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TNA Slammiversary 2012 Review

The tenth anniversary of TNA was celebrated with Slammiversary, which took place at the College Park Arena in Arlington, Texas. What was the event like and how many does Hogan make an appearance? Let's take a look.

We open the show with Hulk Hogan coming out. Fuck, that was quick! Hogan announces that the match between Samoa Joe and Austin Aries (the best thing in TNA right now) will be for the X-Division Championship. Erm...normally I would be happy with that, but doesn't the X-Divsion Championship havea weight limit? No offence to Joe, but I think he might be a tad over the limit.

Samoa Joe takes on Austin Aries (the best thing in TNA right now) for the X-Division Championship in a match that I was looking forward to. The match starts with kicks and punches by both guys before Aries attempts a suicide dive but Joe counters it with a kick to the head. Joe is dominant for a while before Aries slows him down with a suicide dive. Aries attempts a brianbuster but he couldn't lift Joe up and this gives Joe the opportunity to hit Aries with a variety of submission moves. Aries hits a 450 splash but he only gets a 2 count. Joe does a rear naked choke but that was countered into a pin attempt. Aries hits a running dropkick followed by a brainbuster to get the win. This was a really good match and it could be the match of the night. It's a shame that it was the opening match but you wanted a match to get the crowd up for the event. This match truly delivered and it looked like the crowd were really into it.
Winner: Austin Aries                                                                                  Predictions: 1 for 1

Next we had Kid Kash take on Hernandez in a match that I don't really care about. Hopefully, they can make me change my mind. Hernandez uses his strength to throw Kash like a rag doll to begin with. Some of the other highlights was Hernandez doing over a Undertaker style suicide dive to Kash outside the ring. Hernandez gets the win with a top rope splash. The match was quite good and it made me change my mind.
Winner: Hernandez                                                                                   Predictions: 1 for 2

Robbie E and Robbie T took on Devon and Garrett "Future of the Business" Bischoff in another match that I don't really care about. Ah well, at least we're getting the two matches that I don't give a fuck about out the way quickly. The match starts with Robbie E and Garrett before Robbie E tags in Robbie T. During the match, Madison "Screamer" Rayne turns up by the titantron looking absolutely stunning. Meanwhile, Robbie E and Robbie T start to completely dominate Garrett. Garrett gets the hot tag and Devon destroys Robbie E, hitting the spinebuster to get the win. The match was what I expected with Garrett doing basic moves before getting his ass kicked; Garrett getting the hot tag to Devon and Devon getting the win.
Winners: Devon and Garrett Bischoff                                                    Predictions: 2 for 3

The next match was to determine the No.1 contender for the TNA World Championship in a triple threat between Mr Anderson, Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam. RVD starts to run the show and tries to powerbomb Anderson, who was in the process of superplexing Hardy. However, Anderson managed to stop that. Anderson superplexes Hardy and RVD attempts a splash on both of them but Hardy and Anderson move out of the way. Anderson does a backslide on RVD which Hardy takes advantage of by pinning the other side of RVD, forcing him to kick out. Hardy hits the twist of fate on RVD then hits the swanton bomb. Mr Anderson stops the count by pulling the referee. He then throws Hardy put of the ring and RVD attempts the rolling thunder, which is countered into the Mic Check by Anderson to get the win. I really enjoyed this match with a lot of big moves and counters.
Winner: Mr Anderson                                                                              Predictions: 3 for 4

We now get to find out who accepted the open challenge of Crimson (the most pointless undefeated wrestler ever) and the person is...James Storm!!! Storm proceeds to completely destroy Crimson and, despite a brief comeback by Crimson, gets the win with a Last Call superkick. I didn't mind Crimson being undefeated, but it didn't seem to lead to anything except a Tag Team Championship with Matt Morgan. Ah well, it now looks like I have to write Crimson (who had the most pointless undefeated streak ever). In terms of my predictions, I was going to be a dick and employ the Divas Royal Rumble Rule and void my prediction. However, my douchebag of a brother (@jaylight3)decided to be the voice of reason and said I count the prediction as a loss. To quote Bunk from the Wire: "You happy now, bitch?!"
Winner: James Storm                                                                             Predictions: 3 for 5

