Monday, 18 July 2011

Money in the Bank Review

Just watched one of the most anticipated WWE Pay-Per-Views in years, did it live up to the hype and more importantly, how many predictions did I get right? Let’s take a look.

As I predicted, the Smackdown MITB match was first. Highlights include lots of aerial moves by almost everyone, Sheamus power bombing Sin Cara through a ladder and Kane chokeslamming Sheamus onto a ladder. It ended up being a 3-way between the wrestler formerly known as “Dashing”, Daniel Bryan and Wade Barrett with Daniel Bryan emerging victorious.
Predictions: 0 for 1

Brie Bella vs Kelly Kelly for the Divas Championship was next and Kelly Kelly had the sense to bring Eve Torres with her to stop any crap by the Bella twins. Which didn’t happen. After a lot of screaming and some wrestling, Kelly Kelly wins after a K2.
Predictions: 0 for 2

Mark Henry vs The Big Show next and this was a decent match. Mark Henry comes close after a World’s Strongest Slam but prevails after another one followed by two splashes. Henry then proceeds to injure Show’s ankle, resulting in the paramedics coming out (again!)
Predictions: 0 for 3
Ok, it’s not going well for me in my predictions. Hopefully I can get back on track with the RAW MITB match. Highlights of this match include everyone deciding to bring in their own ladder to the ring and then proceeding to bury Del Rio with them, Bourne doing AirBourne to everyone outside the ring, the Miz injuring his knee, and everyone on the top of ladders trying to grab the briefcase. It ended up being between Rey Mysterio and Del Rio, in which Alberto Del Rio pulls it out of the bag after unmasking Mysterio and getting him off the ladder.
Predictions: 1 for 4 (finally!!)

Christian vs Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Championship up next and Christian had better win this otherwise they have wasted almost four months on a pointless storyline. Mike Chioda was the referee again and I thought it would have been nice if Christian insisted on a change of official after what happened last time. Anyway, back to the match. It was a really enjoyable match except for the ending. Christian spits in Orton’s face, resulting in Orton beating up and then giving him a low blow (?!) disqualifying him and making Christian the new World Heavyweight Champion. Really?! If you’re going to get disqualified, at least use a chair or something! And then, Orton acts like the ultimate sore loser, RKO-ing Christian twice onto the Spanish Announcer’s table. What a dick! Once again, Orton’s actions make me wonder why he’s the No.1 babyface on Smackdown. At least, Christian won. Hopefully, he will be champion for more than two days but I think we’re going to see Orton vs Christian V at Summerslam.
Predictions: 2 for 5

And now, the match that everyone has been talking about, CM Punk vs John Cena for the WWE Championship and, I know it’s CM Punk’s home town, but I have never seen a more partisan crowd ever at a WWE event. The crowd cheered everything that Punk and booed everything that Cena did at the beginning. This was a really fun match with so many near falls and, honestly, from the way the crowd was into it, would have not looked out of place at a Wrestlemania.  The match also had a brilliant ending. Vince McMahon and John Laurinaitis come out and when Cena has Punk in the STF, Vince tries to do the Chicago Screwjob. Cena breaks the hold and stops Laurinaitis from getting the timekeeper to ring the bell. Unfortunately, Cena then walks into a GTS and CM Punk is the new WWE Champion. Wow! Even though I predicted this, I honestly thought that the WWE wouldn’t go with it, but they did. What a way to end the show.
Predictions: 3 for 6

Or is it the end? Vince, irate, goes to plan B and calls out Alberto Del Rio to cash in his MITB contract. Del Rio runs in and is immediately kicked on the back of the head by Punk, who promptly runs through the crowd, but not before giving Vince McMahon a goodbye kiss.

Overall, except for Randy Orton acting like a dick, I really enjoyed this Pay-Per-View and the reaction from the internet has been very positive. All of the matches were enjoyable and the crowd was into it throughout the whole thing. I rarely buy wrestling DVDs but I will be buying this one and will be watching RAW with great interest.

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