Sunday, 19 February 2012

Elimination Chamber Contenders

The Elimination Chamber takes place at 1am on Monday morning (UK time) live from the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Let’s take a look at the contenders.

Smackdown – World Heavyweight Championship

This has erm...a very interesting (?) lineup.

Daniel Bryan (Current Champion)
Record: First time
Daniel Bryan has been the best thing on Smackdown with his very scuttle heel turn. Bryan at the minute is a person who uses his head as well as his technicial skills to get out of very tricky situations. It will be hard for him as he is effectively stuck in a cage with 5 other wrestlers, including 2 7-foot giants. However, I think that he will find some way to prevail.
Chances of winning: Very high

The Big Show
Record: 0-3                            Eliminations: 3
The Big Show, while unsuccessful in his 3 matches, has the most experience in this match. He can use that to his advantage. However, Bryan has gone into his head and Show needs to focus on winning the match and not just on Bryan if he wants to be successful.
Chances of winning: Possible

Wade Barrett
Record: 0-1                            Eliminations: 0
Wade Barrett took part in the RAW Elimination Chamber last year so has some experience. However, while I think that he will be a World Champion in the near future, I can’t see him winning it this time.
Chances of winning: Potential dark horse

Cody Rhodes
Record: First time
Cody Rhodes aims to be the first person since The Ultimate Warrior in 1990 to be the Intercontinental Champion and World Champion. Like Barrett, I think that he is a potential dark horse and a possible World Champion. However, maybe not this time.
Chances of winning: Potential dark horse

The Great Khali
Record: 0-1                            Eliminations: 0
The Great Khali is a former World Champion like The Big Show. However, he is not very mobile and because of that, he is very limited. Khali was my pick to be the first eliminated until I saw what happened last Friday.
Chances of winning: No chance in Hell

Santino Marella (?!)
Record: First time (gee, wonder why?)
I know that I have been very critical of Santino being anywhere near this match and it’s nothing against him. I know that he’s a popular character due to his antics, but do you really see him as a main event player?! I pray to God that either someone takes a leaf out of Edge’s manual: “How to be the Ultimate Opportunist” and takes Santino’s place; or he is the first one to be eliminated. If Santino lasts more than 10 minutes, I will be surprised and very pissed off.
Chances of winning: What the fuck do you think?! No chance in Hell!

RAW-WWE Championship

Thankfully, the RAW Elimination Chamber looks like a more exciting contest, with the most experienced wrestlers.

CM Punk (Current Champion)
Record: 0-3                            Eliminations: 3
CM Punk knows what he is up against having been in 3 previous matches. It will be tough for him but I think that he could prevail.
Chances of winning: High

Chris Jericho
Record: 1-5                            Eliminations: 8
Jericho has been in, not only the most Elimination Chambers, but also has the most eliminations with 8. While there are other wrestlers who have taken part in this kind of match, Jericho is the only one that has actually won an Elimination Chamber (with help from Shawn Michaels). I think that it will be either Punk or Jericho who will be victorious but I’m torn over which one.
Chances of winning: High

The Awesome One AKA The Miz
Record: First time
It’s been tough for The Miz recently, being (weirdly) blamed for the lower than expected buy-rate for Survivor Series and also being winless since the turn of the year. As I’m a big fan of The Miz, I hope that he will get some wins soon. Unfortunately, barring a major upset, that won’t start at this match.
Chances of winning: Slim

Dolph Ziggler
Record: First time
I love Dolph as he is a great wrestler and an enjoyable entertainer. Along with Barrett and Cody, Dolph will be World Champion one day (I don’t count him being rewarded the World Heavyweight Championship last year for11 minutes). However, I can’t see him winning it this time
Chances of winning: Slim

Kofi Kingston
Record: 0-1                            Eliminations: 1
Kofi is a possible dark horse in this match. I think that his time will come and he could do well in this match. However, I don’t think that he will be successful.
Chances of winning: Potential dark horse

Record: 0-2                            Eliminations: 0
I have liked the insane (in a good way) R-Truth and it would be interesting to see where WWE go with that kind of person as the WWE Champion. However, I don’t think that will happen. How about the US Championship instead?
Chances of winning: No chance in Hell

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