Thursday, 9 February 2012

Why Isn't John Cena Challenging for the WWE Championship?

Wasn't this supposed to be Cena's dream at Wrestlemania?

One of the biggest matches in the history of the WWE will take place at Wrestlemania when The Rock, wrestling at Wrestlemania for the first time in 8 years, will take on John Cena. The match was made the day after Wrestlemania XXVII and the week after, Cena announced that he wanted his match with The Rock to be for the WWE Championship.

Now, I, along with probably the majority of wrestling fans, really don’t want that to happen. However, I do find it weird that John Cena is not at least challenging for the WWE Championship. We all know that The Rock sure as hell isn’t going to be WWE Champion before Wrestlemania, so if Cena wants that, he has to win the Championship.

Even though Cena has had to deal with a re-masked Kane, he has had at least two opportunities to challenge for the WWE Championship. Cena did not enter the Royal Rumble and he is not in the Elimination Chamber match. Cena has not been in a WWE Championship match since he lost to Champion Alberto Del Rio at Vengeance. While I feel that the line up for the RAW Elimination Chamber is a strong one, if you added Cena and Kane to the match, you have an opportunity to effectively kill two birds with one stone. You can have Cena and Kane end their feud and have Cena challenging for the WWE Championship at the same time.

While I didn’t really like Cena being continually in the title picture for over the last year and a bit, it makes sense here. Cena wants this match to be the biggest possible and he feels that, with the WWE Championship on the line, that will happen. Depending on Rock’s schedule up to the end of February, you could have him screw Cena out of winning the Championship, adding fuel to the fire between them.

It’s obvious that the match between Cena and The Rock doesn’t need the WWE Championship, but it would be nice to Cena try to get the Championship to fulfil his dream. I sometimes wonder if the WWE think that we have short memories and they just assume that we don’t remember Cena’s declaration last year. It would be nice if they sometimes realise that we do have long memories and use it (if done right) to enhance their storylines.

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