Thursday, 28 July 2011

RAW: The More Things Change, the More Things Stay the Same

After the events of Money in the Bank and last week’s RAW, I was looking forward to this week’s RAW with interest. Vince was gone and probably my all-time favourite wrestler was now in charge. Plus, we would be crowning a new “WWE Champion” (we all know that CM Punk is the true champion). Quite a lot happened that I wanted to write about but I was finding it hard to write a full article about them. Therefore, I decided to combine the stuff that I wanted to write about into what was good and bad about RAW.

Good RAW

Rey Mysterio becoming “WWE Champion”
In an enjoyable match, Rey beat the Most Must-See WWE Superstar in Miz-tory to become the “WWE Champion”. Whilst I was gutted that the Awesome One lost, I felt that Rey deserved to be “champion”. He has never won it before and I thought it was a great end to the tournament and then he stopped Alberto Del Rio from cashing in his MITB contract with an amazing dive over the top rope to Del Rio, who was standing by the commentator’s table. I can see Del Rio trying to cash it in for a while and getting frustrated that he can’t as he slowly starts to run out of time.
Welcome back, JR!
Unlike most fans and smarks, I feel sorry for Michael Cole. I think that he is a decent commentator but he had to take over from possibly the most popular commentator ever in Jim Ross. I know that a lot of people love JR but Vince has been trying to replace him throughout the last decade: first with Joey Styles and then with Mike Adamle (Worst. Commentator. Ever). Eventually Michael Cole, who took over in 1999 when JR was ill and has been biding his time on Smackdown ever since, became the primary WWE commentator but he always was going to under the shadow of JR. When Cole slowly started to turn heel, at first I thought that it was a good idea, playing on the fan’s dislike of him. However, recently he seems to be a whiny git and I wasn’t liking it. So, due to the chemistry with Jerry Lawler, I’m glad that JR is back and I’ll be interested to see the dynamic between Lawler, Ross and Cole over the coming weeks.
The Return of CM Punk
I only became a massive fan of CM Punk (in which I have apologised for on Twitter) and I was missing him while he was away. His return made for a great end to RAW with the change in theme tune (Cult of Personality, awesome!) making everyone wondering who the hell it was and then stepping out and getting cheered by the crowd. If it hasn’t set up a match between Cena and Punk at Summerslam, then I’ll eat my hat (as soon as I find one).

Unfortunately, bad RAW is all focused on the “WWE Championship.”

Not the Spinner Belt Again!
When the WWE changed their belt design to the spinner belt, at the time it made sense because it suited John Cena’s character. However, it looked stupid when it was worn by people like Triple H and Randy Orton. In the run-up to Wrestlemania, the Miz did a promo in which he unveiled the WWE Championship belt with the WWE logo inverted to look like an ‘M’. He mentioned that he didn’t want the belt to look like a toy and he was right because it does. The most important title in the company looks more in place in a nursery than a wrestling ring. This was a perfect opportunity to have a new design but the WWE decided to keep it the same.
The Champ is Here (yet again!!)
The first announcement that Triple H made was a match between Mysterio and Cena for the “WWE Championship.” That sucked for Mysterio and you can imagine the conservation between him and Triple H:
Triple H: Rey, because CM Punk left with the WWE Championship belt, John Cena never got his rematch. So, I’m giving it to him tonight, ok?
Rey: Erm... Triple H, I just won this less than 20 minutes ago. I then suffered a sneak attack from the Miz and then I had to stop Del Rio from cashing in his contract. I don’t really think that’s fair that I should face a fresh John Cena.
Triple H: Do you want me to pedigree you through a table?
Rey: No...
Triple H: Then you will do the match.
If I was Rey, I’d be pissed that I was “WWE Champion” for less than 2 hours. The WWE don’t need to have the same guys continually have the World titles. Cena doesn’t need an 11th (!!) title reign but I can see why they did it. More on that in a bit.
The Return of CM Punk
I know that I mentioned this in good RAW but hear me out here.
Whilst I’m happy that Punk returned, it was way, way too soon for him to come back. It would have made more sense if Punk had disappeared at least until Summerslam. It would have been amazing to have the new “WWE Champion” run around for a bit and then randomly have Punk come out and saying “I’m the true champion”. Basically, take the ending of RAW and put it into the end of Summerslam. It would have been the perfect main event for Night of Champions, a match to determine who was the true WWE Champion. I can see why Cena became “champion” because he is supposed to be the hero. However, this would be a perfect opportunity for someone new like maybe Rey, Kofi Kingston or maybe even the Miz in a face turn to be the saviour of the WWE for once with maybe Cena helping them out to defeat Punk. Unfortunately, while I think that Cena has been awesome in this storyline, its things like this that makes me more of a Cena hater than a Cena lover.

Over the summer, the WWE has attempted to try new things with the Punk storyline. However, I feel like that they rushed the storyline a little bit with Punk returning. Only time will tell if that turned out to be a good idea.

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