Friday, 15 July 2011

Money in the Bank Contenders

The participants of the two Money in the Bank ladder matches have been confirmed and, especially for Smackdown, there are a lot of wrestlers taking part for the first time. Will they have what it takes to be a future World Champion? Let’s take a look.


Heath Slater                                                                           MITB Record: First time
Despite having tag team success, I really don’t see him winning this match. He might have more of a chance than Justin Gabriel but you’ll be an idiot if you think he’s going to win.
Probability of Winning: No Chance in Hell

Justin Gabriel                                                                        MITB Record: First time
The one person who has less of a chance than Heath Slater. He won’t win either.
Probability of Winning: No Chance in Hell

Sin Cara                                                                                 MITB Record: First time
Sin Cara has been impressive in his matches, and I can’t wait to see what he can do in a ladder match. However, it’s way too soon to be him even being considered to be a future World Heavyweight Champion. Also, the WWE might want a champion who can, oh, I don’t know...speak.
Probability of Winning: Slim

Cody Rhodes                                                                         MITB Record: First time
The wrestler formerly known as “Dashing” has been enjoyable since his “disfigurement”. However, unless they do a storyline in which despite being World Heavyweight Champion, he’s still not happy, I can’t see him winning.
Probability of Winning: Slim

Daniel Bryan                                                                         MITB Record: First time
The “American Dragon” is a fan favourite and, if played right, could be a future World Champion. Maybe in a year or two, but I don’t think he’s ready yet.
Probability of Winning: Potential dark horse

Kane                                                                                       MITB Record: 1-2
Kane is the only wrestler here who has not only competed in this match but also won it as well. He has a good chance of winning but I don’t think he will.
Probability of Winning: High but not that high

Sheamus                                                                                 MITB Record: First time
The Celtic warrior has an issue with Randy Orton and, if Orton wins on Sunday, could be the next No.1 contender. For that reason, he might not win it but it’s a very high probability that he could.
Probability of Winning: Bet on him but don’t use the house.

Wade Barrett                                                                         MITB Record: First time
I like Wade Barrett and the best bit about him is that he’s British. I think that he’s ready to take it to the next level and be a World Champion.
Probability of Winning: Bet! Bet! Bet!


Evan Bourne                                                                         MITB Record: 0-2
The high flyer from St Louis is always fun to watch in these kinds of matches. I think that he will be a great US Champion but not a WWE champion.
Probability of winning: No chance in hell

Kofi Kingston                                                                        MITB Record: 0-3
Kofi has been a good champion when he has had the Intercontinental or the US belts and could be a future World champion. However, I’m not sure if WWE see him that way so I don’t think he’ll win.
Probability of winning: Slim

R-Truth                                                                                  MITB Record: First time
I’ve been loving R-Truth’s heel turn portraying himself as a man who thinks there’s a conspiracy against him. Expect that to continue.
Probability of winning: Slim

Jack Swagger                                                                          MITB Record: 1-0
Jack shocked a lot of people (including myself) by winning the MITB at Wrestlemania 26. I don’t know if he can do it again but I won’t be surprised if he does.
Probability of winning: Just above slim.

Alex Riley                                                                                MITB Record: First time
Alex Riley has been extremely impressive since he stopped being the Miz’s “Virgil”. I think that he could be a great World champion but it’s way too soon for him. However, a WWE title feud between him and the Miz could be interesting.
Probability of winning: Potential dark horse

Rey Mysterio                                                                         MITB Record: First time
I’m very surprised that this is Rey’s first MITB match. However, he is the only one out of both matches that has suffered the MITB contract being cashed in against him. Like Evan Bourne, he will be impressive in this match. Unlike Evan Bourne, he has more of a chance of winning.
Probability of winning: High

The Miz                                                                                  MITB Record: 1-0
The Miz is vying with CM Punk and Alberto Del Rio to be the No.1 heel in the WWE. He won last year and could be the first wrestler since CM Punk to win it two years in a row. However, I can see Alex Riley screwing him out of winning it and continuing the feud.
Probability of winning: Very high.

Alberto Del Rio                                                                     MITB Record: First time
Alberto will definitely be a World Champion, that’s a fact. When, however, is a different matter. He has a very good chance of winning this and he’s my pick but it’s hard to see if he actually will.
Probability of winning: Bet on him but not the house.

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