Thursday, 14 June 2012

The Kharma Problem

A lot of people are critical of the Divas Division in the WWE, including myself. Some of the wrestlers do have the ability to put on some good matches but the WWE rarely give them that opportunity and now people have been conditioned to use the Divas match as a chance to get refreshments or go to the bathroom.

That looked to change with the arrival of Kharma. Kharma was known as Awesome Kong in TNA, who had one of the company’s greatest rivalries with Gail Kim. Kharma made her debut in Extreme Rules 2011, when she destroyed Michelle McCool. She then went on to destroy Layla and looked like she was going to revolutionise the Divas Division. However, a few weeks later, Kharma announced that she was pregnant and disappeared from television, expecting to return in a year.

With the minor exception of the Legion Divas of Doom, the Divas Division seemed to plod along as usual. Then the Royal Rumble occurred and Kharma made her return after the birth of her child to everyone’s surprise. Even though she was facing the men, she was extremely impressive, giving the Implant Buster to Dolph Ziggler and Gorilla Press Slamming Hunico out of the ring. Kharma only lasted a minute before Ziggler eliminated her but it gave everyone a taste of what to expect in the Divas Division over the coming year.

And therein lies the problem. Everyone has been expecting Kharma to return but she hasn’t yet. I understand that to a certain extent with the circumstances surrounding her birth. However, Kharma has been saying on Twitter that she is ready, so what’s the problem? I feel that the WWE are waiting for the right time for Kharma to make her comeback. However, you can’t do that for ever. No matter how you look at it, Kharma is going to revolutionise the Divas Division. Until that happens, not many people are going to care about the Divas. So, the way that I see it, the sooner Kharma returns, the better.

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