Tuesday, 28 February 2012

This is an Example of Being Smart, WWE

The John Cena/Eve Torres segment on RAW last week personified to me the problems that I have with the way that WWE are treating their women. All Eve had done was reveal that she was using Zack Ryder and then was now going to use John Cena. Moving away from Cena’s hypocrisy for the purpose of this article, I don’t get why Eve would suddenly do that. Also I really didn’t like what Cena was saying to her implying that she was a disease-ridden skank, even though she had not even kissed Zack.

At the minute for the Divas, you have the following: 60-90 8-person tag team matches on RAW where only 2-3 of them get involved; the Divas Champion Beth Phoenix saying that there is no competition left for her, yet never saying that on TV; and probably the most technicial wrestler in the division and member of one of the most famous wrestling families of all time (Natalya) going through a farting gimmick. The WWE always say their Divas are “Smart, Sexy and Powerful”. However, I cannot remember for the life of me an example of that being shown by any Diva.

I think that, if you are a woman and want to make it big, it would be best to go to TNA. There, you get to see them actually wrestle for more than 2 minutes, speak on TV and actually have storylines. A really good example of this happened over a week ago on Impact. There was a battle royal to determine the number 1 contender for Gail Kim’s Knockouts Championship between Rosita, Sarita, Angelina Love, Winter, ODB, Mickie James, Velvet Sky, Tara and Brooke Tessmacher (and this was a proper battle royal, not the shitty WWE Divas version). Before the match started, Gail Kim and Madison Rayne went down to observe the match and Madison goes in to speak to the wrestlers and said the following:
“Out of the goodness of her (Gail Kim’s) heart, she is giving each lady in this ring right now the opportunity to become the number 1 contender for her Knockouts Title.”

The match was pretty good and it was between Sarita and Velvet at the end. Velvet wins the match by sending Sarita over the top rope, or she thought she won the match. Madison runs in and eliminates Velvet, leaving her and Gail wondering what the hell is going on. It took Mike Tenay to announce to the TV audience that when Madison said her statement before the match, she included herself. Therefore, Madison became the number 1 contender.

What Madison did is, while a typical heel thing to do, is an excellent example of a woman being smart.  She tricked everyone including her friend Gail Kim into becoming the number 1 contender. I’m not a big fan of heel versus heel storylines because the crowd don’t know who to cheer for. However, the added fact that they are also the Knockouts Tag Team Champions (in case you were wondering what those belts they were carrying were) does give it the potential to make this a very interesting feud going into Victory Road.

If the WWE want their Divas to be “Smart, Sexy and Powerful”, they need to give the women the opportunity to show that. Madison’s actions were a perfect example of that. I know that the WWE may not view TNA as serious competition, but I see no harm in them looking at TNA to see how they can improve their Divas division.

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