TNA President Dixie Carter comes out to thank the crowd and announce the first inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame, who is Sting. I thought it would be a TNA original who had retired. Despite that, Sting is one of the most recognisable and famous wrestlers of all time on the same level as Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan. Even though he is 53, I would still love to see him in the WWE. He can still go and perform and has helped TNA go from a fledging company to one with a lot of tremendous talent. Well done to Sting on being the first inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame.

The knockouts Championship was on the line as home state girl Brooke Tessmacher challenged Gail Kim. Brooke gets the early advantage before Kim starts to dominate.  Kim puts Brooke into a submission move, which she then decides to let go for some reason. Kim also had the chance to win the match by countout but she doesn’t do that either. Eventually, Brooke gets the win with a roll up and becomes the new Knockouts Champion. It was a decent  match, although I don’t like Brooke winning the match with a roll up.
Winner: Brooke Tessmacher                                                               Predictions: 3for 6

The next match was Bully Ray taking on Joseph Park (brother of Chris? You know, Abyss?) Bully Ray has a little fun with Parks and Parks tries but fails with some offence.  Ray brings in a chair which Parks manages to use against him. Parks then goes under the ring  and Abyss comes out and chokeslams Ray through a table. Abyss then goes under the ring, Parks comes out and pins Ray to get the victory.  This was a fun match and it made me really enjoy the Joseph Parks character. I don’t think it was the real Abyss that came out and  it was about 10-15 seconds each between one  going under the ring and the other one appearing. Plus the fact that the TV audience, and the vast majority, didn’t see his face. Despite that, I can see this continuing for the foreseeable future with either Parks or Abyss fucking up Ray’s chances in the upcoming Bound for Glory Series.
Winner: Joseph Parks                                                                         Predictions: 4 for 7

Next current WWE Intercontinental Champion Christian (known as Christian Cage in TNA) makes an appearance to announce the No 1 moment in TNA history, which was the debut of Sting. It looks like Sting is getting a lot of love from TNA.

Kurt Angle and AJ Styles challenge Christopher Daniels and Kazarian for the Tag Team  Championship. Styles comes out and destroys Daniels and Kazarian and there were some great highlights, including Angle doing a German suplex to Daniels and Kazarian at the same time. Styles flys into Daniels and this gives Angle the opportunity to put the Ankle Lock on Kazarian. Kazarian taps and Angle and Styles are your new Tag Team Champions. I know that I predicted that Kazarian and Daniels would lose but this makes more sense as it would be interesting to see how Angle and Styles work together now that they’re Champions. Now, can we find out what the fuck is going on between Styles and Dixie Carter?
Winners: Kurt Angle and AJ Styles                                                     Predictions: 4 for 8

The main event was Sting challenging Bobby Roode for the TNA World Championship. Sting keeps on trying to hit Roode with the Scorpion Death Drop. After a while, Roode decides to leave the match but he’s stopped by Sting. Roode gains the momentum but Sting makes a comeback. The match goes out of the ring and applies the Scorpion Death Lock on the announce table, which Roode taps out and it would have been a great way to end the match....if this was a falls count anywhere match. The referee reminds Sting that he needs to beat Roode in the ring. In the scuffle, Roode manages to grab a beer bottle(?) and hit Sting with it to get the win and stay World Champion. Understandably, Sting doesn’t take that well and proceeds to fuck Roode up, resulting in giving him a Scorpion Death Drop on the entrance ramp.
Winner: Bobby Roode                                                                         Predictions: 5 for 9

The general consensus was that this was one of the best PPVs that TNA have done in years. I would agree with that as I think it is one of the best PPVs that I have seen all year. TNA have celebrated their tenth anniversary in style and that is to be commended. They have the talent there, it’s just little things that they need to do to keep the momentum going.

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