.

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